Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

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Step one in making 2013 your best year ever is creating a S.W.O.T. personal assessment. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Step one in making 2013 your best year ever is creating a S.W.O.T. personal assessment. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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  • Strengths

    Associate of Science Degree in Human Service
    Working on Bachelors Degree in Human Service
    People find it comfortable to speak with me
    Excellent public speaker
    Wrote social programs to assist the unemployed
    Taught basic computer knowledge
    Excellent resume writer and cover letters
    Job Developer Certified
    Leadership training in domestic violence of women
    Passionate on issues regarding the cycle of poverty
    Ability to work with diverse populations
    Have a support group of people that believe in me and my abilities


    I like to think as Challenges and they are as follows
    I second guess myself
    I am my own worst critic
    Need to prioritize better
    Keep all important activities on phone calendar with alarm notification
    Can procrastinate at times
    Not allow external things interfer with goals
    Can be impatient sometmes with the sluggishness of progress


    Contining my education will graduate this year
    Networking with others to achieve my goals
    Work in an environment that can enhance my career goals


    Others taking my ideas and using it for their own benefit
    Forget to follow up on calls or attend events
    School assignments will impede my progress in public speaking
    Feeling overwhelmed at times
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  • 2. This is one of the greatest tools you can use to measure your success, yet few will ever take the time to complete one. Do yourself a bigfavor, in terms of preparing to win big in 2013 and do a complete S.W.O.T (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) assessment on yourself.
  • 3. Strengths – Write down all of your strengths – Ex: College degree, great communicator, etc.• Author• 501 C3• Major market to generate business in• New contract with 2nd largest school dist. In US• New manuscript ready to shop to publisher• New blogs & Facebook Page• 5 Year data report
  • 4. Weaknesses – Write down all your weakness – Ex: Disorganized, procrastinates, etc.• Need to prioritize projects• Need to structure calendar better• Need to make more contact calls• Need to create a better system for to track calls• Need to get better at making sales calls• Need to get better at marketing my products and services
  • 5. Opportunities – Write down your opportunities – Ex: Can work extra hours at job, have a new product or service that customers want, etc.• Now that I have 3 schools I can offer my Student Empowerment Program to them• I will be able to showcase my talents and attract new business• I can market my new children’s book to my elementary and middle schools• I can talk with the Principals about teacher training
  • 6. Opportunities cont.• Offer “Empowerment” workshops throughout the district• Identify charter schools to pitch workshops• Pitch workshops to Compton Public Schools• Pitch 30-city college tour• Speak at San Diego College• Monique Epps project• Kandice McClurklin Project
  • 7. Threats – Write down any and all threats to your success – Ex: Not having materials prepared for P.R. – Not Hungry enough, etc.• Lack of execution• Lack of follow through and follow up• Not up early enough to take advantage of opportunities• Not hungry enough• Fear of making cold calls• Lack of making enough cold contacts
  • 8. Overall Assessment• Start your day off by going over your personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Let this be your personal roadmap to success and greatness!• You can see what you do best and what you have to work on. Let’s go to work!
  • 9. Wes 213-973-8203
  • 10. Consider a profession coachEverybody who is serious about taking their lifeto a higher level has a personal coach. Are youready to challenge yourself to be your absolute best?!
  • 11. For more information about Wes Hall• Claflin University -• Relationship Building for Teachers - 59bU&feature=share&list=UUMrSqPDneT0VCeUbkU4U3NA• New York Presentation - bkU4U3NA• St. Louis Presentation kU4U3NA• Youth Presentation - UbkU4U3NA