SPOKES 2011-12 Activties/Plans


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  • Proposal to extend the 30km/hr urban speed zone in the central city area of Dunedin. The HIA looked at the effects, both positive and negative, on the following determinants of health and well-being: physical activity, social capital and personal safety. Potential effects were considered for three priority groups: the elderly, youth and the general pedestrian population.
  • May 2010 - Electric Bikes and Safe Cycling in Dunedin
  • 78 tunnels on 36 trails in the USA 2001
  • SPOKES 2011-12 Activties/Plans

    1. 1. 2010,Year in Review
    2. 2. Kennet Brothers
    3. 3.  March – Regional Land Transport Strategy review, ORC Stocktake workshop May – Central Dunedin Speed Restriction Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
    4. 4. For a copy of the full report please email Charlotte Flaherty at cflahert@dcc.govt.nz
    5. 5.  March – Regional Land Transport Strategy review, ORC Stocktake workshop May – Central Dunedin Speed Restriction Health Impact Assessment (HIA) June – Neighbourhood Accessibility Plan for North Dunedin July – Dunedin Cycling Review, Update to 2004 City Cycling Plan (in process) August – Accessible City, Leadership Team on transport (in process) September – Council Candidate survey
    6. 6. •Radish Extracycle•May 2010
    7. 7.  April 29th -The Portland Oregon 2030 Bicycle Plan: How they got there, where they are going", presented by Ellen Vanderslice, Project Manager, from the Portland Bureau of Transportation. http://tinyurl.com/2artgkx
    8. 8.  July 22nd – “Bicycle Boulevards & Neighborhood Greenways” - Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP)http://www.apbp.org/?page=Webinars#recordings
    9. 9.  August 25th – “Attracting the Next 10% of Cyclists with the Right Infrastructure.” IBPI (Portland State) broadcast, presented by Dr. Glen Koorey, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.http://www.cts.pdx.edu/seminars/
    10. 10.  August – Co-sponsored his August visit to Dunedin to talk on: “Paved with gold: the real value of good street design”
    11. 11.  October – “Put me back on my bike,” School of Population Health, Auckland University – Cosponsored with University of Otago
    12. 12. Staff participants: Usual way of travel to Campus Others, 0.5% Cycling, 9% Walking, 18.5% Driving alone, Bus , 6% 51% Sharing a ride, 15% Students participants: Primary mode of transport to Campus Cycling 3% Others Driving alone 1% 8% Sharing a ride 8% Walking•Source: Lorelei Schmitt , Masters 79% BusThesis, Sustainable Campus Transport in 1%Dunedin - 2007
    13. 13.  Maintain a walkable campus with augmented cycling and public transport networks. Encourage the use of cycles through better security and purpose-built storage in new construction.
    14. 14. A trail of two tunnels: From Dunedin to the Taieri• A cycle and walking trail between Dunedin and Mosgiel• Open up Dunedin’s heritage assets• Two old (disused) rail tunnels• The start of the original rail trail• A flat commuting track to open up the South www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    15. 15. What’s the goal? www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    16. 16. Where?www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    17. 17. If we build it they will come!• Tunnels are scary!• Tunnel with lights• Around the roads and rail• Partnerships and Friends• Action plans www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    18. 18. Tunnels are scary!• Tunnels on Trails report• Seen by many as dark & dangerous, illegal activities• 78 tunnels: showed that crime was extremely rare• With good design, valuable assets that encourage use• Lighting, security cameras, and signs of active use www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    19. 19. Tunnel with lights: Caversham• 75% want it lit• Safety for users, against lurkers• Ceiling and/or floor mounted Souillac, France Photos © Dick Martin• Motion activated, to show activity• Chain Hills: like OCRT www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    20. 20. Partnerships and Friends • Linking with other trails Roxburgh Gorge Trail Clutha Gold Trail Harbour Cycleway Tunnels TrailBeaumont to Milton Milton to Mosgiel www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    21. 21. Action plans• Trust formed• Feasibility study June 2010• Funding - NZTA - DCC and ORC Councils - Fundraising www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    22. 22. www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz Tunnel information  Trust information  www.dttt.org.nz  Facebook www.cavershamtunnel.org.nz
    23. 23.  November – Leith campus cycleway ride, Nov. 27th Partner with Campus Student Env Assoc. (SEA) March Webinar – “Creating a world class cycling city: How Portland has become the leading city for cycling in the U.S” - Dr. Eric France, Kaiser Permanente Colorado (pre-recorded, http:// tinyurl.com/2ap3lvt) More Electric Bike publicity Visit from Glen Koorey, Attracting the Next 10% of Cyclists with the Right Infrastructure? Complete 2010 Cycle Strategy Complete Streets training?
    24. 24.  Complete Streets policies direct transportation planners and engineers to consistently design with all users in mind, including drivers, public transportation vehicles users, pedestrians, and bicyclists as well as older people, children, and people with disabilities. http://www.completestreets.org/