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This is a presentation I did a while ago in order to communicate a plan of action for SNS implementation.

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Fb Twit [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. The li W d f M th Th online Word of Mouth By B Wendy Tapia
  2. 2. Getting started • We have set up accounts in 3 main social networking websites: – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn
  3. 3. • We are aware that there are many more regional succesful networking y g g sites, but these are the main current players.
  4. 4. What is it about • answers th question ‘what are you doing right the ti ‘ h t d i i ht now?’ and it must be answered in only 130 characters phrase.
  5. 5. • Whil While Facebook F b k has a wider social activity, from events, h id i l ti it f t quizzes, applications, photos… photos
  6. 6. • has h a professional networking profile, we are f i l ki fil currently using it for the Professional Accountancy and Professional Law Schools only.
  7. 7. Why the fuss? • Dynamic • Casual • Quick • M bilit Mobility • And our target loves being there!
  8. 8. What we are doing • D Depending on the ‘channel’ we upload 1, 2 or 3 messages a day di h ‘ h l’ l d1 d
  9. 9. • E Every message posted contains a link d i li k
  10. 10. • Th link brings the student into our website The li k b i h d i b i
  11. 11. • Al Also, every message on Facebook has an image F b kh i
  12. 12. What can we post? • A hi and everything! Anything d hi ! • Students joining our network will be informed of EVERYTHING that is happening on Campus and outside… • From deadlines, good luck wishes, new programmes, awards, upcoming events…. Etc… etc… etc… • Plus any ideas, messages, images that YOU suggest!
  13. 13. LinkedIn • D to i formal character, the messages are more elaborate Due its f l h h l b • We are currently developing ‘Groups’ to invite our contacts to join Groups them
  14. 14. Networking - connecting • All networks are connected • Facebook message, is simultaneously uploaded on FB and Twitter • LinkedIn has an application that tell us what people are saying in Twitter
  15. 15. Benefits? • P Presence, presence, presence • Interaction PR and direct contact with our customers, yes: our Interaction, customers prospective, current and graduate students • Every click counts, every search counts • International Marketing Executives: you can be benefit from this channel of communication as users and as marketers
  16. 16. We are preparing • A blog bl • GHR Agenda – August • The creation of new groups within our existing accounts • Include notes weekly in FB • And our goal is to increase numbers of PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS!
  17. 17. Plan of actions • S up your own account on F Set Facebook/Twitter and add us! b k/T i d dd ! – Facebook.com/griffithcollege – @griffithcollege – Griffith College • Provide a schedule or brief plan of your activities • Send us pictures of your conferences, visits, chats… • Invite every possible student to join our social network