The Social Media Puzzle


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The Social Media Puzzle

  1. 1. The Social Media Puzzle Puzzle Piece 1 The Overview Puzzle Piece 2 What Are the Tools & How to Use Them Puzzle Piece 3 B2B/ B2C – The Approach and the Differences Puzzle Piece 4 Social Marketing SWOT Puzzle Piece 5 Measurement Puzzle Piece 6 Mistakes and Forgiveness Prepared by Holly Grenvicz, Chief Strategist, Werkshop Marketing Edited and Updated February 2011 by Becca Ary, Account Executive, Werkshop Marketing © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  2. 2. PUZZLE PIECE 1: The Overview Putting Together the Social Marketing PuzzleThe use of social media as a marketing tool is more than just an addition to the marketingtoolbox; it is a cultural change. We are creating business in a way that never existed before.Social marketing has become the conduit for content. Businesses can now deliver messages,develop and monitor opinions, offer customer support, communicate promotions and drive salesactivity – completely virtually and instantaneously (regardless of geography).There are many things to consider when determining how to use social media in a marketing mix.So where do you start?What is it?Let’s start with how social media was born. You may have seen The Social Network, the drama ofhow Facebook began, but the beginnings of social interactivity began long before MarkZuckerberg circa 2004. Social media is an outlet for expression and sharing. For individuals, thismeans photos of your kids or dog, outcries for causes and sports teams alike and the occasionalpost of admiration or admonition of a product of service. This is where social media becomes apowerful business tool.Since the beginning of time, people have been “marketing” to one another. Social behaviordictates that when we like or dislike something, we tell others. In its simplest form, this “sharing,”without the intentional goal of selling, defines word-of-mouth marketing. This “customerevangelism” is the most pure and least expensive kind of marketing available. The challenge formarketers is that it’s nearly impossible to “buy” customer evangelists. They have to be developedover time.Enter: Social Media MarketingAfter decades of marketing using traditional channels and holding our breath while we hope that agroup of customer evangelists emerges on its own, social marketing is a great way to foster andfind brand loyalists. By engaging in discussions online, building an online reputation and keepingour “friends and fans” up-to-date literally minute-by-minute, social media is changing thepermanent landscape of marketing. Marketers can also track response and progress by using theappropriate measurement tools and figure ROI and effect on the bottom line.Not so fast!The best users of social tools think it through first. The contents of this presentation will walk youthrough the puzzle pieces and show you how each work together from an overall businessperspective. Keep the following in mind:  Listen: early and often  You are invited or given permission to share your message  Don’t abuse this privilege with old-school thinking  Quality over quantity – when building your messaging and your community  B2C: Remember social media is personal to your audience © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  3. 3. PUZZLE PIECE 2: The Tools What Are the Tools & How to Use ThemTool Description ExamplesSocial Networks Social networks enable businesses to open new channels of communication with consumers and Facebook business prospects. As more and more people adopt social media into their everyday routines, it is LinkedIn becoming a critical contact point between businesses and potential and existing clients. Should all businesses be present on all social networks? No, strategy is what it’s all about. TwitterEmail Marketing / Email marketing and newsletters offer extensive connectivity and personalization. Messages can be EmmaNewsletters: tailored to specific audiences, and near real-time information can be gleaned from an audience. Campaign Monitor Analytics from emails sent (open rates and clickthroughs) help us see what content our recipients are most interested in. Rules are stringent against spam, and businesses should meet or exceed the legal Constant Contact requirements. Mail ChimpWikis: Wikis are web-based applications enabling users to develop, edit and to distribute their knowledge on Wikipedia the topic of choice. Companies can leverage the power of wikis to lower training costs, for product development and to retain various types of practical business information. In the case of, knowledge and expertise was captured from aging and retiring doctors to help treat sick kids with a group approach.Blogs: Blogs are an effective, easy and popular social media tool that can be used to educate your audience Company blogs and position yourself as a subject-matter expert, or have a little fun and share your brand. Wordpress, BloggerMicroblogging: Microblogs are short bursts of thought (characters are limited on Twitter) in lieu of a well-developed Twitter set of paragraphs that might make up a regular blog. The immediacy and portability of microblogging Tumblr using online applications in conjunction with mobile devices makes this a powerful social media tool. Followers are carefully chosen to create a community based on relationships and common interest. FacebookAudio: Audio clips enable your message to be heard via download or RSS/XML. It’s more than text and flat Podcasts content, and this added layer of personality enables you to reach your customer in a more dynamic way with educational or instructional topics.Video: Video is hard to match for providing an engaging experience. Combing visual, audio and creativity, YouTube video has come to the forefront of social media. Video offers unlimited opportunities to connect and Vimeo enthrall your audience on video sharing sites, mobile devices, blogs, websites, etc. PodcastsLocation-based / Location-based social networking is vying for the position of “next big thing.” Concerns over security FoursquareGeosocial may be the only hindrance. These apps use GPS technology to broadcast a person’s location and Gowalla, CarlSays offer many opportunities for both entertainment and promotion. FB PlacesPhoto Sharing: Like digital photo albums, photo sharing sites allow users to upload photos, share with friends and Flickr, Picasa