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  • I am proposing to implement a digital marketing strategy for Kohl’s that will generate website awareness, social presence and customer loyalty among our targeted consumers.
  • The main goals are to increase the number of unique visitors, page rank and time spent on site.kohl’s has about 20 million unique visitors a month; Page Rank of 180 nationally and is down 14 percent on time spent on site over the last three months.Kohl’s ranks number 28 overall retail brands on Facebook. And Has a Klout score of 84.8. Target and Macy’s two of Kohl’s largest competitors rank number 21 with a Klout score of 68.4 (Macy’s) and number 5 with a Klout score of 91.0 (Target) for overall retail brands.
  • The strategy involves blogging campaign, Google AdWord campaign and make the website mobile friendly.
  • Our segmented target market called the Self-Focused Explorers; women ages 18 to 24.The average amount spent on clothes (for self) by females 18+ is $267.53 every three months  
  • Kohl’s main competitors are Sears, JCPenny, Nordstrom and Macy’s. It is a necessity for Kohl’s to generate positive brand awareness and take advantage of new media technology.
  • Sponsor 10 bloggers give them $150.00 worth of merchandise, twice a week and request they feature our clothes at least once a week on their blogs. The blogging campaign will be a yearlong (12 months) with a total of $18,000.00 worth of merchandise.By using Fashion bloggers we are able to segment our target market and make the deals and landing pages specific to them – this will generate  engagement with our audience.  In order for this tactic to yield optimum results, marketing and advertising executives at Kohl’s need to be sure to remain active and useful with the content they provide over social media.
  • Maximum cost per click will be $2.08. The daily estimates: clicks 15.9-19.5 thousand, impressions 882k-1.08 million – daily  budget of $12,000 and total campaign budget (3 months) of $1,116,000.00.In the second stage Kohl’s will be running a AdWords campaign to drive the Page Rank of Kohl’s website with the assumption that this will lead to more unique visits – by running a Google AdWord campaign for three months. Which, makes it easy to assess what words are working and which ones aren’t. The keywords that are working Kohl’s will keep and the ones that aren’t generating any unique visits they will either change or use those funds to target their audience in a different way.
  • Our mobile Strategy is to revamp our current website to meet the new needs of the mobile customer – minimal but useful content, fast loading times, easy checkout process. I also want to suggest Kohl’s runs a promotion with the Kohl’s credit card holders – to receive text alerts when items similar to what they have purchased in the past ore on sale or new arrivals to similar to prior purchases. This will help engage our customers and create loyalty as we try and always keep them updated on the best value for them.
  • Kohl’s should not anticipate instant monetary success with the campaign but rather increased social validity and brand recognition from consumers. When we create a landing page for the fashion blogging campaign we expect about a 1% click-through rate and a conversion rate of 4%. It is assumed this will increase the page rank on search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Kohl’s should consider this long-term investment,the work done to get the higher page rank will cannot be erased even when the campaign is over. This creates unlimited potential to generate revenue in the future.
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    1. 1. By Wesley Silkworth
    2. 2. Website Awareness Unique Visitors Loyalty
    3. 3. Mobile Friendly Website Building Great Futures Google AdWord Blogging Campaign
    4. 4. Target Market
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