Five Minute Mentors What's all this about then?
Five Minute Mentors   What's all this about then?
Five Minute Mentors
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Five Minute Mentors


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  • static logo and "what is fmm"? page to start I think "welcome to five minute mentors beta'
  • First off, we just wanted to explain what we mean by Beta. Beta signifies that five minute mentors still isn't quite ready to roll out to the masses. It's like a preview version for testing. [If you don't mind, could you fill in the feedback form if you find something that doesn't work or you think of something that might improve the service.]
  • Five Minute Mentors enables co-mentoring within existing learning groups. The idea is, you request help and advice from other group members on specific topics!  Why only 5 minutes? Well, we wanted something quick and easy, Like when you ask someone ' Can you spare me five minutes?' . We reckon limiting the sessions this way will help  you stay focussed on the subject.
  • What do we mean by co mentoring? Well - The idea is that we all have something to share. It's true that some of us know more about certain things than others. But we're all unique when it comes to communicating and learning is not always about facts and figures. We are    -    all    -   mentors! and Five Minute Mentors is all about co mentoring. And existing learning groups? Well at this stage, we think a group needs to be established to benefit most from five minute mentors. That's not to say new groups wont be able to use it, but during the beta phase, we want to see how it works with existing groups.
  • Ok, so once you've logged in with your username and password, you will have already been assigned to a group as part of the beta version. In the 'my account' section, you can upload a picture of yourself. Again, you are limited to changing some of the information here as part of the beta version. but you will eventually be able to give a little bio, let people know your availability, strengths, weaknesses - that sort of thing.
  • Next up is finding a mentor within your group. Now you may notice only two available mentors appear but this doesn't mean there arn't more mentors in the group. A selection of mentors are chosen randomly for you to choose from. This is done for a couple of reasons. One, to ensure that no particular mentor isn't being over burdened with requests and two, to allow other mentors within the group to improve their mentoring skills.
  • Once you've chosen a mentor, you need to request a time and date for the session. You should also include a topic and a few notes in the spaces provided, just to give the mentor some idea of what you want to talk about. The request will then go to the mentor who will accept, offer an alternative date and time or decline. You will see this appear on your sessions.
  • Once the session is booked, then you just need to ensure you're online and logged in, ready to start at the time you agreed. Join the session and you're off! you get exactly 5 minutes to do your stuff!
  • Five Minute Mentors

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