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20100208   安缇安   合作介绍 (Auntie Annes   Co Branding) V1
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20100208 安缇安 合作介绍 (Auntie Annes Co Branding) V1






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20100208   安缇安   合作介绍 (Auntie Annes   Co Branding) V1 20100208 安缇安 合作介绍 (Auntie Annes Co Branding) V1 Presentation Transcript

  • 品牌联合商机 Co-Branding Opportunities 给市场营销部门 For Marketing Department
  • 内容 (Contents)
    • 品牌联合目的 (Purpose of Co-branding)
    • 附录 (Appendix)
      • 安缇安菜单 (Auntie Anne’s Menu)
      • 安缇安介绍 (Auntie Anne’s Introduction)
      • 安缇安趣闻 (Fun Facts About Auntie Anne’s)
  • 品牌联合目的 (Purpose of Co-branding)
  • 联合之目的 (Purpose of Co-Branding)
    • 我们希望跟贵品牌合作建立品牌联合效应,两大品牌的联合会给您的顾客带来更多的附加利益 (We hope to work together with your company to market jointly to provide additional benefits to your customers.)
    • 为什么您应该选择品牌联合战略? (Why You Should co-brand?)
    • 您 无需 投入额外成本,便可给您的顾客提供额外的收益 (Give your customers an added benefit at no cost to you)
    • 潜意识影响我方顾客,使其成为贵品牌的 新客户群 (Leverage our customers to attract new customers for your store)
    对于零售类业务 ( For Retail Business ) 对于公司企业 ( Corporate Firms )
    • 我们希望能长期并且定期地为贵公司提供专门针对贵公司需求的优惠券。我们乐意为您组织的任何活动提供大量折扣优惠,甚至是免费优惠券。 (We hope to work together with your company to provide regular coupons targeted only for your firm. We would be happy to provide bulk discounts for any catering events and/ or free coupons for your employees.)
    • 为什么您应该选择品牌联合战略 (Why You Should co-brand?):
    • 您 无需 投入额外成本,便可给您的雇员提供额外的、特别的利益 (Give your employees an added, customized benefit at no cost to you)
    • 给您的雇员提供健康的食品 (Provide healthy snacks for your employees)
  • 品牌联合之合作方法 (How to Work Together)
    • 设立优惠活动: 安缇安会在门店内,特为您的顾客或 / 和雇员设立优惠活动。例如,只有您的顾客或 / 和雇员才可以在安缇安享受“买一送一”的优惠。
    • Create promotion: We will create a discount at our stores that is created only for your customers and/ or employees. For example, “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupons for your customers/ employees only
    • 设计优惠卷: 安缇安会设计并负责印刷优惠卷,我方支付所有成本(详情请参照下页)!我们也会相应地准备电子版的优惠卷,以便您发给您的顾客或张贴在网站上。
    • Create coupon: We will design and print the coupon, completely at our cost (please see next page). We will also provide a digital copy in case you want to email it out or put it on a website
    • 派发优惠卷: 我们会把优惠卷送到您的店面,完全由您来决定派发的方式(每位顾客可得一份或只有一次性消费满一定金额的顾客才可以得到),而我们只要求您能把所有的优惠券派发完毕。
    • Hand out coupon: We will give the printed coupons to you to hand out at your stores. You can decide how you want to hand them out (either to each customer or only to special customers who spend a certain amount or more at your store). We just ask that you can hand out all of the coupons that as discussed as we will make the investment to print
  • 品牌联合之合作方法 (How to Work Together) 举例说明 (Example)
  • 附录 (Appendix)
  • 安缇安介绍 (Auntie Anne’s Introduction)
  • Auntie Anne‘s, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based franchisor that supports over 1,000 Auntie Anne's Pretzels locations worldwide, with over 1 billion pretzels sold. The concept mixes, twists and bakes pretzels to golden brown perfection in full view of customers. 安緹安的历史 (HISTORY) 公司介绍 (Company Introduction) 安缇安总部座落于美国宾夕法尼亚州,在全球拥有 1000+ 家连锁餐厅,年销售如意卷十亿个。安缇安始终如一的为顾客现场揉制、弯卷、烘焙出完美金黄的如意卷。安缇安是如意卷原创者之一,业务量超过最大三家竞争者之和。 在个 20 国家 (IN 20 COUNTRIES)
    • QSR | 2006 最佳品牌 , 团队 , 服务奖
    • Entrepreneur | 最佳如意卷
    • Franchise Times | 前 200 名连锁店
    • Restaurants & Institutions | 2006 前 400 名餐厅连锁店 ( 列 120 位 )
    • FranSurvey | 世界级卓越连锁店
    荣誉 (AWARDS) 公司信息 (QUICK FACTS)
