Heartland Mobile 2013 Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • 1. Mobile University 2013Sponsorship/Partnership Opportunities
  • 2. About The Heartland Mobile CouncilOur MissionTo Educate Brands on How to Use Mobile EffectivelyOur BeliefThe HMC is the Trusted Partner to Educate Brands on how touse Mobile because we are a Non-Profit run by 100% Volunteers
  • 3. What is Mobile University? 200+ brands, marketers, agency representatives and product managers spanning the B2B and B2C channels are expected to attend MobiU2013 Mobile University is a holistic approach to mobile education.  “In classroom” lectures to raise your mobile IQ  “Out of classroom” experiential learning to raise mobile EQ  Combined they create an immersive experience that creates the new modern mobile marketer As part of this overall educational experience, attendees will:  Hear about industry-leading mobile campaigns directly from the brands  Sponsors are a central part of the Experience Hall, which is a crucial part of the summit educational experience  Learn about consumer/shopper insights and behavior
  • 4. Mobile University Events SELL OUTSeminars: SOLD OUT. Mobile Couponing, 4/25; Mobile & Moms, 6/21Summit: SOLD OUT.
  • 5. Why support the Mobile University?It’s simple – Our Audience Our audience & speakers are the largest brands and ad agencies in the country, and your biggest prospects. Partnership with the HMC means a trusted relationship with these top tier brands/agencies The HMC is the only organization that allows you to integrate your presence into the educational experience so that our audience seek you out as a knowledge expert We create a safe, trusted, learning environment for our audience that you become part of
  • 6. MobiU2012 Attendee: Backgrounds 5% 75+% of our attendees are marketers/agencies19% 35% M ktr/ ProdM gt Agency/ Consultant Tech/ Mobile Other 41%
  • 7. MobiU2013 Strategy Seminars & Annual Summit  Expand Project Denzel*  March – Millennials, March 28th,  Mobile Certificate Initiative (Apple Store)  8 Week Certificate from  June - Hispanics, June 13th nationally ranked university  September – Annual Summit,  Anthropologists, September 26th Neuroscientists, Marketers,  New Partner events Agencies, Researchers  Mobile Media  Internal: New website & PR  Augmented Reality  Responsive Design Seminar  New website rivals SXSW & TED Expand Experience Hall  PR to build our national presence  Tech/Marketing Education with BiC/MoMo/Technori  Include in Seminars, 2x at Summit *Ask for details
  • 8. How “Sponsorship” Becomes Partnership Typical Sponsorship HMC Partnership• Sit at a table - Sponsors often • Integration into Experience stick out like a sore thumb Hall• Most attendees steer clear of • People seek you out as an sponsors expert• People know you are selling • People see you as educating• People know you have paid to • Moderator & introduction speak roles available to maintain safe learning environment • Can bring a brand client to speak • Creative way to integrate your case study into a learning opportunity
  • 9. What is the value of the Experience Hall? All Experience Hall partners are a critical part of the learning environment Customized mobile experience that attendees will seek out Create a halo effect with attendees during their time of knowledge creation This learning environment offers a forum to get across more complex value propositions Email blast on your specific mobile experience Share your messaging in a social environment
  • 10. MobiU2013 SummitA select group (200+) of Brand & Agency Professionals are expected at: Microsoft Innovation Center 200 E. Randolph Chicago, IL 60601 September 26th, 2013 9AM – 6PM: Lectures 6PM – 9PM: Reception/Experience Hall
  • 11. The MobiU2013 Summit is the mobile showcase! The 4th annual Mobile University Summit offers a variety of activities to meet your needs. From information exchange and knowledge acceleration to experiential marketing techniques, we have it all. Whatever your mobile marketing objectives, the Heartland Mobile Council can help you reach them.For example:  All Attendees – learn trends, innovative approaches, latest-and-greatest  Brand Advocates – increase knowledge, educate staff, share best practices, demonstrate results and expertise  Ad Agencies – demonstrate mobile expertise, connect with brands  Measurement/Insights – communicate data opportunities, link research information to brand needs, teach metrics integration  Mobile/Digital Sales & Solutions – connect to brands, drive interest, prove expertise, gain industry insight, network
  • 12. MobiU2013 Ideal Partnerships  Advertising Agency  Brand Marketer/Retailer  Digital Marketing Company  Media Company  Mobile Engagement/Solutions Provider  Mobile Measurement Organization  Mobile Platform Developer  Research or Consumer Insights Firm  Wireless Technology/Service Provider
  • 13. Ways to Engage with Mobile University Sponsorship of our 2013 events Buy group tickets Bring brand speakers (not just agency clients, but brand clients) Become an integrated partner Bring resources (e.g., people, assets, research, etc.)
