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Take a review and learn some more about personal marketing in the automotive sales field. What a great career we can have if we just do some basics with more modern twists added in.

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  • Prospecting in my mind is really Personal Marketing!!
  • Benefits: of prospecting areProfitability - getting the most business possible from those with whom you do business & less obvious –Long term customer referral- This value added strategy is the most profitable, and the makes the most sense If you take the time to build trust and a great relationship it only makes good sense to foster this relationship for long time use. Customers will refer and these new customers are considered extremely warm leads that are easy to sell and build new relationships with
  • Thoughts about Lifetime CustomersYou must do more and try harder to keep your existing customers happy than in trying to get more customers.Repeat and referral business is a way the customer is saying “I like you and value you”. It’s a give and take that nurtures a healthy relationship.Why does follow-up & Prospecting WorkA – No else will take the time, or cares to. There is really no competition when you set yourself apart.B – People love feeling they are appreciated. Letting your customer know you care & Appreciate them and the business they gave you. Its different and they don’t get this elsewhere.C – People like knowing someone in the business. Having knowledge of someone they trust and like in the car business is a unique thing. They will always remember you and tell friends and family.D – Its just good business. Showing you can follow up and do what a professional is suppose to do is just the right thing to do.
  • Why would you not want to Prospect & follow upExcuses:Will miss immediate opportunity on the lot-showroom To much time to get organized and follow through No one will notice or care I will do it later
  • Reality about prospecting Fear of rejection No Discipline to get started and do it No goals beyond today Really don’t know how Don’t see and understand the value
  • Put your contact info on promotional itemsDon’t be afraid to be a little weirdSend off beat pictures of yourself, have them waiting for the next thing you might do or come up withThey may let you know how much they enjoy that type of thing and you begin looking forward to it
  • Put your contact info on promotional itemsDon’t be afraid to be a little weirdSend off beat pictures of yourself, have them waiting for the next thing you might do or come up withThey may let you know how much they enjoy that type of thing and you begin looking forward to it
  • Be totally diff from the salespeople at the other dealerships or even yours
  • Lets make a difference
  • Automotive Sales Personal Marketing

    1. 1. DOSSETT AUTOMOTIVE<br />Success is Your Business<br />
    2. 2. Personal<br />Automotive<br />MARKETING<br />
    3. 3. Marketing and Expanding your Influence<br />Get Personal<br />
    4. 4. First<br />Have the right Mindset<br />Be Positive<br /> Believe you will succeed<br />Be Optimistic<br /> Look for the best in people and expect good things to happen<br />Don’t believe in luck<br /> Success is the result of discipline<br />
    5. 5. Keep your funnel full of prospects<br />If you are not keeping in front of Prospects and previous customers you are wasting time and energy.<br /> And that’s what prospecting is all about- Action & Energy.<br />You must continue to:<br /><ul><li>add to your circle of influence
    6. 6. widen your net to find customers
    7. 7. Have customers referred to you
    8. 8. Keep in front of your existing herd</li></li></ul><li>Most obvious ways to find Prospects are:<br />Individuals on the lot<br />Service Customers<br />Orphan Owners<br />INTERNET LEADS<br />Phone Ups<br />Family & Friends<br />Social Media activities<br />I Sell Cars!!<br />
    9. 9. Long Term Value building Marketing<br />Marketing not only means getting in touch with new prospects to put in your funnel.<br />It means:<br /><ul><li>Keeping in touch with your existing Customers
    10. 10. Continually building Long Term Value Relationships</li></ul>You must always strive to have a Balance of:<br />Prospects who are being Converted to First Time Customers<br />First Time Customers who are being Converted to Lifetime Customers<br />
    11. 11. Benefits of Marketing<br />Profitability - getting the most business possible from those with whom you secure business<br />Long term customer referrals- <br />This value added strategy is the most profitable, and the makes the most sense<br />& Less Obvious<br />
    12. 12. Keeping in touch and in front of people<br /> You must have a Goal of being the point of contact for a new vehicle purchase. <br />You constantly need to let people know that:<br />You are the go to person for their next new vehicle!! <br />Or they WILL FORGET!<br />Stay in Touch<br /><ul><li>Develop a standard system to organize data
    13. 13. Store it for quick retrieval
    14. 14. Create a digital reminder to stay in touch