    • 1000+ Stores | 1000+ 家店
    • Started in 1988 | 1988 年开始的
    • First China Store Opened in Beijing in 2007 |
    • 中国大陆第一家店 2007 年在北京开业
    安缇安的店面增长情况 (STORE GROWTH) 店面 # of Stores 927 + 43% 年增长率 (CAGR) 1988 – 2007 亚洲 (Asia) 除了亚洲 (Others)
  • 我们的食品 (Our Products) 如意卷系列 (PRETZEL SERIES)
  • 我们的食品 (Our Products) 如意卷系列 (PRETZEL SERIES)
  • 我们的食品 (Our Products) 饮料 (DRINKS)
  • 我们的品牌 (Our Brand)
    • 口号 (TAGLINE):
    • 我的如意生活
    • 面向社会活跃、自信的学生,以及专业人士和购物者, 安缇安新鲜美味,健康的小吃和饮品将引领您走在时尚生活的尖端。
    • To socially active, confident students, professionals and shoppers, Auntie Anne’s provides freshly-made, tasty, healthy snacks/ beverages that will keep pace with your style of life
    • 我们的客户 (OUR CUSTOMERS):
    • 学生 - 大学、高 / 中学,小学 (Students - College, High/ Middle School , Elementary School)
    • 白领 – 35 岁以下 (White Collar – Under 35 Years Old)
    • 女生 – 70% (Women – 70%)
    • Extensive management consulting experience in Asia / Middle East / US, in relevant industries ranging from retail to information technology
    • Wide range of functional experience in operations, strategy, business development, marketing, and financial analysis for startup and Fortune 500 companies
    • Undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, Graduate Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, and MBA from the Wharton School of Business
    • Investment Manager at ASB Capital ($3 billion real estate private equity fund). Responsibilities include investment underwriting and property portfolio management.
    • Senior Associate at SVB Capital ($1 billion venture capital fund)
    • Project Manager at Avila & Tom Architects designing high-end retail for Gap and Williams-Sonoma.
    • BA in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and MBA from the Wharton School of Business
    林文思 Wen-Szu Lin 施德琦 Joseph Sze 其他 (BOARD MEMEBERS) Project Manager at Swinerton Builders ,with past experience designing and coordinating retail roll-out programs including Jamba Juice, The Coffee Bean President of Chinese Palace Restaurant Group, the largest and fastest growing Chinese fast food restaurant company in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region Riva Han Jeffery Wuo 我们的管理团队 (Our Management)
    • 对位于亚洲、中东及美国的零售业和资讯科技工业从事经营咨询
    • 对新设公司和财富 500 强企业的业务运作、战略制定、业务发展﹐市场营销以 及 财务分析 具有 广泛的工作经验
    • 马里兰大学工程学士、乔治亚理工学院工程硕士、宾夕法尼亚沃顿商学院 MBA
    • ASB 不 动产投资公司投资经理
    • SVB 投资基金资深助理
    • 前 AVILA & TOM 建筑事务所执行经理,专职设计 GAP 零售店面
    • 加州大学伯克利分校建筑学硕士、宾夕法尼亚沃顿商学院 MBA
    • 项目经理在 Swinerton Builders.
    • 项目过去的经验帮 Jamba Juice The Coffee Bean 作建筑
    • 中东湾区域合作组织区域内中华餐饮集团总经理 ﹔阿布 达 比 国 家石油公司 驻 台代理人
    • 加州 大学伯克利分校双学士
  • 我们的店面:北京新中关 (Our Stores: Beijing - Gate Mall)
  • 我们的店面:北京来福士 (Our Stores: Beijing – Raffles City)
  • 我们的店面:北京望京嘉茂 (Our Stores: Beijing Wang Jing Jia Mao)
  • 我们的店面:天津步行街 (Our Stores: Tianjin Pedestrian Street)
  • 安缇安有趣的事实 (Fun Facts About Auntie Anne’s)
    • 2006 年 6 月,安缇安做出第十亿个如意卷! (In June 2006, Auntie Anne’s sold its billionth pretzel. That’s billionth!)
    • 世界上最大的如意卷是 12 英尺宽,由美国路易斯安的安缇安加盟商成功制作而成。 (The biggest pretzel ever baked spanned 12 feet across, and was created by Auntie Anne's franchisees from Lake Charles, LA)
    • 制作一个如意卷,一般需要 8 到 10 秒,不过我们的最块记录是 4 秒。 (While it typically takes between 8-10 seconds to roll an Auntie Anne’s pretzel, the fastest pretzel rolled on record took just four seconds.)
    • 美国篮球明星沙奎尔奥尼尔,拥有许多安缇安的经营权。 (Shaquille O’Neal, basketball player, owns many Auntie Anne’s franchises)
    • 每年,安缇安做出至少 9 千五百万个如意卷 。 (Every year, Auntie Anne's rolls more than 95 million pretzels)