family and comment. These sites often provide links and HTML for easy input into blogs and websites. Photobucket Some people use these sites for all of their photo storage, instead of dusty boxes under the bed. FacebookSocial Couponing: These companies bring communities of people together to take advantage of good deals. Depending Groupon, Woot on the service, a stipulation has to be met in order to get a coupon, the time the deal is available is RunDaisy, CarlSays limited, or a charity component is involved. LivingSocialSocial Gaming: Social gaming brings together friends and global communities for competitive interaction. Words with Friends Zanga games (Farmville, et. al.)Events: Generate buzz about an event, communicate event updates and gather RSVPs with these tools. Bring Facebook Events friends together to plan, promote and execute. Evite, EventbriteSocial Book Marks / These services often offer an insight to trends and the opinions of the general public on an endless Digg, DeliciousAggregators: variety to topics, services and products. RedditSocial Music Anyone who makes music a part of daily life has no shortage of options when it comes to finding new MySpace, Pandora music and sharing it with friends. OurStage, Last.fmRich Site Summary Managing and keeping up-to-date with web content of interest is not always easy when it is delivered Google Reader(RSS): by numerous sources. RSS enables the subscription of content from blogs, news sites and websites with frequent updates and delivers it in one place. © 2011 Werkshop Marketing 2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  4. 4. PUZZLE PIECE 3: B2B/ B2C The Approach and the DifferencesBusiness to Business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between amanufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer (Wikipedia).Business to Consumer (B2C) describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/orservices (Wikipedia). The most effective tools for both B2B and B2C companies (in order of effectiveness):B2B Companies B2C CompaniesLinkedIn FacebookBlog BlogTwitter TwitterFacebook LinkedInB2B Social Media Winners: B2C Social Media Winners: • Cisco • Best Buy • Intel • Old Spice • Oracle • Tasti D LiteThe Social Marketing Planning Steps1. Discovery/ Planning2. Set social media marketing goals3. Listen to the conversation4. Create your target profile5. Determine messages and channels6. Join the conversation7. Measure/ Adjust8. Repeat © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  5. 5. PUZZLE PIECE 4: Social Marketing SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats[By Jacob Morgan of Morgan is a social media consultant and principle atChess Media Group]Before you get started make sure that you have a clear understanding of your business goals andobjectives, you have to understand the bigger picture. Without this knowledge, it is not possible tocreate an effective SWOT analysis. What I have created below is a very simple example of a SWOTanalysis. You or your company may have a completely different set of items that fall under thecategories, and that’s fine. My goal here is to explain what SWOT is and why you should use it.Strengths (Internal) • Market reach or penetration • Active community members who are willing to become brand evangelists • Resources in terms of time and manpower; your team is able to respond quickly and effectively • Management or executives support the social media medium and give you the go aheadWeaknesses (Internal) • Trouble scaling or maintaining a social media campaign • Lack of tools or resources to track and monitor social media campaign results • Social media presence or campaign isn’t effective, meaning goals are not being met • Tough to train or convince management team on social media principlesOpportunities (External) • Creating/joining online presence on sites where the company currently doesn’t exist, i.e. Facebook • New target or niche markets that are untapped • Promotions, discounts, offers that can be utilized through social media platforms • Partnerships with a publisher or advertiser • Penetration into a new geographical marketThreats (External) • Macro factors such as economy, will this affect your user base or your campaign? • Competitor is going after the same space or same audience with similar campaign • Is the current campaign sustainable, can it continue? • What obstacles stand in the way of success and failure? © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  6. 6. PUZZLE PIECE 5: Measurement Measuring Impact of Social Media ActivitiesQualitative • Treated more like PR measures • Conversations, are we a part of our industry’s footprint? • Comparisons against competition • Moving from a monologue to a dialogue • Relationship building • Tone • Quality vs. QuantityQuantitative • Metrics/ Analytics • Traffic • Sales activity • SEO ranking • Google Analytics/ Link clicks • Newsletter subscribers/ Open ratesMore on Measurement • Create before and after baseline • Chart growth year over year sales • Match to social activity • Set milestones for achievement – like # of fans or # of clicks to response • Measure transactional precursors – brand mentions/ searches, loyalty research, retail store traffic bumps For more, check out our slides from the January 2011 DIG “Using the Marketing Measuring Tape.” © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I
  7. 7. PUZZLE PIECE 6: Mistakes and Forgiveness The Social Media BluesWhat happens when you make a mistake? Kenneth Cole found out a couple of weeks ago thatone should tread lightly when using world events in promotional messages.Kenneth Cole enraged the Twittersphere when he postedHow to Deal: 1. Be proactive: the Internet does not have a rug to hide things under. Whatever the issue, it will come to light. Now is not the time to deny. It’s better to deal with it on your own terms. 2. Act immediately: Fix what’s broken, apologize, make sure it won’t happen again 3. Offer a Band-Aid: A discount, a refundRemember, everyone makes mistakes, and we’re all learning in the social media game. Own theproblem, find a solution, and use common sense. You may escape with your customers’ respectfor your company intact.More resources:Seven Deadly Sins and The Five-Second Challenge from The Social Path by David Griner © 2011 Werkshop Marketing2915 Berry Hill Drive, Nashville TN 37204 I 422 East Main Street, Bowling Green, KY 42101 615.279.1502 I