Recipes for yong professionals


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Recipes for young professionals to help them succeed in their carreer and helping them start well their new life.

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Recipes for yong professionals

  1. 1. Recipes For Yong Professionals William El Kaim Lectures at La Rochelle University EL Kaim William
  2. 2. My Objective Make you understand WHY you need a career Path Provide valuable guidelines for some of you and make you aware of important things nobody will generally think of telling you! Entertain the others. Linkedin Blog Twitter Travel 2.0 2
  3. 3. Now Let’s Start Dreaming … and Thinking Forward! Agree, it’s not that easy! EL Kaim William
  4. 4. Question 1: Who is Your Hero ? Why? You do not have one? It’s time to Think … EL Kaim William 4
  5. 5. Question 2: What Made Zuck, Gates, Larry Page Etc Succeed? Let’s brainstorm a while, throw ideas around… They were damn smart (Harvard, Harvard, Stanford) and had at least one hard skill: PROGRAMMING. Lesson 1: invest time to learn one thing well, even if it takes 10000 hrs to be expert in it Lesson 2: don’t think that the big guys just had ONE great idea and that was it. It is not true!! Lots of (hard) skills behind and it’s the same for Steve Jobs, Sean Parker etc. Lesson 3: Software is eating the world, if you do not program be ready to be programmed. EL Kaim William 5
  6. 6. Question 3: What Do You Love To Do The Most? Create content Sell content Entertain EL Kaim William 6
  7. 7. Question 4: What Is Your Ideal Job? Correct answer: one that gives me sufficient money for doing what I love (see above)? EL Kaim William 7
  8. 8. Question 5: What Is Your Value For The Business? A Starter A Grower A Runner? EL Kaim William 8
  9. 9. Other Questions If you already know: What business domain you want to work in? What will be your ideal place to be in 3 years? City, job, friends, etc. EL Kaim William 9
  10. 10. Then some Recipes For Future Young Employees EL Kaim William
  11. 11. Recipes For Future Young Employees Communication Manage your e-reputation since day one Protect your private life by separating business/private life Invest in your LinkedIn profile Beware of social networks and “your friends!” Communicate clearly Use face to face communication Avoid email If you have something to say, say it (Blog, ESN, etc.) do not become frustrated Speak Several languages or learn them English first and learn another language then Know how to Program (JavaScript / Python first) Ask questions (5 Why) to understand, be agile in the org. EL Kaim William 11
  12. 12. Recipes For Future Young Employees Choosing your employer Small is beautiful! Vs. Too Big to fail? Size of companies matter! Ask for a clear Job Description for starting. Then, be agile! Negotiate your salary Money: Fixed and Variable part Health insurance Other: Laptop, mobile phones, travel policy, training, work from home Select and stay in a reduced number of domain areas Business knowledge is long to acquire! Need 10000 hours to become an expert Select your scope carefully City - Country- Regional – International EL Kaim William 12
  13. 13. Recipes For Future Young Employees When Hired Say hello in the morning Take notes during meeting! Fail fast (1 month) or stay long (2 years min) Advancement is not only linked to performance! Social skills are key. Networking is not only on LinkedIn. Manage wisely your budget! Money can be an issue quickly and could make you asking for more money too quickly! File every thing you’ve done (finish) for the team, the project and the company once a week! Celebrate success. Adapt to the “enterprise bio-rhythm” You can disagree with others, but in a corporate way! EL Kaim William 13
  14. 14. Recipes For Future Young Employees Mentoring The world is unfair … accept this! Not every fight is good to make! Listen Steve Jobs Stanford Speech 2005 Listen J.K. Rowling Harvard Speech Manager is not a job, it is a role Train and learn by yourself, but always try to have a mentor in your company, university or business domain EL Kaim William 14
  15. 15. Recipes For Future Young Employees Life Balance Working too much proves that you are not well organized, or that you have too much to do! Solve this quickly. Keep your friends! Force you to go out with them regularly and meet them face to face. Organize also your time for “Nothing to do”. Yes, time for nothing … Take risks before 35 years old or leave with Regrets! EL Kaim William 15
  16. 16. Recipes For Future Young Employees Improving Continuously Never stop learning and training (or you will be outsourced!) You need a mentor, you need tools, you need to be organized. Finding a job is not and end, it’s a beginning. You will have to change your job and train again 4 times in average during your career May be more now … Make small steps often instead of big changes that never happen (or are mandatory and painful) Go to conference or fares or meetup often, stay in contact with the field and the business domain trends Always finish what you start! Or if not possible, move forward. And celebrate … Keep your free will! EL Kaim William 16
  17. 17. Now, It’s up to YOU … Re-imagine The World Zuckerberg, Larry Page, etc. are changing the world … Why? They decided to change the world, they believed in something and wanted to change the world You can do the same … Nothing is impossible, just dream and use technology to make your dreams come true “Stay foolish, stay Hungry” said Steve Jobs Technology is cheap World is flat It’s up to YOU now! And when you will be rich and famous, never forget to give back … EL Kaim William 17