    15. 15. Use emails, Links, letters, industry updates, etc</li></li></ul><li>Specific Ways to keep in touch or in front of Prospects<br />Business cards<br /> Newsletters<br /> Service reminders<br /> Referral reminders<br /> Mailers<br /> CRM Email hellos<br /> Email Marketing<br /> Social Media<br />Give them a way to say “Hey I&apos;m ready to buy”<br />
    16. 16. Specific Ways to keep in touch or in front of Prospects cont……..<br />Voice messaging<br /> Referral Programs<br /> VIP Memberships<br /> RSS Feeders<br /> Text Messages<br /> Video Email<br />Give them a way to say “Hey I&apos;m ready to buy”<br />
    17. 17. Customer Retention<br /> It’s your Choice!<br />When you have a relationship that develops into a sale you have two choices after the sale:<br />To have a :<br />Shallow Relationship <br /> Result:<br /> Continual infusion of New Prospects – top of funnel<br /> Putting in too many hours<br /> Stress<br />Deep Relationships<br /> Result:<br />Repeat Business<br /> Less Stress<br /> Less prospects need to go into the funnel<br />
    18. 18. Lifetime monetary value of a Customer<br />As an Ultimate salesperson you must understand the long term value of having a customer for life.<br />This will have a dramatic impact on your sales business and the rewards you will have as a salesperson.<br />How much is a Value Driven High trust Ultimate Salesperson relationship worth?<br />Lets take a Look!!<br />
    19. 19. a) Average Vehicle sales amount $22,000<br />b) Number of sales every three years per buyer 1<br />c) Revenue per year (a /3) $7330<br />d) Customer life cycle 20 years<br />e) Customer cycle Value $140,660<br />Indirect Referred business by happy customers<br />f) Customer refers 10 people (e x 10) $1,406,600<br />g) Referral Revenue @ 25% (2.5 out of 10) $351,650<br />Total Value of a Customer ( G + E ) $492,310<br /> (1 customer & 2.5 referrals)<br />
    20. 20. Thoughts about Lifetime Customers<br />Why does Follow-up Marketing work!<br />People love to feel like they are appreciated<br />No one else will take the time – or Cares!<br />Customers like having a contact in the business<br />It’s just good business!!<br />
    21. 21. Why would you not want to Prospect & follow-up<br />The Excuses<br /><ul><li> Will miss Lot-Up
    22. 22. Takes too much Time
    23. 23. No one will notice or Care
    24. 24. I will do it later</li></li></ul><li>Salesperson&apos;s Reality about Marketing<br /> Fear of rejection<br /> No Discipline to get started and do it<br /> No goals beyond today<br /> Really don’t know how<br /> Don’t see and understand the value<br />
    25. 25. Marketing – Long Term Satisfaction<br /> Lets take a look at the difference this can make:<br />Relying on new BusinessMaintaining your herd<br /> Looking for new drive in ups Making appt for repeat customer<br /> New clients are income Existing customers are income<br /> Rely on dealership marketing No marketing needed- no time<br /> More hours need to be worked Less hours worked<br /> High stress, new relationships Less stress, already known<br /> Play within the rules Make your own rules<br />Keep your Herd of Customers YOURS!<br />
    26. 26. Let your customer know the Value you find in them as your Customer:<br />Let them know how much you appreciate them<br />Show them you are willing to invest time in them<br /> Let them have special access to you<br />Keep them up to date with constant follow up<br />
    27. 27. Example of Marketing Schedule<br />1 Email per month<br />1 Video Email every 90 days<br />1 personal call every 90 days<br />Personal Visit every 6 months<br />Newsletter every month<br />Info articles every 2 months<br />Service or User Clinics, reminder by mail<br />Customer appreciation night or Event<br />
    28. 28. Example of Marketing Schedule<br />Mail gift coupons Quarterly<br />Promotional items, pens, scrapers, cups<br />Seasonal Cards<br />Customer’s Birthday<br />Super Bowl Sunday<br />Anniversary<br />Halloween<br />Create your own special day (vehicle birthday)<br />
    29. 29. Example of Relationship Activities<br />Send a picture of you and your family <br />Personal letters that are signed and personalized<br />Send info articles that are personal Branding<br />Send a personal CD with a thank you<br />Send a DVD with a Video Thank you<br />Send a Link to your personal website<br />Send an invite to your Dealership facebook page<br />Send a video hello!<br />Send a link to your YouTube channel<br />
    30. 30. Example of Daily Activities<br />Daily<br />4 Postcards<br />10-30 Phone Calls<br />Blog posting<br />Add to your YouTube channel<br />Facebook post<br />Add a business contact to your Linked-In account<br />Make a How-To video to add to your website or YouTube channel<br />1 Personal Visit<br />Write a few lines for your next email article<br />Send a fax to a company you work with<br />Visit a Company and give info on products<br />Send an invite to your Dealership Community site<br />
    31. 31. Very Important<br />Use Humor in your message<br />Use pictures, Video<br />Be you, don’t be perfect<br />Act like a celebrity<br />Take advantage of all the media<br />Don’t get generic<br />Don’t be boring<br />
    32. 32. Wendell Dossett<br />317-946-4912<br /><br />Education<br />Seminars<br />Marketing<br />15 years Automotive<br />7 Years Training<br />DOSSETT AUTOMOTIVE<br />