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Tweet a Record Deal
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Tweet a Record Deal


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 2. Introduction To Tweet A Record Deal Let’s face it, your music is great, but if you could just get it into the right hands, then the whole world would know your music. So. What are you doing about it? Are you making yourself viral? Who’s Tweeting about you? What buzz are you creating for yourself? Studio execs can like your music but if you don’t have a platform already built, they may pass on you.You may have thought Twitter was a waste of time before, but after reading this, I think you’ll begin to see it as a tool you should have been using the whole time. Happy Tweeting! @WeShopSongs @WeShopSongs 2
  • 3. Twitter is built on the concept of micro-blogging, in which people write short, frequent posts that don’texceed 140 characters. Those 140-character posts are known as tweets. Tweets are a form of micro-blogging that have enabled musicians to share massive amounts of data in the form of short messages. Twitter is a network with members throughout the world. When you post a tweet, a record label in Hollywood and a Music Publisher in Paris can read it at the same time. Imagine the possibilities for your cloud music business! 3
  • 4. Nowadays, you can find prospective fans by searching for them through Twitter’ssearch feature (both the one that you have access to within Twitter itself and the advanced search, 4
  • 5. Twitter is a place where you build relationships. Relationship building isthe key to your messaging on Twitter. So you should build relationships with your fan base through your interactions with them on Twitter. 5
  • 6.   How To Register And Set Up Your Twitter Music Profile The Right Way! 1. Dont be afraid to use your real name. 2. Dont use curse words or obscenity in your username. 3. Do tell us about your profession or your interests. 4. Do be creative. 5. Do distinguish yourself. 6. Dont look like a bot. 7. Dont use a celebritys name unless its your name too. 8. Do consider its impact. 6
  • 7. How To Customize Your Music Profile For Maximum Networking And Results! To customize your design: 1. Log in to 2. In the top navigation bar, click Settings (or go to settings) 3. Click the furthest tab on the right, labeled Design 4. Select a template by clicking on it, or upload your own background image by clicking "Change background image." (figure 1) 5. Save your changes when done 6. If you want to customize the sidebar and font colors of your page, click "Change design colors" 7. Click any of the boxes to change your colors; click “Done” when youre finished. 7
  • 8. Here are some tips to remember when you try to decide on how many Twitter accounts you need: Create a single account: Stick with one account if you’re songwriter, music producer. Create two accounts: If you’re a recording artist with a manager. Create special accounts: If your a record label, publishing company, law firm. 8
  • 9. Gain A Massive Amount Of Targeted Fans!• Explain to your followers what re-tweeting is and encourage them to re-tweet your links. Re-Tweeting pushes your @username into foreign social graphs, resulting in clicks back to your profile.• Fill out your bio. Your latest tweets and @replies don’t mean much to someone that doesn’t know you. Your bio is the only place you have to tell people who you are. Also, your bio is displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page. Leaving it blank or non-descriptive doesn’t encourage people to add you.• Put links to your Twitter profile everywhere. Link it on your Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, website, email, and everywhere else online.• Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them. Quality content coupled with an easy way to find it never fails. If others enjoy your content, they’ll add you. Learn more about #hash tagging here.• Bring your Twitter account into the physical world. Every time I give a talk, speak on a panel, shoot a podcast, present slides, or hand out business cards, I figure out a way to broadcast or display my Twitter account. 9