  • 14. Partnership Options Seminars  Range $1,500 - $5,000 Summit  Range $5,000 - $15,000 Full Year – includes all seminars & educational events along with the annual MobiU Summit  Range $20,000 - $25,000 *Specific details in appendix.
  • 15. Contact Wendy Hidenrick at: wendy@heartlandmobilecouncil.comfor questions about these Partnership Opportunities
  • 16. Appendix
  • 17. MobiU2013 Seminar Partnership OptionsMarch 28, 2013: Millennials & MobileJune 13, 2013: Hispanics & Mobile Host Sponsorship • Provides venueSponsorship includes Business Development:  Moderator or introduction for seminar Food/Drink Sponsor  Space for table in Experience Hall • Provides food/drinks for event  Post-Seminar attendee list • $1,500 for one; $2,500 for both  Thought leadership and awareness in mobile  10 tickets ($900 value) Mobile Influencer Engagement: • $2,500 for one; $4,500 for both  Special identification ribbon at event  HMC helps create organic Experience so attendees seek you out Mobile Leader Impressions: • $5,000 for one; $9,000 for both  10K+ views from HMC website  20 emails that generate 30K impressions  Signage at location (location may restrict certain types of signage)  Post-Seminar: inclusion in presentations & videos
  • 18. Bronze Summit Partnership: $5,000 Exposure  Engagement vs. Speaking Brochure in Welcome Bag  Integrated into the experience  Program Ad – ¼ page hall  Mention by Conf. Chair  Website Integration  1 Speaker Introduction/Moderation  Link to sponsor website Branding  Registration  Sponsorship ribbons on name tags  Summit Tickets (2) (color coded to sponsorship level)  Logo on all event communication (e.g. website, e-mail) Upgrade to SILVER ($10,000) and you also get:  Program Ad – HALF Page  Shared Press release for the event  Lunch Table Top Sponsorship, Host & Discussion  License to use “HMC Partner” Logo  4 Summit Tickets  VIP at the HMC Holiday Party
  • 19. Silver Summit Partnership: $10,000 Exposure  License to use “HMC Partner” Logo  Brochure in Welcome Bag  Logo on all Event signage  Program Ad – ½ Page Ad  License to use “HMC Partner” Logo  Mention by Conf. Chair  Engagement vs. Speaking  2 Speaker Introduction & Moderation opportunities  Integrated into experience hall  Shared Press Release  Host Lunch Table & Discussion  Lunch Table Top Sponsorship  Website Integration Branding  Link to sponsor website  Sponsorship ribbons on name tags (color  Blog on HMC Website (1)* coded to sponsorship level)  Registration  Logo on event communication (e.g.  Summit Tickets (4) website, e-mail)  VIP at HMC Holiday Party  Logo on all Event signage  Upgrade to GOLD ($15,000) and you also get * See Sponsorship Table slide for footnotes  Program Ad – FULL PAGE  Closing Keynote Introduction  Peak position in experience hall  Dedicated text message  6 Summit tickets
  • 20. Gold Summit Partnership: $15,000 Exposure  Event signage  Brochure in Welcome Bag  License to use “HMC Partner” logo  Program Ad – Full Page  Engagement vs. Speaking  Mention by Conf. Chair  Priority Table in Experience Hall  Closing Keynote Introduction  Host (2) Lunch Tables & Discussions  Shared Press Release  Dedicated Text Message (1)  Lunch Table Top Sponsorship  Website Integration Branding  Link to sponsor website  Sponsorship ribbons on name tags (color  Blog on HMC Website (1)* coded to sponsorship level)  Registration  Logo on event communication (e.g. website, e-mail)  Summit Tickets (6)  VIP at HMC Holiday Party Upgrade to Full Year Silver ($20,000) and you also get  Program Ad – Page 2 full-page ad * See Sponsorship Table slide for  Opening Keynote Introduction footnotes  Top Priority in experience hall  Ability to be the Host & Lunch partner for speaker’s table  (1) Additional Dedicated Text Message & HMC Blog  (2) Additional Summit Tickets and (10) tickets to each of the educational seminars  Sponsorship of (1) Seminar
