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BT saves £37m p.a on travel costs, saved £238m in one year through conferencing
and Flexible working = 20% productivity improvement

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BT Sustainability

  1. 1. BT Sustainability Dinah McLeod Head of BTGS Sustainability Practice
  2. 2. Showcasing our sustainable business offerings Economic Improvement Sustainable Business • BT saves £37m p.a on travel costs • BT has signed largest ever green energy • BT saved £238m in one year contract through conferencing • BT has set 80% carbon reduction by 2016 • Flexible working = 20% productivity • BT award-winning supply chain improvement programme • Reduced BT’s CO2 emissions by 58% (’96-’06) BT Sustainability Practice Helping you build a sustainable business Networked IT Portfolio • Carbon Impact Assessment helps your • Lowers energy consumption people, buildings, shared services and ICT • Drives out cost reduce CO2 emissions • Improves productivity • Sustainable workforce assessment baseline helps drive productivity • Our experts help you maximise the sustainability returns on your networked IT
  3. 3. The case against: Sustainability in a recession is a waste of time and money! • Potential upfront capital costs: return on investment may be too long • The Economist: almost a third of businesses surveyed expect spending on sustainability to fall as a result of the crisis • Price of oil is way down – some of the cost imperatives are eroding • Sustainability takes senior management time and energy away from the real sustainability issue: whether or not the firm will survive
  4. 4. The case against (cont’d): Risk of Greenwash
  5. 5. The argument for investing in sustainability: Upcoming legislation • 20% by 2020 • The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) • Obama US: – Cleantech Venture Capital Plan – Cap and Trade on Carbon • Copenhagen climate change summit
  6. 6. The argument for sustainability in a recession, cont’d
  7. 7. The argument for sustainability in a recession, cont’d
  8. 8. BT’s sustainability credentials Corporate sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks from economic, environmental and social development BT has been rated as the world’s leading company for sustainability in the telecoms sector for eight consecutive years • Environmental management • Community investment • Climate change • Human rights • Corporate governance • Health and safety • Ethical practices • Diversity • Investor relations • Supply chain • Digital inclusion • Risk management Further Changing mindsets recognition from risk to opportunity of our Company of the year for Impact Embedding concept of on Society Award sustainability sustainability in our Award focuses on achievements business and supply chain responsible business
  9. 9. BT services proven to save money BT's 11,600 homeworkers save the company €104 million a year Flexible and homeworking in accommodation costs 96% of women return to BT after maternity leave compared with a 96%average of 47%, savingto BT UK of women return an additional €7.4m a year Agile staff are 20% more productive: BT has 70,000+ people On average agile staff are 20% more productive enabled to work from home, 11,000 permanently based at home, 5,000 part-time, and 400 job sharers Teleconferencing has eliminated the annual need for over 300,000 Conferencing at BT face-to-face meetings leading to savings of over €38.6m a year Sector Winner 2001 – 2008 Greening Data Centres: We have reduced our 1,500-server data Greening Data Centres servers, saving £600,000 per year" centre down to just over 100
  10. 10. BT Services to help you build a sustainable organisation offering Sustainable Workforcestarts with a carbon assessment help you tackle Part of the solution Assessment: Our HR expertise can absenteeism, stress and retention by assessing root causes and addressing Build a sustainable organisation • Aim is to identify where changes a picture portfolio of off-the-shelf services Building can be made with our Sustainability Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ’06-07 Target customers have high • Based on Regulatory pressure carbon footprint of your fromturnover or absenteeism, staff Productivity strategy limited career development or • Not just power: also peopleground up … the ground up… the and procurement Data Unified Workforce IT Services CRM stress/ low high Reputation Comms reward jobs Centres Pressure on costs Regulatory Assessment Flexible Operational Contact compliance Energy Unified Pressure for Workforce Efficiency Centre Efficiency Communications sustainability Efficiency Improvement One Voice Motivation People Planning Conferencing Laptops, mobile devices, Integrating Lower Carbon personal printers, business travel, Homeshoring Video Network and Hosting and Absenteeism Conferencing commuting … Priorities IT Services (UK only) Storage reduced by Executive Potential Mobility workshop a third Implementation benefits Solutions Survey results Performance footprint to provide a baseline fromreturn 47% … Professional Smart Maternity Low Carbon 98% vs average rate Unified Welfare survey Field Force Initial recommendations Services Customer Managed Infrastructure Procurement Automationwhich (IT Audit) positive action can be taken. Power Interactions Application Services Monitoring Third-party services,Findings, optionshas the experiencenational expertise health hosted BT and 3 times and Office devices, data centre Mental recommendations equipment, print services, equipment, heating, long term average lighting, retirement Qualitative/ Quantitative Assessment transport services … Business caseto help cooling implement a strategy. 80% you … sickness returns down
  11. 11. Go to market