  • 10. Twitter is growing fast, Don’t be left behind. • Take pictures. Pictures are heavily re-tweeted/spread around. • Start a contest. • Follow the top Twitter users and watch what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences. • Reply to/get involved in #hash tag memes . lists the hot ‘trending topics. Look for the #hash topics and jump in on the conversation (see #4 for links to #hash instructions). • Track your results. TwitterCounter will show you how many new users you’re adding per day and Qwitter will email you when someone unfollows you after a tweet. 10
  • 11. Advanced Search Tactics 1: Get up to speed with all the latest buzz 2: Find all the people who are not talking about you directly. 3: Get all reactions across multiple Twitter profiles. 4: Follow what people are saying about your competitors. 5: Only follow links from certain people. 6: Only get the new info about a topic. 7: Find all shared pictures about a topic. 11
  • 12. Who, What, Where, When Why And HOW TO TWEET!Know what your followers 1 Get cool links to click on (andwant distract them from the work they’re supposed to be doing ).I won’t assume that what your 2 Get something worth replying tofollowers want are the same things and having a conversation followers want, but I think it’s safe 3 Get something worth re-tweetingto say that most people on Twitter to their own followers.want to: 4 Feel closer to others they like. 12
  • 13. The Best Apps Pay Attention! 13
  • 14. Nearby Tweets Url: Search, find, and watch local Twitter tweets from local users and businessesWhy: Geo-marketing/networking (fans, band members, help) 14
  • 15. Echofon Url: Twitter/firefox/ About: Keep up with Twitter while you browse the Web using Firefox. Why: it’s perfect if you love Firefox and Web browsing! 15
  • 16. Be Tweeted Url: About: A social media advertising service based on the Twitter platformdelivering pay-per-click advertising of sponsored links through @reply & RT’s Why: help you build awareness for your product or service but also help you make some money on the side. 16
  • 17. Listorious Url: Discover the best Twitter lists. bands· cloud music business· recording artists· singers Why: you can find users grouped in certain areas like music & recording. 17
  • 18. CoTweet Url: About: Helps teams manage one ormore Twitter accounts by providing tweet assignments, notes, and on duty status.Why: This is a great tool for businesseswith more than a couple of employees using Twitter at one time. 18
  • 19. Monitter Url: Web-based tool that allows anyone to monitor Twitter in real- time for mentions of any words or phrases they choose. Why: You can watch what people are saying about your music, videos, or pictures. 19
  • 20. Twitterment Url: Enter your search terms. Submit search form. Example: computer, mp3, music, record labels Why: To find people that match your FANS profile. 20
  • 21. Twitpic Url: You can post photos or videos to TwitPic from your phone, from the site, or through email. Why: Convenience, Live Updates. 21
  • 22. Twitter Toolbar Url: About: This handy and easy to use short cut/quick links toolbar brings Twitter so close that it is only one click away.Why: Access to a large variety of highly requested tools and resources to connect with your music fans. 22
  • 23. Twitoria Url: About: A web app that tidies up your Twitter friends list byrevealing inactive friends that havent tweeted in a long time so you can unfollow them.Why: Use Twitoria if you want to cut down your follower count. 23
  • 24. Twit Hawk Url: provides real time targeted marketing via Twitter. With an average CPC of under 2 cents, its one of the most cost effective marketing Why: Get new followers or leads. Simple 24
