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Wellsports | Wellness as engagement
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Wellsports | Wellness as engagement



Wellsports is a mission to keep the nation with the highest number of youth in the world younger, fitter and healthier to contribute positively to the national growth. The entire effort is focused on ...

Wellsports is a mission to keep the nation with the highest number of youth in the world younger, fitter and healthier to contribute positively to the national growth. The entire effort is focused on incorporating wellness as a constructive “People Engagement” program in corporate and real world. Wellness as engagement is the most positive and constructive program to improve business and individual health, emotional connect and brand loyalty within employees.



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Wellsports | Wellness as engagement Wellsports | Wellness as engagement Presentation Transcript

  • Employee
  • Wellness
    • philosophy of life
    • healthy balance among the body, mind and spirit to create a
    feeling of well being
    • ever evolving process of growth and change in life.
  • Dimensions of Wellness
    • physical
    • psychological
    • spiritual
    • emotional
    • occupational
    • social
    • environmental
    ability to develop and maintain a healthy quality of life
    a well-balanced, relaxed state of mind
    ability to establish harmony and peace in your life
    ability to understand yourself & effectively cope with the challenges
    getting personal satisfaction from your job or chosen career field
    power to connect with and relate to other people
    ability to recognize or realize your own responsibility towards the quality of water, land and air
  • Lets face some facts
    2%of the capital spent on workforce is lost to disability,
    absenteeism &
    arising from onlyfrom chronic diseases & equalamountis lost in direct medical cost
  • Lets face some facts
    The projected foregone national income for India due to heart disease, stroke and diabetes during the period 2005 – 2015 is estimated to be more than $200 billion.
  • Lets face some facts
    India’s loss in terms of losing potentiallyproductive years due to deaths from cardiovascular diseases in people aged between 35-64 years is one of the highest
    in the world. By 2030, the loss is expected to rise to 17.9 million years which is
    940% more than the loss estimated in the USA
  • Lets face some facts
    Between 2000 – 2030, India is likely to experience more deaths of people in the
    age group of 35-64 than USA, China and Russia.
  • Lets face some facts
    As Globalization and urbanization converge in India to make chronic disease a significant problem, the corporate sector needs to take a close look at effective
    Workplace Wellness Programmes to tackle the situation along with the Government
  • Employer Objectives driving wellness
  • Health Issues driving wellness strategy
  • Cost burden of chronic disease
  • Barriers to Wellness
    …as per employee’s perspective…
    • Lack of time
    • Feelings of being over burdened
    • Low health literacy levels
    • Cultural or Logistical issues
    • Inability to understand the value of preventive services
  • Wellsports
  • Wellsports Magic
    Our Methodology – 5 imperatives
    Senior Leadership involvement in wellness initiatives
    People participation &
    Strategies to make it self driven as DNA of organization
    Sustainable supportive infrastructure to plan, implement, track
  • Wellsports Magic
    Wellness is about cultural change in the organization brought by connected workforce motivating each other…
    A powerful & innovative way to change behavior by peer to peer networking, collaboration , support & motivation
    • Groups, Events, Discussions, Blogs, Profiles
  • Wellsports Magic
    Healthy Competition
    Wellness is about people… people ready to challenge or take one…
    Drive your inner self by facing any challenge or participating in competitions.
    • Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Exercise, Mind Games
  • Wellsports Magic
    Right tools
    Wellness is about knowledge… give them the right tools and they will start using it…
    Information, guidelines about various wellness aspects including prevention & cure of various diseases
    • Healthy Living Guidelines, Personalized Diet & Fitness Plans, Wellness Center, Health
  • Wellsports Magic
    Act & Participate
    Wellness is about action… Give them the ground and they will play…
    Corporate leagues and championships, workshops on & off premises for employees to participate & engage.
    • Outdoor & Indoor Games, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Weight & Stress Management,
    Special Women Programs
  • Wellsports Magic
    Know your body
    Ignorance is bliss… but knowledge is power… power to change
    Access health risk of all employees and organization as a whole to focus, plan and reduce direct (medical insurance) & indirect(absenteeism, productivity loss) health costs.
    • Personal Wellness Profile™ Personal Health Record, Health Age, Family Tree
  • Wellsports Magic
    Preventive Assistance
    With a balanced lifestyle you will never need it… still, when the need arises..
    • On premise doctor, wellness corner, doctor on call for second opinion,
    ambulance and other customized solutions for your employees.
  • Wellsports Magic
    Wise Advice
    Anything which can make you unhappy should be addressed
    • Legal and financial advisory services for individuals to address their complete
  • Wellsports Magic
    Adoption & Re-enforcement
    Send right message at right time to sustain momentum and motivation…
    • Internal marketing of all wellness related initiatives & services through our
    innovative online and offline campaign & contests
    • Health tracker and updation of current health status using latest communication technology
  • Wellsports Magic
    Motivation is very significant… do not forget it
    • Maximize the ROI. Give freedom to employees to choose what they want.
    Give away a Reward Card - EARN™ (powered by Visa in collaboration with
    ICICI Bank)
  • Wellsports Magic
    Brand Connect
    Building connection to bond and recall
    • Showcasing organisational initiatives on Wellness using multiple Social Media platforms to create buzz and brand recall
    • Targeting the existing employees and aspirants for a Healthy work association
  • Wellsports Magic
    Social Wellness
    You are only as well as your society… bridging CSR, employees and society…
    • Engage with the society. Play with special kids, connect with orphanage. Give hope of touch to lonely elders
    • Community connect is a huge social wellness factor. People feel good when they feel they are doing their bit for society, in whatever small way.
  • spa@workplace
  • Contact: manish@wellsports.in | 91 9971392805
    What is life
    without living?