Classifying Matter
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  • 1. Classifying Matter Scavenger Hunt Wendy Gonzalez
  • 2. Element Sn: Tin
    • The tin can is an example of tin because tin is an element of a pure substance made up of a single atom .
  • 3. Compound Water
    • Water is a pure substance made of 2 or more elements chemically combined. Composed of 2 Hydrogen's and 1 Oxygen.
  • 4. Compound Salt
    • Salt is a compound because it is a made out of elements. For example, NaCl.
  • 5. Mixture Cereal
    • This is a mixture because it is made up of 2 substances will the milk and cereal.
  • 6. Mixture A Printer
    • A printer is composed of many wires, ink, medal polls, and other electronics . Two or more substances made into a new substance.
  • 7. Mixture A Blanket
    • A this object is made out of lots of thread and other colors. Made out of pure substances.
  • 8. Homogeneous Mixture Sugar water
    • Sugar water is a homogeneous mixture because when the sugar water dissolves in the water the water stays the same.
  • 9. Homogeneous Mixture Corn Oil
    • Corn oil is a homogeneous because when it is poured in water it doesn’t change into a new substance. But it separates from the water flooding at the top the the water.
  • 10. Heterogeneous Mixture Tea
    • Tea is a heterogeneous mixture because it is using 2 substances, water and a tea baggie, making it into a new substance into tea.
  • 11. Heterogeneous Mixture Cupcake
    • A cupcake is a heterogeneous mixture because it is using more than 2 substances to, flour, oil, eggs, etc. All of these are used and combined to make a new substance.