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DMPS EQPD presentation
iPad Integration for Secondary teachers



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  • Animations!Started out with lots asking the first 2 questions. We need to focus on the 2 questions in green. So today…ask those Q’s. Not the first two.
  • Released mid-SeptemberBiggestiOS change since the introduction. UI overhaul. Icons/typefaces/layering/backgrounds/“Flatter” (no wood in the Library, no green felt in game center, leather in calender) “Lighter”
  • Full functionality for studentsAll used to be $5-$10 each
  • 4th generation released in late 2012 (first to have the Lightning connector)
  • Passcode (for your own device)Privacy settings for your own and also student devices.DEMONSTRATE: Settings > Privacy and Settings > Safari
  • Auto-Brightness – meh.Brightness is one of the biggest though.DEMOSTRATE: Brightness slider in Control Panel
  • Step away from the dongle.AppleTV: “show code on screen” “Password Protect”Reflector: contact Connie Broich to order, don’t go off the website.DEMONSTRATE: how to Mirror to Reflector
  • Need a Mac computer! Create your own content, textbooks, interactive resources for students learning on iPads!
  • Introduce Lynn McCartney, AEA
  • DEMONSTRATE: show Matrix. (5 char. Of meaningful learning) (5 levels of tech integration) Show content area links. Show Grade Level Index.
  • PlaySocrative videoPlay Nearpod video
  • DEMOSTRATE: BaiBoard (show all 4 pages options)DEMOSTRATE: Show Rabble Browser videoDEMONSTRATE: iBrainstorm
  • Mention QR code for the presentation.
  • Put timer up on iPad
  • Put timer upon iPad

Dmps eqpd i_padssecondary Dmps eqpd i_padssecondary Presentation Transcript

  • iPAD INTEGRATION FOR SECONDARY EQPD Session October 25, 2013
  • INTRODUCTIONS Jacob Welchans jacob.welchans@dmschools. org Rob Kleinow Lynn rkleinow@heartlandaea.or g McCartney lmccartney@heartlandaea. org
  • AGENDA • iOS7 • break • What does integration look like? • “Tech Crunch” • AEA resources • SAMR model • Integration Ideas –Small group –Large group • Feedback & Eval View slide
  • PURPOSE “What are some great apps?” “How are you improving the student learning experience?” “What are your favorite apps?” “How are you making yourself more effective & efficient?”
  • iOS 7 A quick look at what’s new
  • Multitasking & Force Quit • Double-click home button • No need to press & hold anymore • Swipe right & left –Can still 4-finger swipe • Flick up to force quit
  • Folders • Unlimited number of apps • Scrolling 
  • iWork apps now free… sorta Keynote Numbers Pages iPhoto iMovie All free now on new device purchases
  • AirDrop • Between iOS devices only • “Line of sight” file transfer • No configuration need • Depends on app integration • iPads need to be 4th generation or newer
  • Security • Passcode (alphanumberic instead of 4 digit) • Settings > Safari > Privacy • Settings > Privacy
  • Battery Life • Bluetooth / AirDrop • • • • • • Close apps Delete unneeded apps Limit notifications Location services Brightness Parallax, Dynamic backgrounds
  • Projecting • AppleTV $99, plus HDMI cable & possibly HDMI-VGA converter • Reflector $12 (cheaper in bulk)
  • iBook Author (not iOS7, but still cool) • VPP • AppleID • Enterprise-level MDM
  • INTEGRATION What’s it look like? How do I measure where I’m at?
  • Integration Example Videos Photocards & QR Codes Yes, it was 5th grade, but still… Simple idea (photo card), gallery walk Note taking on paper? Could do gallery walk using a projector. Students created the QR code. Code held correct answer. House Resolution Bill Loved that it was a great project-based lesson that technology just made made better & easier. Allowed students to polish their findings. Taught spreadsheet skills (not in Computer Apps class!)
  • Integration Example Videos Collaboration on Digital Presentations Not revolutionary, but the real-time collaborating is powerful & makes sense.
  • SAMR model
  • Tech Integration Matrix: University of Southern Florida
  • Tech Integration Matrix: Northern Arizona University
  • Kathy Schrock
  • INTEGRATION IDEAS A few categories & suggestions
  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Zoho Survey • Web tool & app • 21 response formats • “If- Then” logic • mentimeter Nearpod Socrative • Web tool • Web tool & app • App • Live results visualized • Auto-grading • Student OR Teacher paced options • Content & assessment • iration-forteachers • h?feature=player_embedded &v=_EoJtCtOhio • Control student activity • http://www.nearpod.c om/how-it-works/
  • COLLABORATION BaiBoard Ask3 • Collaborative • Record whiteboard whiteboard • lessons • Group annotation on • Share with • class images & PDFs • Students comment on it • • Web Sharing! Rabble iBrainstorm Browser • 5 iPad limit Collaborative web browsing • Toss a Post-It Chat/Discussio between n iPads Media sharing •
  • CAPTURE & CREATE Camera • Pictures & Video • • $5 iMovie • Capture & edit video • Produce & publish Pixntell • Take pictures • Add narration • Can add text slides • Publish movie
  • QR CODES • For differentiating • For extending • • • • For ELL Simple to create Simple to scan Can hold a URL or plain text
  • TECH CRUNCH Sharing, Learning, Collaborating
  • TECH CRUNCH SHARE LEARN CREATE • 3 person groups, roughly by subject or role • 15 minutes
  • TECH CRUNCH SHARE LEARN CREATE 15 • What are you doing with your iPad (or other tech)? minutes extending your teaching with • How are you enhancing, it? • How are you using it in your own personal workflow and teaching methods? • Where have you found it fitting in well to the curriculum? • What apps & tools are you finding to be worthwhile?
  • TECH CRUNCH SHARE LEARN CREATE 15 • How could you integrate any of the tools minutes shown today? • How can you collaborating with your team to improve a lesson or unit or teaching practice?
  • TECH CRUNCH GROUPS MATH MATH CTE Leola L Andrew A Robert N Kayla R Eric K Justin G Gitanjali S Kathleen C Jody H Stephanie C
  • TECH CRUNCH GROUPS ELA ELA Amanda D Denine T Kortny W Natalie N Gregory S Jennifer C PE Scott L Jon M Diana R
  • TECH CRUNCH GROUPS World World Multicat Languages Languages Julianne H Kim G Sachiko M Danielle H Karissa G Linda R Amy R Giovanni L Dale V Steve B
  • TECH CRUNCH GROUPS Multicat Danielle T Victor W Nadene W Michelle M Interventionists Jessie M Patricia G Sally B
  • TECH CRUNCH SHARE LEARN CREATE • 5 minutes • Select ONE “best” (or most unique, most widely applicable) practice to share with full group • Get ready to share the “what, how, when, why, who” with the large group.
  • Best of Show! 6b1a6/
  • THE KITE PROJECT Follow or for updates, news & @thekiteproject recognition. Now in Staff Quick Links!