Mining industry


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Mining industry

  1. 1. Miner is a profession thatlinks with not only physicaleffort. Its specific featureis exposure to dangerand loss of health or life.Besides, the miners arethe people who must havea unique strength to thevery difficult conditions ofwork and serenity.Through the work ofminers, we can enjoyevery day with the rightamount of electricity andin the winter we don’thave to worry about thatget cold.
  2. 2. Mining in Poland was very important to thefunctioning of our country since immemorialtimes. To this day, this industry is counted asone of the important sources of income Polandand the coal mined in our country hasnumerous applications. The exploitation beganin the late fifteenth / sixteenth century inSilesia, which is still considered a kind of„cradle of the Polish mining industry”.
  3. 3. The first miners came from among the slaves and peasants. Itis no wonder that as mining expanded its areas, minerschanged their status.They became craftsmen and thus receive specialrights and privileges. In addition, miners were allowedto tie associations free miners - the so-called miningcompanies.
  4. 4. At first for the extraction of coal they used rather primitive means or tools. As technology progressed, introduced more modern and easier to work solutions such as iron rails, transport horse or steam hoisting machines. Over time, there was also machinery and equipment powered by electricity.Working miners(90’s of 20th century)
  5. 5. History of Polish mining industry is not only the development and creation of important educational centers. The emblems of mining are : ( two crossing hammers: Perlik - iron hammer and żelazko - iron wedge) and colors symbolizing the profession (green - a symbol of longing for the light, the outside world and black - a symbol of the dark corridors of the mine) and miners holiday (Barbórka).Perlik and żelazko Mining flag – you can see two important colours (green andBlack)
  6. 6. SaintBarbara(Barbórka)–patronessof miners.We celebrateher holiday on4th December.
  7. 7. Silesian legend about Skarbnik Silesian mines are big and mysterious kingdom of the Skarbnik. There are many stories about meeting with Skarbnik and everyone tells, that hes a raw and righteous ruler. This story took place at a time when the olive lamps illuminate underground walkways, horses pulled the wooden carts, and the miners were getting paid cash after each finished day of work. Then one thirteen years old boy went to the one of Bytom mines. He came from a very poor family where the father died and his mother couldnt feed seven younger siblings. A friend foreman was refusing from take to the work that poor kid, but in the end the whole family persuaded him. He put one condition, that if within a week the boy wont make as much carbon, as the adult companions, he will have to leave the mine. When at the end of the third day foreman paid him only half of that, what other miners earned, the boy sat down on a block of coal and wept bitterly. Suddenly, out of nowhere before him appeared the gray, old man, who asked him with a warm voice about the reason for worry. Through tears boy honestly tell stranger about his family and the agreement with the foreman. ,,Ill help you, if youll keep this meeting in secret and youll fairly share with me earned money.” Skarbnik replied him.
  8. 8. The boy gladly agreed to the proposal of a stranger. Over thenext four days, when no one could see, the old man with the boychopped carbon and Skarbnik did it with such ease and verve, as ifhe was a twenties. At the end of each of the shifts foreman withgrowing amazement watching the actions of the boy, but without aword he paid him owed ​money. On the seventh day, and it was on aChristmas Eve, the foreman announced him the good news: theacceptance to work on a permanent basis. When the foremansfootsteps were no longer heard, the stranger again appearedopposite the lad and said:„Youve got a job, and I came for my part of the consideration!”„Ill leave for myself only as much money as I should have. The restis up to you, good sir.” Boy replied.„Keep it all for yourself and remember: always be honest as you arenow, and fortunately will never leave you!” Skarbnik smiled anddisappear in the dark. The End
  9. 9. SKARBNIK
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  11. 11. This presentation was made by Natalia Witalis for Blogtrotters across Europe project