Magic in the classroom handbook


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Magic in the classroom handbook

  1. 1. Magic in the Classroom Simplified Guide A practical guide to creating a magical learning experience for students in China.  Passion  Energy  Dedication  Content  Methods  Tips & Tricks PASSION 1. Always make sure you are having fun. If you are having fun, the kids are having fun. If the kids are having fun, they are learning. 2. Put 110% of your heart into giving the children the best learning experience in their lives. Be the one teacher whose lessons they look forward to. ENERGY 1. Always make sure you are giving your all. If you are tired, the kids will be tired too. If the kids are tired, they aren’t learning or having fun. If they enjoy learning from you, they will keep coming back for more lessons! 2. Children are naturally very energetic and excited about learning new things. Help them to channel that restless energy in healthy ways. DEDICATION 1. Children and Parents depend on reliable teachers for delivering the best quality education that money can afford. Parents are pleasantly surprised when their kids receive added value products and services such as fun extracurricular activities, coloring workbooks and education consulting. 2. Children and parents are responsible for their education. Parents are expected to help children to complete all homework assignments. Children are asked to become the teacher, and parents become the students. 3. The best teachers enable students to learn on their own. Through carefully planned lessons and homework CONTENT 1. Using colorful and interesting books, flashcards, music, chants and video content, we make a long lasting memory for the 5 senses. 2. Put 110% of your heart into giving the students the best learning experience in their lives. Be the one teacher whose lessons they look forward to. METHODS 1. Through song, dance, chant, and delicious rewards children positively associate learning English with happiness. 2. The best methods are always evolving. Teachers are expected to find their own ways to improve the overall program and individual methods. TIPS & TRICKS 1. Be a walking cartoon beat box. The more crazy sounds, actions and voices you can elicit the students to make, the better. 2. Be an age appropriate comedian. Find ways to make them laugh and smile all the time. Making eye contact and using students’ names in place of song lyrics is a very strong rapport builder.