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Presentación1 rafe

  1. 1. Jonás FermínAlisbeth MorontaRafaela Villanueva.
  2. 2. • In the world lose hundreds of thousands of species, many of them even before they are discovered by science. Thus, not only lost biological variability, but also genetic diversity, source of livelihood for future generations. An endangered species is one that may become extinct in the near future. Through the history of evolution, millions of species have disappeared due to natural processes. In the last 300 years, however, humans have increased the extinction rate per thousand
  3. 3. tatús:Armadillos • It has presented the case of the disappearance of armadillos residing near human settlements, probably disturbed by the unrest generated by the settlements. Is pursued by hunters to consume the meat. Captured to take him to the zoo, museums, collectors, or to fill the shell as a sounding board.
  4. 4. LynxThe lynx is a protected animal in hunting since their extinction with the passage of time has been noticing She lives in forests and mountain areas. Their fur color shows a variable from gray to red, with white bottom. It has all the body covered with dark spots arranged in ears tufts of black hair and has a long mustache hozico both sides of the tip of the tail is black.
  5. 5. The giant panda is one of the main endangered animals. • Panda Bear has shoulders, ears and oval patches around the eyes is all black. The rest of the jacket is white. Colorings acts as camouflage when animal movements by snow. It is a good climber and can swim tree to escape a predator even. Bamboo holds an enlarged wrist bone that looks like a thumb.
  6. 6. main causes• 1. The persecution and killing by the value of their skins.• 2. Intensive hunting and fishing to market their meat intensive.• 3. Contamination of alien species to their habitat, or "invasive species.“ 4. The large projects such as dams, waterways, etc., That man constructs.• 5. Loss of oil, polluting the seas.• 6. Natural features such as the "gray death", erupting volcanoes to the atmosphere throwing clouds of ash and gas high in sulfur.?• 7. The action of other pollutants (deposits of uranium, polonium, radium and other radioactive elements)• 8. Several accidents, intentional or not, such as forest fires, crash boats, etc...
  7. 7. Endangered plants • The first plants were included in the Red List of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) was in 1997. That year, the figures revealed that 380 species had become extinct in the wild and nearly 370 were considered threatened. However, it was only a first approximation, as this list only included vascular plants (ferns, conifers and flowering plants).
  8. 8. Bomelianceae• The family Bromeliaceae is shaped by a group of plants typical of tropical regions of America. Most species are epiphytic (living on other plants). This family consists of about 50 genera and over 1,500 species, all have a rather short stem, leaves that surround the center and form something like a drink (in which water accumulates and plant debris) with flowers arranged in clusters.
  9. 9. Moras• The family Moraceae is composed mostly by trees and shrubs, with about 50 genera and about 2,500 species, located mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of both hemispheres. Exemplary, usually wood and which are used as ornaments and as a food source. There are also some agencies that are of great interest because they serve as raw material to produce different compounds.
  10. 10. Turtle Carey• Is a species of medium size, not measuring up to one meter in length, has the most narrow and elongated head of all sea turtles, its beak is horny sharp, narrow, no mountains at its edges and sharp as a hawk.
  11. 11. Manatee• The manatee is a species that is in critical danger of extinction, food for several centuries the imagination of sailors mistook as the sirens due to sea mist, now this beautiful species is about to disappear from the planet. The main culprit of this crime is the man, because their meat and trade, especially because it is an extremely easy to hunt prey
  12. 12. Solution• Being a much more important issue of what is believed, the plants and animals in danger of extinction can be saved if appropriate measures are taken before it is too late.• The first and most important step is to protect the environment and natural habitats of plants and animals, as species can not survive without shelter, water and food. This protection can be achieved in different ways, starting with identifying the causes by which species are struggling to adapt to the environment and work on it directly. The state and the various organizations involved in the protection of wildlife should agree to ensure that the species can remain calm in an undisturbed habitat until their numbers begin to climb out of danger. This is very important that people are informed and care about protecting the environment along with its inhabitants.
  13. 13. » People should not kill animals is very bad, we have to take care, as the plants can not live without it.Other animals hunted as trophies to show off and highlight thestrength and poder that they have. And there are those whotrade in live animals and dissected, to museums, zoos andsouvenirs. Others to show off as coats or ornaments, instead ofhighlighting them, is demeaning for them to carry a corpse as asign of wealth and prosperity, demonstrating his greatignorance and insensitivity. Other make programs that claim tobe environmentalists, for the defense and protection of theenvironment and animals, or to the knowledge of the animalsand their habitat, where there are dramatic scenes of deathand violence, and it shows that animals were used and killedfor filming (by act or omission), so that the film is dramatic.
  14. 14. Protect our animals and flowers.
  15. 15. * LOVE * CARE * FREEDOM *
  16. 16. *And LIFE*