  • 25. Track This Url: Direct messages are sent directly to your Twitter account to update the status report on your packages.Why: A way for Fans to track Band Merchandise/Products 25
  • 26. The Best ToolsIts all about being productive... 26
  • 27. Pay With A Tweet Url: About: Pay with a Tweet’ is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. It’s simple, every time somebody pays with a tweet, he or she tells all their friends about the product. Why: A new way to spread the word. High conversions because it doesnt cost your fan anything. FREE 27
  • 28. Url: Add your tweets to Timely. We published them when theyll have the highest impact. Why: You get more re-tweets, mentions and followers! 28
  • 29. Bit Ly Url: Offers URL redirection service with real-time link tracking.Why: To shorten long URLs from blog posts or Web sites that have great content, that you want to tweet to your followers. 29
  • 30. HootSuite URL: With HootSuite, you can monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, accounts, schedule tweets, & analytics Why: Stay organized & run your Twitter music business. 30
  • 31. Tweet Deck Url: About: Personal browser for staying in touch with whatshappening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter Why: Its the Best 31
  • 32. Tweet Metrics Url: About: By searching stats on your username throughTweetMetrics, you get the top ten people who communicate with you the most. Why: Who’s your biggest fan on Twitter? TweetMetrics can tell you. 32
  • 33. Twhirl Url: A desktop client for Twitter Why: All in one 33
  • 34. Twilert Url: enables you to receive regular email alerts of tweetscontaining your brand, product, service... well any keyword you Why: Target Marketing 34
  • 35. Tweet Grader Url: Measure the power and authority of your Twitter profile. Why: See where you stand. The calculation is based on the number of followers, the power of your followers, and the number of updates, clicks, and re-tweets. 35
  • 36. Twiends Url: provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter. Why: Grow your Network 36
  • 37. Twello Url: About: A search directory of people by area of expertise,profession or other attribute listed in personal profiles on Twitter. Why: Study your Craft 37
  • 38. Must Follow Twitter Accounts 38
  • 39. Def Jam Recordings Warner Music Group!/DefJamRecords!/warnermusicIsland Records Stones Throw!/IslandRecords!/stonesthrowUniversal MusicGroup Armada Music!/UMG!/ArmadaSub Pop Records Roc Nation!/subpop!/RocNationAtlantic Records Warrior Records!/AtlanticRecords!/warriorrecordsSony Music Global RCA Music Group!/SonyMusicGlobal!/RCAMusic 39
  • 40. Cherrytree Records Defected Records!/cherrytreerec!/DefectedRecordsDecaydance Records RCRD LBL!/decaydance!/rcrdlblVictory Records Roc-A-Fella Records!/victoryrecords!/Roc_A_FellaFascination Polydor Records!/welovepop!/polydorrecordsRhymesayers Ent Sony Music Canada!/rhymesayers!/Sony_MusicANTI Records Columbia Records!/AntiRecords!/ColumbiaRecords 40
  • 41. MERCURY RECORDS US Hopeless Records!/mercuryrecords!/hopelessrecordsEpic Records Bad Boy Records!/Epic_Records!/badboyrecordsUltra Records Sonic Unyon Records!/sonicunyon!/ultrarecordsRoadrunner UK Rhino Records!/Roadrunner_UK!/Rhino_EntBrushfire Records EMI Music Ireland!/EMI_Music_IRE!/brushfireParlophone Records EMI Music Germany!/parlophone!/emimusic_de 41
  • 42. EMI Music Publishing Jive Music!/emimusicpubuk!/JiveMusicXL Recordings Virgin Records!/XLRECORDINGS!/VirginRecordsWarner Bros. Records Interscope Records!/wbr!/InterscopeRCA Label Group UK FatCat Records!/RCALabelGroupUK!/FatCatRecordsCapitol Records Mute!/CapitolRecords!/MuteUKDomino Recording Co SLIP N SLIDE WORLD!/Dominorecordco!/SLIPNSLIDEWORLD 42
  • 43. Young Execs You Need to Know 43
