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Lontok Authobiography

  1. 1. Melanie B. Lontok Melanie B. Lontok lives in Sta. Maria Laguna. Her birthday is on July 14, 1992. Her zodiac sign is cancer and she is belonging to the year of the monkey. She is the youngest and the only one girl of the three siblings of her parents. She is a right-handed and has a brown hair. She is a happy person which you can talk to and a shoulder to cry on when you have a problem. She is sincerely interested in your happiness and well being. She likes reading books about history and she loves playing chess. Her father is Efren G. Lontok and her mother is Lolita B. Lontok. She has two brothers; they were Eref Bien B. Lontok and Rodelo B.Lontok. Her brothers were graduated at LSPU. `There were lots of memories that she will never forget during her childhood days. According to her mother, it was evening, their little baby girl named Melanie Lontok, fell of in a nine series of steps in the stairs without knowing of them. It was already five o’clock in the morning, they knew her in the floor, so all of her family were crying because they think that she was death but after a few minutes she was crying, what a miracle happened this to them! By this miracle her family was so very happy because she was still alive. They were all very thankful to God because God give her an opportunity to see the beauty of all creatures made by God.
  2. 2. When she was in elementary, her parents were very happy for her because her parents can easily send her in school because she was not like other children that were crying if their parents were not around. Her teacher in grade one is Mrs. Harina; grade two is Mrs. Pujanes; grade three is Mrs. Libang; grade four is Mrs. Zara; grade five is Mrs. Geronimo; grade six is Mrs. Aguja. Her favorite teacher in elementary is her teacher in grade one, which is Mrs. Harina because this teacher is the first teacher who taught her on how to read and write. She like the way of her teacher teaching even though this teacher was very strict to them. She graduated at Bagong Pook Elementary School on April 03, 2004. She learned more and developed her skills during her high school days because of her teacher and friends. Her adviser on first year is Mrs. Evelyn Arriola which she got the top four of their class. Her adviser on second year is Mrs. Flor Cruzada which she got the top five of their class. Her adviser on third year is Mrs. Nancy Ambrad she don’t have any place but she were still belong to the pilot section. She find her bestfriend named Linafe Bayaborda They call each other best, her bestfriend help her on how to solve her problem on a right way. Her adviser on fourth year is Mrs. Mayra Gie Aliparo; this teacher is her favorite teacher during her high school days even though she and her classmates sometimes have misunderstanding with this teacher. She like this teacher not because of that but because the way of this teacher teaching them. For her, fourth year high school is the most important and memorable part of high school. She graduated at Santa Maria National High School on April 03, 2009.
  3. 3. As of now she is a first year high school student. Her course is Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. She likes this course because she wants to share her knowledge on other people even though she knows that the salary or income of a teacher is not enough for her future family. She likes history because she wants to be updated and she wants to know all about the chronological events happened in the whole world. She also likes memorizing and analyzing. She was also inspired the way her practiced teacher, history major, Mr. Gosos, demonstrate them when she was a first year high school student. At the first day of her school in college her classmate laughed at her because of her cute voice when she introduced herself to her classmate but by that voice she gained more friends. She has a total of twenty nine classmates in their class. She was very talkative but a friendly girl. She gets the numbers of her classmate by writing it on her log book. She got a crush on her classmate named Jerry Reyes but after three days she notices that this guy was not a real boy so her feelings frustrated to him. When a day passed by he knew more friends in other department. Some other guy wanted to court her but she frustrated it because she feels that she was not ready for that kind of relationship or they were not her ideal man. Her ideal man is a guy who is talented in singing and dancing and also good in art and a guy who did not take or use cigarettes. A day come that some of her classmates linked Nickson Valderama to her even though she has no feelings to this person but after a week she notices that she fell in love with this person because she found that he is her ideal man or dream boy but this guy said to her classmates that he will shift into other course, by that news, she become lonely, so as of now she started her feelings to forget that guy, her ideal man.
  4. 4. Life to her means friends and family who you can trust and who trusts you. She pretties much on the happy side of life, but like all teens she has her "days of." That means she has some sad days or depressed days. She has a more friends here that sort of look out for her and when she having a bad day, she has someone here at school to talk to. She make her school days go by thinking of either the next hour or what she will do when she get home or on the weekend. In the year future she will become a good teacher in her students. She will share her knowledge on other people. She will become a good housewife to her husband and also to her future children. She will become a good mother to them. She was planning to have at least three children. She wants to help a person who needs her. As I said in the beginning, she was born here in Laguna and she lived here in her whole life. She would like to see more of the Philippines but unfortunately, she doesn’t have any money to leave to go anywhere right now. I hope you have enjoyed reading her life story as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.