cafe parisONLY MORNING(unTIL: 11:00)Coffee & Pastry 23BreakfastSandwichesServed with coffee,juice and vegetablesA Quick Mo...
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Cafe de paris english menu hopefully better


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Cafe de paris english menu hopefully better

  1. 1. cafe parisONLY MORNING(unTIL: 11:00)Coffee & Pastry 23BreakfastSandwichesServed with coffee,juice and vegetablesA Quick Morning 362 eggs of your choiceRehavia Morning 52/982 eggs of your choice, gouda cheese,cream cheese, seasoned labaneh,eggplant spread, olive spread, pickledlemon spread, caramelized pears androquefortHealthy Morning 482 eggs of your choice, quinoa salad withcranberries and assorted greens, tahini,tzfat cheese, fresh fruits, yogurt andwhole-grain breadParis Breakfast 56Hard-boiled egg, baguette, camembertcheese, Sainte Maure cheese, driedcherry tomato raisins, olives, asparagus,aioli, anchovy, pickled lemon,cornichons, pickled baby onionsPoached Eggs 54With spinach in bechamelsauce on toasted breadwith salmon (add 14 NIS)Seared Brioche 56Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, chives,crème fraîcheFrittata 52Eggs, potato and vegetables, withtomato & feta saladFrench Toast 562 eggs placed on croissant withmushrooms in red wineShakshuka 46Eggs and spicy tomato sauceParis BreakfastFor Two 1202 eggs of your choice, selection ofcheeses, Croissant, jam, smoked fish,dips & mimosaOmelet Sandwich 34Homemade aioli, pickles, onion,lettuce and tomatoTrout Sandwich 38Spread of smoked trout, red onion,lettuce and tomatoGreen Cutlet Sandwich 36Goat yogurt, roasted haloumi cheese,spicy tomato tartareAvocado Spread 36Pickled lemon, cornichons, tomatoand lettuceEgg Salad Sandwich 36Aioli, hard-boiled egg, sautéedonions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoHot MakbubaSandwich 38With hard-boiled egg and tahiniCaprese Baguette 42Sliced tomato and mozzarella, pestospread and basilFish Cutlet Baguette 56Crushed tomatoes, pickled lemonspread and tahini with fried potatosCafé Paris Salad 54Hearts of romaines lettuce , baked potatoes,smoked tuna, endive, semi hard boiled egg,Parmesan cheese and caesar dressingChunky Salad 44Tomatoes, carrot, kohlrabi, radish,cucumber, red onion, on toasted bread witholives and feta cheeseQuinoa Salad 48With roasted vegetables salsa, fresh spinach,hot chickpeas, and tzfat cheeseBeet And Roquefort Salad 52Selected greens, hot roasted beets andcaramelized onions, crumbled Roquefortcheese and sweet almondsStir-Fried Salad 56Selected greens, stir-fried sweet potato witha mix of nuts and a spicy syrup with friedhaloumi cheesePickled Vegetable Salad 46Pickled root vegetables and sunflower seedsServed with a side saladChoice of: Baguette, whole-wheat Ciabatta,Kasten Bread, whole-wheat Kasten breadSmoked Mozzarella 44Kasten bread, smoked mozzarella with a fried eggMozzarella 40Kasten bread, mozzarella, black olives,tomato and basilCheese & Salmon 48Ciabatta bread, an assortment of cheeses andsmoked salmonMushroom 46Ciabatta bread, stir-fried mushrooms, Sainte Maurecheese and chestnutsRoasted Eggplant 44Ciabatta bread, roasted tomato, feta cheese,Parmesan cheese, fresh zaatarToastopen ToastServed with a side saladSaladsZucchini filled withcheeses 32Homemade quiche 38served with a side saladHomemade french fries 28Eggplant moussaka 62Sliced eggplant, cheese and roastedtomatoesSardines 28Pickled sardines, an assortment ofpickles & french baguetteEggplant with tahini &tomatoes 28Neither here nor thereFishball 68In tomato sauce with hot peppersand chickpeasFish & Chips 66White fish with french fries andmushy peasFish Of The DayAsk the waiterFishSoup of the daySoupsSpinach Ravioli 58Roasted cherry tomato sauce, basiland garlic confitSalmon Fettuccini 62Cream sauce, smoked salmon, gratedlemon zest and chivesMushroom And CreamGnocchi 56With roasted caramelized nutsBell Pasta 56Zucchini, spinach, peas, asparagus,green beans, roasted tomato &parmesanSweet Potato And ChestnutsCannelloni 62With creamed roquefort sauceTomato Lasagne 60An assortment of cheese, pasta leaves& roasted tomatoesPastaBread basket 14Butter and spreadFrench baguette 18Butter and two spreadsButter toasted baguette 24Served with jamBreadMacaron (1 pc) 5Choice of flavorsSweet French Toast 26With caramelized fruit andcrème fraîcheMuesli 26Selection of fresh fruit,creme fraiche and maple syrupPancakes 32Crème fraîche and maple syrupBread Pudding 32Croissant 16Cookies 12SweetsServed with bread and butterChoice of dressing: honey vinaigrette,classic Thousand Island, garlic olive oil