  • 44. Nathan Gregory Aaron Bay-Schuck Head of Strategic Marketing and New VP of A&R, Atlantic Records Group Business, McGhee Entertainment @absatlantic @Nate_Gregory Brandon Kitchen Julia Betley Associate Director, Membership/Rhythm & Creative Services Manager, Bug Music Soul, ASCAP @juliabetley @kizdaboss Ryan Chisholm Ryan Chisholm Director, Interactive Marketing, The Talent Manager, Bill Silva Entertainment Orchard @RyanChisholm @orchtweets Benjamin Maddahi Kyle Frenette VP of A&R, Artist Publishing Group;Founder, Amble Down Records; Founder, Director of A&R, Atlantic Records; Middle West Management Founder, Madd Music Management @AmbleDown @benmaddahi Brandon Pankey Matt Ferrigno Account Manager, Sports and EntertainmentDirector, Strategic Marketing, Island Def Jam Financial Group @Mr_Ferrigno @bpank 44
  • 45. Caius Pawson Horacio Rodriguez A&R Manager, XL Recordings; Founder/ Director of Product Development, Director,Young Turks; Manager, the Universal Latin Entertainment @youngturksrec @horaciorocks Cassie Petrey Tom Russell CEO, Crowd Surf Partner, Founders Entertainment @cassiepetrey @tomrussellnyc Aymen Anthony Saleh Byron Wright Executive VP/GM Atom Factory; CEO,Director of Writer/Publisher Relations, BMI Emagen Entertainment Group @thawrightway @dude_br0 Sara Winter Eric Sheinkop Director of Tour Marketing, The Messina Co-Founder, President, Music Dealers Group/AEG Live @ericsheinkop @sarawinter Bridget Unger James J Sider Director of Music Resources, EMI Music CEO/Founder, RootMusic Publishing @jsider @bridgetunger 45
  • 46. Execs You Need to Know 46
  • 47. aaronford Alejandro Villalobos@aaronford iPhone: 28.412944,-81.260191 @alejovillalobos Bogotá, ColombiaMusic nerd. Director, Content Acquisition at Director de radio en Colombia, emisora La MegaGrooveshark. Marketing Consultant. Secret Surealist. Curry Alexander Ljung@adamcurry Los Angeles, Ca. @alexanderljung BerlinCrackpot From Gitmo West Soundcloud founder and ceo, music addict, transhumanist on a rainy day Adam Leber Ashley Capps @AdamLeber HELL-A @ashleycapps Light Up The Darkness! is co-producer of Bonnaroo/president of AC Entertainment. http://WWW.BritneySpears.Com Beyond the mud.Dennis Wharton Benjy Grinberg@AirWharton Washington, DC @benjybenjy Usually a plane or a hotel.EVP | Communications | National Association President of @rostrumrecords. Manager toof Broadcasters @realwizkhalifa, @macmiller, @donora, @scottsimonswvla, @valimusiq. Rolling Papers in stores now! 47
  • 48. elizabeth brooksBen Sheffner @elizabrooks Los Angeles/Bay Area/NYC@bensheffner Los Angeles Occasional corporate CMO & originalCopyright/anti-piracy attorney at MPAA in Napster-er. Consumer Internet, brand Los Angeles.This feed is personal and clarity, lifestyle marketing, & moreunaffiliated with any client, employer, etc. fresh from the oven daily. Love disruptive tech. Barry Judge Elliott Wilson @BestBuyCMO Minneapolis @ElliottWilson ÜT: 40.608928,-74.04768 Best Buy CMO, blog at; Avid traveler, reader, sports enthusiast and like to eat out http://www.barryjudge.comBilly The Kidd Emily White@billyontheradio NY/Dallas/San Antonio/Detroit @emwizzle Brooklyn, NYMy name is Billy The Kidd. I am on a radio near meyou. I follow my heart. Its all about Forever http://www.whitesmithentertainment.comThe Sickest Kids. I tweet a lot.Preciate ya. jeffrey grant Dr. Luke Doctor Luke@bjeffrey White Plains, NY, USA @TheDoctorLuke ÜT: 40.651411,-73.770265Love God with all my heart, adore my beautiful wife, Prescription Songs / Kemosabe my 3 ki-dults to pieces and am simply amazed by my 4 Grand babies (girls)and I love life!!! 48
  • 49. Brian OConnell Paul Rosenberg @bunyan71 NY/DET@boccountry Nashville Tn, or on the bus! Paul D. Rosenberg, Esq.Country Music concert promoter...rascal flatts http://www.paulrosenblog.comtoby keith jason aldean brad paisley timmcgraw sugarland and more! Charlie WalkDavid T. Viecelli @charliewalk new york | los angeles Entertainment & Music Management,@BocheBillions Former President, Epic Records/Sony MusicPlease let it be Bachmann. mary hk choi Jonathan Cohen @choitotheworld noo nork MTV Style.Wired. Snacks. Founding @brainofjoacohen EIC of Missbehave. music booker at NBCs "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Photos; previews performances. scott vener Chop Shop Music @brokemogul @chopshopmusic South Pasadena, CA Music Supervisor for Entourage, How To Make It In America and 90210 49
