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Travels in the ACT, Australia 2008
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Travels in the ACT, Australia 2008


Published on

A PowerPoint story developed around a visit to Mulligan's Flat nature reserve, Canberra

A PowerPoint story developed around a visit to Mulligan's Flat nature reserve, Canberra

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Travels in the ACT, Australia 2008 Today we visit a nature reserve near to Canberra
  • 2. In the early morning the light is blue and clear as Rosie leads the way on our walk through the bush.
  • 3. What do we see? Over there among the trees. Two pointed ears and a pointed nose and eyes that watch us carefully.
  • 4. Like shadows they stand, blending into a grey world. Still creatures among the craggy ridged gum trees
  • 5. Through the bush we walk, then stop to listen and watch. We see ... And hear
  • 6. We see a bright Crimson Rosella perched high in a tree.
  • 7. And hear the sounds of birds calling to one another in the bush
    Find other Australian bird songs at:
  • 8. On we walk, past termite mounds that hug trees
  • 9. ... and then we find one like this. What has been digging here?
  • 10. The next day we find out. Here is the creature that made those holes. What can it be?
  • 11. In the evening sunlight it crosses our path. Hears us and freezes next to the base of a tree. We keep still and gradually it forgets we’re there. It carries on looking for food.
  • 12. Snuffling first this way and then that. It works its way among dead leaves and twigs looking for tasty creatures to eat. What is it?
  • 13. It’s an Echidna
    • You can find out more about Echidnas by looking on the following websites:
  • 14. Finally we reach the end of our walk.
    • What’s happening here?
  • 15. People are building a new housing estate around two sides of the nature reserve. Will the creatures who live here be safe?
  • 16. How can the people who move into these house make sure that the creatures are safe? What would you do?
  • 17. We say thank you to Rosie for taking us out on such a wonder full walk. Thank you Rosie Rosie belongs to the Canberra bird watching group. You can find out more at: Her group has produced a guide to Mulligan’s Flat Nature Reserve you can download it from: Find Mulligan’s Flat using Google Maps:
  • 18. Primary Geography
    • Using this slide show will help you to:
    • make links between a place and the activities that people can do there . (Geography NC PoS 3 -England)
    • ask and answer geographical questions (Pos 1 – Geographical Enquiry), i.e.
    • What is this place like?
    • What do people do here?