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Welovroi Presentation (EN)
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Welovroi Presentation (EN)


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These are some of the keypoints by which large companies, agencies, startups and consultants have chosen Welovroi to improve their ROI.

These are some of the keypoints by which large companies, agencies, startups and consultants have chosen Welovroi to improve their ROI.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Making marketers happy. A marketing intelligence application to monitor, measure and evaluate the ROI in Digital Marketing.
  • 2. Choose your goals and anticipate the results to improve your digital marketing ROI. In just one second you will can answer the question, How is my Campaign going?. Audit all your digital strategies by the incredible Campaigns & Goals functionality. Easy and fast; defined when start and finish your Campaign. Enter your goals for your metrics and discover what will be the optimal way to achieve them. Welovroi in a automatic way, will show if you are fulfilling or not in order to anticipate to the results and can make decisions now, not tomorrow. Choose your goals and anticipate the results to improve your digital marketing ROI. LIVE VIEW
  • 3. Example - Campaign Dashboard
  • 4. Total percentage of each goal. This metric shows in one second if you achieve all the goals of the current cam In BLUE are the goals which are going reached, and in RED Welovroi anticipa goals will not be reached. GREEN: Goals which are going to be reachedRED: Goals will not going to be reached This metric helps you to know the percentage of total of compliance with the campaign. Red color indicates that the total goals are not being met, and will need to react and modify the strategy to achieve the goal set in your campaign. Total percentage of ea goal. Percentage of Campaign.
  • 5. Save time every day looking in your dashboards all the metrics and KPIs from Google Analytics, SEM, SEO to Social Media, that matter to you. Detects trends, correct actions and monitor what is going on, creating multiple dashboards that you can share with your team. Do not have time? Activate your email notification, a summary of all your dashboards which is sended every Monday and the first of each month. In an easy way, access to your data through the mail and make decisions with all the information you need. Monitor all your digital marketing and its evolution in a single elegant and attractive platform. LIVE VIEW
  • 6. Example - General Dashboard.
  • 7. Example - Social Media Dashboard
  • 8. Example - Add Kpis
  • 9. In a few clicks you can, monitor your competitors to find out their level of SEO, how many mentions they have on Twitter or how many people talk about them on Facebook, for example. Welovroi helps you to know every day how well you're doing in digital marketing in comparison with your rivals, so you will able to react to your competitors and improve your strategies. You'll be amazed how easy it is to study your competitors by our Benchmark dashboard templates and the dynamic Benchmark Rankings. Spy your competition, discover what they are doing and compare your results against them. LIVE VIEW
  • 10. Example - Benchmark Dashboard.
  • 11. Example - Twitter Benchmark Dashboard.
  • 12. Forget export and import data in Excel, copy and paste screenshots of images and spend long hours building your reports with your whole digital strategy. Welovroi puts in your hands all the power and flexibility to build fully customizable reports in few minutes. Develops reports of your goals of campaigns of SEM, SEO, Social Media, Benchmarks, etc ... your reports are few clicks away. Defines the temporal range, type of graphs, when want receive it in your email in a recurrently way. Welovroi keep all reports in PDF and CSV so you can always access them. Save hours developing reports with all the metrics you need with just "Drag and Drop". Download Report LIVE VIEW
  • 13. Example - Developing Reports.
  • 14. DOWNLOAD REPORT Example - Report.
  • 15. Collaborate with your colleagues, clients or customers in digital marketing has never been easier. With Welovroi you will able to share your metrics, dashboards, campaigns, goals and reports and maintain your entire team informed whenever you want. In Welovroi you can manage “user & permissions” of your projects which will allow you to decide who can access to the all information. Work with your team and share your whole digital marketing information.
  • 16. Example - User & permissions edition.
  • 17. With Welovroi you can save and consolidate all your digital marketing with 10 different applications and more than 200 metrics. All you need to monitor and evaluate the performance of your digital marketing in one tool. Coming soon you will be able to integrate data import CSV as your sales, offline marketing results and other digital sources. Also in Welovroi we works for you creating new Special KPIs through mathematical operations among different metrics.  You will have a new KPIs such as Total Audience in Social Media, Weighted Cost of Social Media, Conversion Rate, etc. Connect all your digital strategy and have all your metrics in just one click away. Applications LIVE VIEW
  • 18. Find out how your television campaign GRPs have influence on mentions and the use of hashtag in Twitter, in your website traffic, in the video sharing of Youtube and the viral reach in Facebook. Or you can also add, for example, the sales and results of product vouchers to have all them grouped in a single dashboard and find out tendencies and metrics of Social Media, SEM and Google Analytics. Using Welovroi you will be able to incorporate any data provider by means of CSV files in a very easy and fast manner. It is a standard that allows you to import sales metrics, off media, call centers, adservers, CRM, semantic monitoring and so… Therefore you will have all your marketing on the same updated platform, always available in dashboards, reports or like goals in Welovroi. All Your Online & Offline Marketing Just By Clicking. Import CSV.
  • 19. Available applications in Welovroi.
  • 20. Discover now all you can do for your digital marketing accessing to the Welovroi online demo. VIEW THE LIVE DEMO
  • 21. +34 911 863 537 Paseo de la Habana 151 28036 Madrid +34 928 200 912 Las Palmas de G. C. Muelle pesquero s/n. Edificio Frisu 1 35008 Islas Canarias Kurfürstendamm 179 10707 Berlin +49 307 476 280 Berlín Making marketers happy.