Physiotherapy jobs in adelaide


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Our mission at Wellness & Lifestyles Australia is to improve the quality of elderly people’s lives. We believe in a holistic ‘wellness’ approach for our clients and giving ‘lifestyle’ choices to our therapists. Being a W&L customer means you receive the highest level of care from our experienced, enthusiastic team of therapists with unprecedented support from our team at head office. Being part of the W&L team of therapists means having the flexibility and support to develop a work lifestyle that you want.

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Physiotherapy jobs in adelaide

  1. 1. WELLNESS & LIFESTYLES AUSTRALIAAt Wellness & Lifestyles Australia (W&L) you’ll find nothing less than the very best in mobile health care.Established in 2003, we soon became SA’s number one provider of quality mobile physiotherapists, podiatrists,dietitians, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and more!Our reputation has allowed us to grow into Victoria and the Northern Territory. Our professional team of alliedhealth professionals is all experienced in aged care and are the best at what they do. They are led by ourexceptional team leaders and therapy managers who provide training, perform inductions and quality managesour services.Our mobile therapists will visit you in your aged care facility, hospital or your home and provide you with industryleading service. Health Care ManagersLet us save you time, money and risk, by having us manage your on-site therapy needs. Our accreditation,testimonials and proven track record indicate you won’t find a better service anywhere.We are the market leaders in the provision of mobile allied health services in South Australia. Our core business isaged-focused allied health services.It is our vision to become the benchmark for aged care therapy services in Australia, supplying ‘best in class’services that surpass needs. Why use Wellness & Lifestyles Australia?  We are a South Australian based, owned and operated company.  All our therapists are experienced and trained in aged care.  We guarantee to respond to your requests for allied health services within 24 hours.  We guarantee that if there is a problem at a particular site a Wellness & Lifestyles Manager will be onsite within 2 hours.  We are strongly committed to providing high quality service to all our new and existing customers.  Our mission at Wellness & Lifestyles Australia is to improve the quality of elderly people’s lives. We provide onsite, affordable allied health services to facilities and clients across South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory. Call us on (08) 8331 3000 or email us and find out more about how we can help you!
  2. 2. are provided so that a person would be able toAchieving Wellness overcome the disability.through 6. In cases wherein recovery is no longerPhysiotherapy possible, patients are served by assisting them in making the most out of their remaining function. Psychological support is also provided.Having a well and healthy life does not end inbeing free from sickness and disease. It is also How can you find competent physiotherapists?about getting the chance to be able to moveand function at your highest potential. This 1. Ask your family and friends if they havearticle talks about the basic things that you referrals on physiotherapists or physiotherapyneed to know about physiotherapy. clinics that they are aware of. Working with those that they are familiar with allows you toWhat is this kind of therapy all about? get some feedback regarding the quality of services.1. Physiotherapy is focused on helping personsachieve wellness by promoting physical activity 2. You may also search the World Wide Web orand effective mobility. This field is based on a your local telephone book’s yellow pages forsolid scientific foundation and offers a holistic professionals near you.approach that could be offered by licensed andqualified physiotherapists. 3. Review their credentials to find out if they are licensed by your state. This ascertains that2. It has preventive, restorative, and they have completed all the necessaryrehabilitative functions. educational and training requirements required.3. When it comes to being preventive, it aims to 4. Pick the ones who have had at least a year ofhelp a person prevent injuries, diseases, and experience. This gives you a sense of confidencedisabilities. For example, a fit athlete may hire regarding the way they deal with differentone in order to find out about the most clients.effective ways of executing exercises. A workingwoman may also ask help about the best 5. Seek a medical clearance from your doctorstretching motions in order to prevent lower regarding the suitable kinds of therapeuticback pain from her new desk job. approaches for your condition. It helps if your physician and physiotherapist could collaborate4. In terms of restoration, it can help patients with each other.recover from mobility problems brought aboutby acute or chronic conditions. They are given A physiotherapist can definitely help you attaintreatment programs and regimens that could your optimum health and wellness. See to itallow them to regain their functions. that you choose the one whom you could be comfortable with. Do not be afraid to5. On the subject of rehabilitation, the goal is to communicate your own health goals so that anbring a patient back to his productive and effective and more personalized therapeuticindependent state after acquiring problems that regimen could be planned.cause disabilities. Various therapeutic exercises Call us on (08) 8331 3000 or email us and find out more about how we can help you!