  • 21. Full Year Silver Partnership: $20,000 Exposure  Engagement vs. Speaking  Brochure in Welcome Bag  Top Priority Table in Experience Hall  Program Ad - Page 2  Host Lunch Table - for Speakers  Mention by Conf. Chair  Dedicated Text Message (2)  Opening Keynote Introduction  Website Integration  Dedicated Press Release  Link to sponsor website  Lunch Table Top Sponsorship  Blog on HMC Website (2)* Branding  Registration  Sponsorship ribbons on name tags  Summit Tickets: Regular (8)  Logo on event communication  Seminar Tickets: Regular (10 each)  All Event signage  VIP at HMC Holiday Party  License to use “HMC Partner” logo  Upgrade to Full Year Gold ($25,000) and you also get  Inside front cover full-page ad  (2) Additional Summit Tickets  Featured Moderator Role  Sponsorship of (1) additional Seminar  Highest Priority in experience hall  Category exclusivity  Host & Lunch partner for 2 speaker’s table  Supporting role at a Project Denzel  (1) Additional Dedicated Text Message event*** must fit in editorial calendar** helps in the facilitation- must put volunteer on HMC
  • 22. Full Year Gold Partnership: $25,000 Exposure Engagement vs. Speaking   Brochure in Welcome Bag  Highest Priority Table in the Experience  Program Ad - Inside Front Hall  Host (2) Lunch Tables - for Speakers  Mention by Conf. Chair  Dedicated Text Message (3)  Moderator Role  Website Integration  Dedicated Press Release  Link to sponsor website  Lunch Table Top Sponsorship  Blog on HMC Website (2)* Branding  Registration  Sponsorship ribbons on name tags  Summit Tickets: Regular (10) (color coded to sponsorship level)  Seminar Tickets: Regular (10 each)  Logo on event communication (e.g.  VIP at HMC Holiday Party website, e-mail)  Strategic  All Event signage  Supporting Role with Project Denzel**  License to use “HMC Partner” logo  Sponsorship of Seminars (2)  Category Exclusivity* must fit in editorial calendar** helps in the facilitation - must put volunteer on HMC
  • 23. Partnership Option Table FULLYEAR Bronze Silver Gold Silver Gold $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000Exposure Brochure in Welcome Bag √ √ √ √ √ Program Advertisement 1/ 4 page 1/ 2 page Full page 2nd Page Inside Front M ention by Conference Chair √ √ √ √ √ Speaker Introduction/ M oderat ion 1 Speaker 2 Speakers Keynote C lo s e Keynote Op e n Moderator Press Release Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated Lunch Table Top Sponsorship √ √ √ √Branding Sponsor ribbon on name t ags √ √ √ √ √ Logo on web, email communication √ √ √ √ √ Logo on event signage √ √ √ √ √ License to use "HMC Partner" logo √ √ √ √Engagement vs. S peaking Engagement in Experience Hall Normal Normal Priorit y Top Priority Top Priority Host Lunch Table & Dis cussion 1 2 Spkr Spkr(2) Dedicated t ext message 1 2 3Website Integration Link to Sponsor w ebs ite √ √ √ √ √ Blog on HMC website* 1 1 2 2Registrat ion Summit Ticket s 2 4 6 8 10 Seminar Ticket s 0/ 0 0/ 0 0/ 0 10/ 10 10/ 10 VIP at HM CHoliday Part y √ √ √ √Strategic Sponsorship of 2013 Seminars (2) 1 2 Supporting Role at Safehouse in 2013* * 1 Cat egory Exclusivit y √ * must fit in editorial calendar ** helps in the facilitation- must put volunteer on HMC
