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Begin your own personal wealth management system. Check out Empower Network. For $25 membership fee you can blog daily and promote your fears about how the Federal government is going down the wrong path. Even blog about anything that you feel others will be interested in. Your blogs will be seen by thousands of folks similar in your beliefs, and can respond with a membership to your team.

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Empowernetwork.com fiscal cliff-of_affiliate_marketing_grim_and_grimmer(1)

  1. 1. Fiscal Cliff of affiliate marketing: Grim and Grimmer?http://www.empowernetwork.com/wellcraft3/blog/fiscal- cliff- of- affiliate- marketing- grim- and- grimmer?id=wellcraft3 December 6, 2012The good news is, they started talkingabout the fiscal cliff. Is it too late?The good news: They finally started talking againabout the fiscal cliff.The bad news: The talks went nowhere. Maybe evenbackwards.After a week-long hiatus, talks between senior aidesto the president and the speaker of the House resumed this afternoon. White House LegislativeDirector Rob Nabors met top Boehner aides Mike Summers and Bret Loper, but the meetingconcluded with no discernible signs of progress and, if anything, a hardening of positions.According to sources familiar with the meeting, Nabors reiterated two key White House demands:1) higher tax rates on the wealthy must be included in any deal; and, 2) a deal must also include apermanent extension of the debt ceiling.Nabors indicated no willingness to go any further on limiting the growth of entitlement spending,the sources said.Without further spending cuts, Boehner’s aides made it clear they are unwilling to makeconcessions on tax rates and a White House proposal that Congress cede some control overraising the nation’s debt ceiling is a non-starter.And so it goes. One step closer to the fiscal cliff.Original post found at:http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/12/fiscal-cliff-grim-and-grimmer/So we read the news about the impending f iscal clif f …that most of us are not quite sure what the ramifications of this are, and how it will affect our dailylives.We need not look to awfully deep into this situation to understand what exactly is happening inour world today. When you spend more than you take in, you have your own little fiscal cliff.Charge up those credit cards, buy an automobile on lease, second mortgage your house paymentand take extended vacations on credit cards, and it’s not hard to create your own little fiscal cliffwhen you are spending more than you make.So let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment and take a look at how our government andpoliticians budget their money.This local newspaper article in Chicago today pretty much explains it all about fiscal cliff..Det roit Polit ician Demands Bailout Because Cit y Support ed Obama
  2. 2. Quid pro quo: something given or received for something else; also, a deal.A few weeks ago, I wrote about how FDR’s state bailouts caused greedyand dishonest competition for government dollars. As it turned out, thestates that needed the money most were not the ones that got it. Thestates that got the cash were the states that FDR needed to win re-election. And so it goes even today.As Detroit goes bankrupt, city councilwoman JoAnn Watson wants Obama to bail the city out. Shesaid this on Tuesday:“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought tobe a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that…Of course, not just that, but whynot? …After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went toWashington, D.C. He came home with some bacon…That’s what you do.”This thinking is destructive. Watson is openly advocating that because nearly 75 percent of Detroitvoted for Obama, that he should return the “favor” with bailout money. Here’s what’s wrong withthis line of thought:1. Exchanging money for votes is dishonest. Voting for someone so that they will give youfinancial aid in return is criminal; yet just as it happened in the 1930′s, it’s happening today.2. Voting for a presidential candidate simply because you know they will provide you withaid diminishes the presidency. There are numerous issues that should be at the forefront of avoters’ mind beyond “give me more free stuff.”3. This thinking creates a culture of dependency; a culture that is reliant on the government fortheir well-being. Once the majority becomes dependent, we will no longer be the same country.4. The fact that an elected individual would so openly advocate for this kind of behavior isfrightening. It goes to show the depths to which we’ve fallen; that someone this idiotic is in aposition of power.In summary:
  3. 3. JoAnn Watson is everything that is wrong with Liberal thinking. Her line of thought is selfish,irrational, illogical, and ultimately, destructive. Liberals like her don’t think about the long-run; theyonly think about the now. Thinking only about the now means there will be nothing lef t in thelong-run. This situation reminds me of a quote from Einstein: “Thedifference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”The stupidity of JoAnn Watson is just the tip of the iceberg. There aremany politicians that equal or outmatch her. We need to watch verycarefully before we cast our votes.This exact way of thinking is exactly what has us on a fiscal cliff with theU.S. government. On a personal level, if we spend more than we are making,we are in deep do-do! So why can’ the government clean house and learnhow to balance their own budget? It may never happen. As the big 47% of the people are on thegovernment dole, and will always vote fore the freebees.But there is a way to counteract this with your own personal well-being. Don’t worry about whatthe federal government might, or might not do for you. Find a way to eliminate the daily fears ofnot having enough cash for day-to-day living expenses, and to progress beyond the fears ofrunning out of money because the feds don’t care about you.Begin your own personal wealth management system. Check out Empower Network. For $25membership fee you can blog daily and promote your fears about how the Federal government isgoing down the wrong path. Even blog about anything that you feel others will be interested in.Your blogs will be seen by thousands of folks similar in your beliefs, and can respond with amembership to your team.TWO MONTHS AGO I didn’t know anything about blogging.TODAY, not only do I know how to blog and have fun writing posts, but also I know how that cangenerate Money. Yes, I can make money blogging and so Can You. Didn’t you know thatEmpower Network pays 100% commissions for blogging? Check out this video , it will show youexactly how You can blog about anyt hing that interests you. Sit back and enjoy watching the$$$ f low int o your bank account . Interesting, isn’t it?Take your f inancial well-being into your own hands, and don’t worry about yourown fiscal cliff. Start blogging today…and make money. Remove that negativef eeling about your own f iscal clif f .”Try Not To Buy”Take advantage of this awesome package as long as this special offer goes for.P.S.Only after one short year, our co-founders, David Wood, and Dave Sharp made the cover of“Home Business” magazine for their outstanding contributions to online, Affiliate Marketingbusiness, Empower Network. They are recognized as leaders in this industry for their innovative,successful home-based business design having brought thousands of people into a successfulonline marketing businesses.
  4. 4. I think this speaks for itself. “Try Not To Buy.”If you are still questionable about joining our team of successful entrepreneurs, check out theintroductory video by CLICKING HERE or on the banner above, or to the right.affiliate marketing, blogging, empower network, empower network reviews, empower networkscam, empower network viral blogging system, empower 100 percent, empowernetwork.com,internet marketing tools, marketing strategies, multilevel marketing, MLM
  5. 5. About The Author: wellcraf t3Graduate of the University of Washington (Huskies) and still watch every Husky gameevery Saturday. Retired owner of a Graphic Design firm looking for a little extra cashwith Empower Network. Living in Everett, WA and love to boat, fish, play golf, tennisand bowl. Two daughters have graduated from college... one living near LA, CA and one studying inNew York to achieve her Masters in International Relations.