  3. 3. getting more in demand. Their skills are really needed in every hospital and care center.Main Office This type of profession seems to be very challenging but if you are dedicated enough to2/59 Fullarton Road, KENT TOWN SA 5067 pursue then you overcome the behind it. They will not be a hindrance to those who are passionate to become a care giver someday. This is actually an ideal career to those who are skillful in providing proper treatment to the patients. Giving a fastBe a Physiotherapist medical support to those who need it is aAssistant If You Have priceless service that one can do.the Passion to Help When you decide to choose this job, you have to be mentally and physically prepared becausePatients you will be dealing tough situations that need urgent assistance. You should deal with it in aAre you still confused on what type of career professional way. Keep in mind that youryou are going to take? It is not that difficult to services by the patients who were injured in anselect a certain course if you know what you accident or in an illness. It is important that youlove to do. You can read books about career are licensed and has the experience to do yourselection to help you decide on what kind of obligation. Implementing a plan of care is whatcareer that you should pursuit. In this article, you need to focus on.assisting and showing care to sick people will be A physiotherapist job is the one responsible indiscussed so if you feel that you enjoy working providing proper treatment for the patientsin a hospital or in a nursing home then you who urgently need it. This is such a crucial taskmust think about taking a nursing course or a that helps patients regain their mobility.medical staff. If you are good in giving Disabled individuals really depend on themotivation or inspiration to others and help professional staff who have the expertise to thisthem recover physically, then you can be a kind of work.physiotherapist assistant.Individuals who have the heart to serve patientsthat are sick and with physical disabilitiesshould select this kind of career. They are theones who are suited to this kind of profession. Main OfficeHelping someone gets back on his feet is such a 2/59 Fullarton Road, KENT TOWN SA 5067rewarding task to do. It is one of the mosthonorable and most appreciated jobs today. get sick and old that’s why medical from professional healthcare staff is Call us on (08) 8331 3000 or email us and find out more about how we can help you!
  4. 4. help you attain full body function. There areKnow What some parts of the program that you willPhysiotherapy Can Do need to perform at home. Doing it withoutTo Your Body supervision every morning or at night will result to great improvement. The exercises can be painful for the first few days but youHave you been not feeling well lately due to have to bear with it to see good results.muscle aches? With physiotherapy it willget well. This will work if you will follow the Attend sessions and be on time. Dressing upprescribed treatments. Some may say they is also important. Clothes must be loosefeel better in just five sessions, but it will and comfortable. For women, it isdepend on the severity of the ailment that recommended to put on a sports bra if theyou feel. Also, if a person grows older they back will be exposed. Try to be open withare more prone to have muscle and joint your physiotherapist about the pain or theailments. It will be good to know on what is loss of movement of a specific body part.physiotherapy is all about and what people Discuss this with them so that they will becan benefit from it. aware of what you are feeling. They might redo your program or add some moreMuscles and joints injuries can be healed treatments depending on how your bodythrough physiotherapy. It is mostly acts with pain or with the exercises.concerned with remedying disabilities,impairments and to promote mobility, Improvements will not happen overnight.functionality and quality of life. Treatments There are cases that even after five sessionswill be based diagnosis, examination, there are still no changes in their conditionsintervention by the therapists. They will but muscles will still be strengthened tothen create a program just for their patient increase the chances of mobility and painthat consists of massage, exercises and heat will be at bay. Your lifestyle may need totreatment. These will relieve the pain, treat change. Be conscious of what you eat andthe impairment and to strengthen the try to exercise at least thirty minutes everymuscles. day. Maintain a good posture, do not slouch whenever you are standing or just sitting.The prescribed program particularly the By doing all these, you will expectexercises should be carried out, but some improvement and if the recovery continues,patients tend to forget the importance of it you should appreciate your physiotherapist,which could give a bad credit to and of course yourself for doing a great job.physiotherapy. Those who followed theprogram religiously have experienced reliefin just weeks of rehabilitation. To be fullycured, commitment is the primary factor to Call us on (08) 8331 3000 or email us and find out more about how we can help you!
  5. 5. Main Office2/59 Fullarton Road, KENT TOWN SA Call us on (08) 8331 3000 or email us and find out more about how we can help you!