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Cross gendered leisure project rec 3202
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Cross gendered leisure project rec 3202


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Cross Gendered Leisure Project_REC 3202.pptx

Cross Gendered Leisure Project_REC 3202.pptx

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  • 1. GAMING LIKE A GUY… BUT AS A GIRL Wendy P. Bedford REC 3202 – Summer 2012
  • 2. THEN AND NOW… First commercial arcade video game introduced in 1971 • Computer Space by Nutting Associates Offers escape from reality • Stressors – financial, responsbitility Socializing: Gaming communities, online team mates Fantasy • Role play games: World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons • Violence / Crime: Grand Theft Auto, Army of 2, Halo
  • 3. WHY GAME? Men do it for social reasons • Explore fantasy • Online gaming communities • Male bonding Women do it for personal reasons • Way to be productive, i.e. exercise
  • 4. TRADITIONALLY MALE According to Shari Graner Ray, 16 yrs experience as game designer, ofSony Online Entertainment and the Cartoon Network, and keynote speakerat the Sex in Video Games conference: • Female characters display physical traits humans get when theyre ready for sex: partially open mouths with large red lips, heavy eyelids (or "bedroom eyes"). • Female characters dressed in sexually explicit clothing and placed in sexual poses, whereas the male characters arent. • These "sex object" images arent going to appeal to the average female gamer, Ray said.
  • 5. MEN VS. WOMEN 42% of all gamers are women • Women >18 years old = 37 percent of gaming population; Boys <=age 17 or younger = 13 percent More women gamers  Slow social role reversal • Men: “I don’t want to grow up.” • Women becoming more prominent in household Draw • More than half of male gamers say it’s the element of competition • Two thirds of women cite stress relief as the reason they play
  • 6. MEN VS. WOMEN Stanford study took brain images as male & female gamers playeda strategy game • “Male brains showed a much higher level of activation than the females when they gained more territory” Women play more times in a day but men play for longer periods when they play
  • 7. 5 TYPES OF FEMALE GAMERS Competitors • Take risks, like the thrill of the game Immersives • Stressed out from daily life, use gaming as escape and form of life control Minders • Satisfied with life, like casual games, like to play alone Bonders • Very busy, connect with family through games, like physical games as bonding Dabblers • Lead full lives, devote little energy to gaming, like cards/puzzle games
  • 8. WHY NOT ME? Lack of appreciation Time commitment Sense of responsibility Values conflict
  • 14. MY EXPERIENCE Challenged by patience • Type A person, perfectionist Frustration • Male bonding concept, ale sense of humor lost on me • Felt guilty for not doing something productive Highs did not equal lows for me • Satisfaction of making it to one level did not equal the frustration of getting there • Nothing to show for it when done
  • 15. MY EXPERIENCE New appreciation for “skill” (?) • Still without full “buy-in” I don’t have the patience • Hence, not much desire to continue Good quality time with my husband • Still best left to him and his boys
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