Bell's Palsy Electrical Stimulation Treatment


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A basic summary of the treatment of Facial Paralysis/Palsy, viral causes, primarily with Trophic Electrical Stimulation.

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Bell's Palsy Electrical Stimulation Treatment

  1. 1. <ul>Trophic Electrical Stimlation </ul><ul>Treatment for Facial Palsy – Viral Causes </ul>
  2. 2. <ul>Viral Causes of Facial Paralysis </ul><ul>Bell's Palsy: </ul><ul><ul><li>Herpes Simplex
  3. 3. 70 -80% neuropraxia
  4. 4. 20-30% axonotmesis
  5. 5. Facial Nerve only affected </li></ul></ul><ul>Ramsey Hunt Syndrome:   </ul><ul><ul><li>Herpes Zoster
  6. 6. Higher % axonotmesis
  7. 7. Facial Nerve affected
  8. 8. Also other nerves involved eg. Auditory Neve </li></ul></ul>
  9. 9. Cranial Nerves
  10. 10. Bell's Palsy compared to CVA
  11. 11. Facial Nerve & Muscle Anatomy
  12. 12. Facial Nerve Branches
  13. 13. Facial Nerve and Parotid Gland
  14. 14. TM - Tympanic Membrane m = Malleus i = Incus C = Cochlea SSCC = Superior Semicircular Canal PSCC = Posterior Semicircular Canal Anatomy of the Facial Nerve Left Superior Oblique Aspect VII - The Facial Nerve G1 - First Genu, at the Geniculate Ganglion G2 - Second Genu CT - Chorda Tympan i
  15. 15. Electrical Stimulation
  16. 16. Further Reading
  17. 17. <ul><li>The Lindens Clinic </li></ul>Diana is a chartered physiotherapist who recieved an OBE June 2001 for her work with chronic facial paralysis. Diana currently heads an International Trophic Electrical Stimulation Centre of Excellence. She is an expert on muscle physiology and has lectured internationally on the subject for which she received her fellowship from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists in 1990.
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