  • 24. MobiU2012 CompaniesAllstate Insurance AMD Industries Anthem Marketing Apartments.com AT&T AdWorksAvenue Marketing BlueCross BlueShield Best Buy Burrell Comunications Cars.comCDW Cengage Learning Chicago AMA Chicago Midventures MagazineCIMA CME Group CMI Display Caldwell Banker CollectiveCramer-Krasselt Critical Mass DDB Worldwide Deloitte Digital DraftFCBDigital Megaphone Digitas Dun & Bradstreet Edelman Digital EncyclopaediaBritannica ESPN GGP GfK DMI GMR MarketingMotorola Mobility Gyro Hipcricket iCrossing NEA/IEAIntercall Kauzu Kimberly-Clark KPMG LassoLevelUp Liberty Creative LimeGreen Loyola University m6dMagid Glove & Safety Marcel Media Microsoft Midwest Real Estate MillerCoorsMobile Anthem Mogreet Netshelter NewsBurner.com NielsenNokia Notre Dame InnovPk Paladin Pandora PepsiCoRhythm New Media RiderDickerson RoboToaster S&C Electric SamplesaintSedgwick Law Selectable Media Shortlist SIM Partners SparkReelStarcom Team Sprint Tech Media Network The Core TravelocityTremor Video Tribune Corp Tribune Digital United AirlinesUniversity of Michigan Verve Mobile Virtual Hires WalgreensValspar YP.comWebDecisions Whirlpool 24
  • 25. MobiU2012 Participant TitlesCreative Director Director of Sales VP Sales - Midwest Chief Results Officerformer VP Digital Business Development Mgr Sr Dir, Strategy & Analytics Dir of Marketing & Bus.DevCreative Director VP, Product Management Content & Community Manager PR and Promotions ManagerDirector, Emerging & Integrated Media National Account Executive Account Executive Account ManagerAccount coordinator Strategist Sr. Analyst Mobile & Emerging Director Digital MarketingSr. Marketing Mgr Mobile App & Digital Strategist Digital Strategist Co-Founder Mobile Solutions ManagerDirector of Midwest Sales Sr Product Manager VP - Marketing, Product & UXPresident Writer & Content Specialist Editor VP of Personnel, BoardDirector, Global Online Strategy Director of Sales & Marketing Realtor ArchitectVP, Management Supervisor UX Lead Sr Mobile Marketing Mgr Experience OfficerVP/Director of Content Strategy Mgr – Technology Strategy Digital & eCommerce Lead Recruiting DirectorDirector of Blogger Relations VP/Director, Marketing Lead User Experience Architect VP/DirectorInformation Mechanic Technology Mgr, Mobile Management Director, Mobile Senior Account ExecutiveSVP/GM of Education SVP/GM, Mobile Dir, Digital Mktg, Email/Mobile Marketing AssistantSVP Sales, North America VP of Mobile Solutions Sr Mgr - Partnership Mgmt Marketing AssociateDirector, Brand Solutions Manager, Business Development DIr of Program Development Communications ManagerEntertainment Marketing Marketing Manager Facilities Administrator Director of MarketingProject Manager Regional Vice President Technology Manager Manager, Digital MarketingCPO - Chief of Product CEO Chicago Marketing Manager Senior Account RepresentativeNetwork Solutions Manager Artist & Designer VP, Business Development StudentMarketing Communications Specialist E-Commerce Marketing Mgr Social Media Expert Senior Account DirectorMarketing Consultant Social Media Strategist Startup Advisor Technical DirectorDirector of Technology Center Director of Special Projects Director of Marketing Comm EntrepreneurOperating Partner/Board Member Sales Director WriterClient Engagement & Change Mgr VP, Media & Advertising AnalyticsSenior Manager, Business Planning and Operations VP Marketing Director, Executive SearchSr. Sales Manager Senior Marketing Manager Marketing Services Consultant 25