  • 50. 4 Strikes Inc. Larry Marcus@christianclancy @cyberlar San FranciscoManagement: Odd Future OFWGKTA, Sprout Stage™ VC in digital media & cloudN&R, Frank Ocean Marketing: Eminem, services, music mobile. Drummer, deadInterscope hardware collector. deals incl. Pandora, SoundHound, RootMusic, PowerCloud. http://www.waldenvc.comClaudeKelly everywhere @DannyDee Silicon Valley, CA.I like the sound boxes make when Topspin certified urban music consultant I break out of them :) specializing in Direct-to-Fan MKTG, MGMT, Distribution & Monetization Strategies. Former Clear Channel douchebag http://www.dannydee.comChris Lighty Dave Delaney @davedelaney Nashville, TN@clighty Community Enthusiast, Social Media Strategist, Marketing & Promotions. Founder of Geek Breakfast & Nashcocktail. Co-founder of BarCamp & PodCamp Nashville. http://www.davemadethat.comReggie Osse David Noël @David Berlin, Germany@Combat_Jack ÜT: 40.716829,-73.993403 SoundCloud Evangelist, I lead @SoundCloudsIve been to many places, but Im Brooklyns Community team. @Seedcamp mentor. Startups andown. airplanes and freckles and ...oh look, pandas! 50
  • 51. Marisol Segal Jack Endino @discomaz san francisco @endino Seattle WA I like music, gadgets and food (and I work @rdio). professional noisemonger http://www.endino.comNigel Lythgoe Eric Beall@dizzyfeet Los Angeles @EricBeall Publisher, Author, Educator, all-aroundBritish Television Producer music business weasel. Eric David Eric Snowden Johnson @ericsnowden iPhone: 40.717377,-73.956161 VP of Direct to Fan Creative and Technology @djbunnyears Chicago, Illinois for @AtlanticRecords. Posts about music, DJ Bunny Ears: Dreamer of the Dream, design, technology, artist websites and Fanbase. Doer of Good Things, Idler, Lover of Freedom and Animals,Wandering Truth Seeker. Exec. Prod. of Music & Integration @ DDB. dmitrivietze Daniel Ek @dmitrivietze rock paper scissors, inc. @eldsjal ÜT: 51.512248,-0.136169 CEO of @rpsmusic :: Starting @StoryAmp in 8/11 CEO and founder of Spotify 51
  • 52. Dmitry Shapiro Frank Denbow @FrankDenbow Englewood, NJ@dmitry ÜT: 33.17825,-117.345959 Im a @songsicle buildin, @CarnegieMellonCEO of Altly, Burner, ex-CTO graduatin, @StartupWeekend organizin,MySpace Music, Founder Veoh, @StartupDigest curatin, @ZaarlyNYCAkonix,WeekendU. Living adventurously! teamin, hip-hop dancin guy from Jersey Mike Dougherty Geespin @doughertym San Mateo, United States @geespin somewhere on I-95 co-founder and ceo of Power 105.1 NYC / JAMN 94.5 Boston Daniel Susla Gerrit Meier @DSUSLA New York @gerritmeier I manage Sonys Digital Copyright/Royalties/ COO Digital for Clear Channel Radio Licensing dept for 5 years. Prior, I was at focused on evolving from just being HFA for 5 years leading their Digital radio to a fully integrated content creation Licensing/Business Affairs dept and distribution company. http://www.iheartradio.comDuncan Freeman Ge Wang@duncanfreeman Atlanta, GA @gewang Palo Alto, CA, USAmusic technology: founder of Band Metrics + Assistant Professor at Stanford/CCRMA;2 experiments: Music Scout & Fandom | Co-founder, CTO, and Chief CreativeSXSW Advisory Board | MIDEM mentor Officer of Smule 52
