Life In Nazi Germany


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Life In Nazi Germany

  1. 1. Life In Nazi Germany Why did the Nazis persecute many groups in German society? Through 12 years in Nazi power they persecuted members of other races, and many minority groups such as gypsies, homosexuals and mentally handicapped people. They persecuted any group that they thought challenged them would be persecuted. The Nazis were jealous of the Jews because they had the best jobs, most of them were rich, they were “un-German” and they are actually a race not a religion. He also wanted Germany to be 100% German. A law was carried out and it was call the marriage law, what meant that German people can’t marry Jews, So Jews could only marry Jews. Jewish people were not allowed the following items- type writers, pets, transport on train. They had to have identity cards marked with the word “J” for Jewish so the Nazi’s knew what race they were. How effectively did the Nazis deal with their political opponents? He used the SS as their main weapon for How did the Nazis use culture and the mass media to control the people? Goebbels used all the different types of media to get support for the Nazis and get hatred against their enemies. There was advertising on the radio convincing people to be a Nazi, There were films about Nazis, posters all around Germany to convince them and Films that were made in Germany would only been seen in Germany. How did young people react to the Nazi regime? The girls had their own league called The League Of Maidens. • • The boys had to wear brown uniform o They carried knives around. • Schools were “Nazified”
  2. 2. o Books were re-written to teach children everything good about the Nazis. o They had separated desks. There was a slogan for the girls and it was “Kinder, Kirche, Kucher” which meant “Children, Church, Kitchen” That was the three main things they got taught in the League of Maidens. How successful were Nazi policies towards women and the family? Nazi policies towards women were mainly introduced as a reaction against the freedom of women that was progressing throughout the Weimar period. Modernisation had led to women wanting to be more than just wives and mothers which in turn led to a decrease in family size, increase in divorce, contraception and abortion and a general decline in morality. Women had also been given the vote and been brought into the Reichstag. Hitler felt German Society was moving in the wrong direction and wanted to return to a traditional and more conservative role of women as child bearer, wife and home keeper. The Nazi ideology of women was that there were not inferior but just suited for different roles to men. The policy towards women in politics was that they had no place in it. Women were banned from all leading positions within the Nazi Party. As a result of this they joined Nazi Organisations instead. The German Women’s Enterprise taught women mothering skills and Nazi values. Conclusion Did most people in Germany benefit from Nazi rule?