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  • 1. CSAS:Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences Recommended Weed and Feed
  • 2. Recommended Weeding972.81BEC The ancient Maya Beck, B. 1983970.0 ANT Antilles 1992972.01AZT Aztecs: reign of blood & splendor 1992972.8MAR Central America and Panama Markun, P. 1983972 MAR Chronicles of the Maya Kings and Queens 2000972 HOR Cortes and the Aztec Conquest 1965
  • 3. 972.86 COL Costa Rica Colesberry, A. 1993972 CHE El Salvador: country in crisis Cheney, G. A. 1982972 DIA The fall of the Aztecs Diaz del Castillo, B. 1965972 ALB The Horizon concise history of Mexico 1973VC 972.95 IMA Imagenes De Puerto Rico 1996VC 972.9 ISL Islands of the Caribbean – 1990 Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic972.08 WER Land and liberty: the Mexican Revolution Werstein, I. 1971972 SHA Look what we’ve brought you from Mexico Shalant, P. 1992
  • 4. 972.81 The Magnificent Maya 1993972 VON Maya: land of the turkey and deer Von Hagen, V 1960VC 972 MAY Maya 1996972 STE Mexico Stein, R. 1984972 EPS Mexico Epstein, S. 1983972.08 MEX Mexico 1985972 PAR Mexico Parker, E. 1996972 REI Mexico Reilly, M. 1991972 HAR Montezuma and the Aztecs Harris, N. 1986
  • 5. VC 972.87 PAN Panama: exploring the Panama Canal 1995972.8 CHE Revolution in Central America Cheney, G. 1984VC 972 RUT The Ruta Maya Experience 1995VC 972.95 San San Juan – National Historic Site 1995972.9 JAC The Tainos: the people who welcomed Columbus Jacobs, F. 1992972.91 ARC Thorn in our flesh: Castro’s Cuba Archer, J 1970
  • 6. Recommended Feeding972 Ancient Mexico Stein, R. 20122004 Ancient Mexico Cultural Traditions In the Land of the Feathered Serpent Lathrop, J.P. 2004972 Aztec, Inca, & Maya Baquedano, E. 2011972 The Aztecs Smith, M.E. 2003972 The Aztecs of Central Mexico: an imperial society Berdan, F-T 2005
  • 7. 386 The big ditch: how America took, built, ran, and ultimately gave away the Panama Canal Maurer, N. 2011972 A brief history of Mexico Foster, L.V. 2010972.9 The Caribbean islands: Hernandes, R. 2009 facts & figures330.97 Castro’s Cuba 2004972.93 Columbus’s outpost among the Tainos: Spain and America at La Isabela, Deagan, K. 2002 1493-1498972.86 Culture and customs of Costa Rica Helmuth, C. 2000
  • 8. 972.81 Daily life in Maya Civilization Sharer, R.J. 2009972 Mexico: a primary source cultural guide Cobb, A. B. 2004972.95 Puerto Rico in pictures Tagliagerro, L 2004