  • 53. Gerd Leonhard Irving Azoff@gleonhard Switzerland - and on the plane @irvingazoff Los AngelesKeynote Speaker,Think-Tank Leader, Executive Chairman of Live Nation EntertainmentFuturist, Author & Strategist, Idea Curator, and Chairman and CEO of the Front Linesome say Iconoclast | Heretic, CEO TheFuturesAgency, Management Group, the world’s largestVisiting Prof FDC Brazil music management firm. Jason Hirschhornross hoffman @JasonHirschhorn New York@hoff San Francisco, CA Former President of MySpace, Sling Media andStrategic Partnerships at Twitter. Former Chief Digital Officer of MTV Networks. BoardYouTuber,William Morris mailroom grad, Member - MGM. Angel Investor. Uncle. and Philadelphian. Curator of Dinkin Joel Denver @jdenver Malibu, CA@imnoah New York, NY Pres./Publisher at AllAccess.comim Noah. co-founder and president of http://www.allaccess.comFanBridge. one of these days Ill get a segway.Rob Stone Jeff Rabhan @JeffRabhan New York City@iamRobStone USA Chair of The Clive Davis Institute of RecordedFounder Cornerstone and FADER Music, New York University. Artist Manager, Magazine & Media. QREAM cultural critic and circus juggler. 53
  • 54. Jessica Verrilli Lindsay Gabler@jess London, England @lndsygblr Los AngelesBusiness & Corporate Development Social Media @TheGRAMMYs Music lover,@TwitterUK. Colorful bracelets. Outdoor eternal optimist, dreamer, social media adventures. Running.Traveling. Intl development. enthusiast, wannabe DJ. Inspired.Swimming in lakes. Previously juliepilat Kevin Liles @juliepilat Silverlake @KevinLiles1 Global Music, Creativity, Philanthropy - Mr. Make It Happen time to watch the idea fountain grow and blossom. Justin Erdman billboardbiz @justinerdman Toronto, Canada @billboardbiz New York Billboard Magazines online business news site. Digital Marketing Strategy @ Universal Music Canada. Likes: Metal, Politics, Interwebs. Dislikes:Your Face. Karεn Ciѵil mike caren @KarenCivil @mikecaren Los Angeles, CA President, Elektra Records; ExecVP, Social Media Guru for Beats By Dre & A&R, Atlantic Records; Artist Publishing Young Money | MTVs 2010 MVP | Group co-founder;YPO Los Angeles Chapter, retired DJ, Producer, family man. 54
  • 55. Missinfo Pete Cashmore@Missinfo wherever i am, im prolly late @petecashmore San CEO and Founder of Professional account is @mashable http://mashable.commarissa lopez Tom Silverman@mloatbmi Califas @TomSilvermanBMI- love my job and get to work with Tommy Boy founder CEO, New Music Seminarthe best songwriters and publishers founder, indie label, entrepreneur, artists, ecology,around. fan of music and art. love to non duality advocate.laugh and enjoying the ride... http://www.newmusicseminar.com Nathan Hubbard toddmoscowitz @NathanCHubbard Los Angeles, CA @toddmoscowitz NY/LA Im a dad, a songwriter, and the CEO Warner Brothers Records CEO of Ticketmaster.Perez Hilton Tim Westergren@PerezHilton Hollywood, California @timwestergren CaliforniaPerez Hilton is the creator and writer of one Founder of Pandoraof the most famous websites in the world. And he also loves music - a lot! 55
  • 56. Eric Alper Ryan Schreiber@ThatEricAlper Toronto @ryanpitchfork Best New Music Ryan Schreiber is the creator of Pitchfork Media.eOne Music PR for Steve Vai,The He is one of TIME MAGAZINEs most important Prodigy, Sesame Street, Jordan people in the world ever.Knight, Steve Earle, Bush & more. http://pitchfork.comCTVs Canada AM Music Guy. Ron A. SpauldingSteve Jang @RonASpaulding Los Angeles / New York President of Fontana Distribution (Universal Music Group)@stevejang San Francisco --- Take Action to support our Music CommunityFounder/CEO of Schematic Labs, against illegal downloadingmakers of the @SoundTracking app. www.musicrightsnow.comAdvisor &/or investor to Animoto, http://www.fontanadistribution.comStumbleUpon, Uber & StackMob.Surfer/Skater/Snowboarder. Ian Hogarth Rob Santos @robsantos1 New York City @soundboy LDN stand up tall! Sony Music some things i love- live music, cycling, machine learning, China, fish tacos, food courts in singapore, the wire. CEO & co-founder Scooter Braun FRISCO LOPEZ @scooterbraun The WORLD @FRISCOLOPEZ Hollywood,Ca. I live life and try and smile as much My name is Frisco Lopez and Im a Music as possible. Family and friends are Executive for WeShopSongs & Beluga Heights. everything Manager of @iamMynority. Email Demos Friscobelugaheights @ 56
  • 57. Thank @WeShopSongs 57