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Enterprise portal value considerations
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Enterprise portal value considerations

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An enterprise portal best practice document - aimed at business rather than IT professionals.

An enterprise portal best practice document - aimed at business rather than IT professionals.

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  • 1. WHITEPAPER Enterprise Portals: Designing for business rather than product feature– June 2013 © 2013
  • 2. OVERVIEW Agile is a cloud technology consultancy that provides design and implementation services for cloud technologies. This deck provides considerations in terms of: • How to design and govern an enterprise portal from a business rather than technology perspective • What the key value pillars are • Some UX and design recommendations ← ©→ 2013
  • 3. VALUE PILLARS Enterprise portals help achieve business value through: • Streamlining Processes • Improve decision making * • Build and retain intellectual capital • Increase employee engagement • Open Communication • Unlock Innovation * Typically when used in conjunction with business intelligence or decision support solution ← ©→ 2013
  • 4. ALIGN BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Understand your business objectives and ensure you: • Align portal initiative with your business (unit) strategy • Determine the value drivers e.g. Improve efficiency, reduce head count • Understand the behaviours that you are attempting to drive ← ©→ 2013
  • 5. LINK OBJECTIVES WITH USER When designing portal, end users are the ones that will drive the value, be sure to: • Understand What is in it for them? WIFT? • Include desired behaviours in their performance review • Link portal to your corporate culture • Make it intuitive (get design help, don’t leave this to the techies) ← ©→ 2013
  • 6. ASSESS YOUR MATURITY How digital minded is your organisation? Be sure to understand phase your implementations to gradually introduce more functionality. ← ©→ 2013
  • 7. CHANGE RULES FOR TOOLS CONTENT MANAGEMENT Wikis, Blogs Micro messaging, team tools ← Clear Owners Formal Management Web Content (Intranet, Newsletters) Less control / rules User Owned Formal Content (Records and Docs) COLLABORATION Communities of Practice Ideation Platform Work Groups Informal Networks ©→ 2013
  • 8. MANAGE ENVIRONMENT • Keep governance rules simple to understand • Align with existing frameworks, portals do not work in isolation • Develop handbook for collaboration • Provide coaching for key influencers ← ©→ 2013
  • 9. DESIGN RECOMMENDATION • Make actionable – ensure designs are created that provide actionable paths • Make process oriented – craft solution along the logical process steps rather than down functional silos. • Remove alternative practices – make portal solution part of the process. ← ©→ 2013
  • 10. DESIGN (CONT) • Align business and individual goals – Portals succeed when business goals are related to individual objectives • Start simple to build confidence – look at interaction frequency and develop elegant interfaces • Facilitate rather than control, adoption is key driver in deriving value from portal assets • Organise – develop a simple governance framework upfront ← ©→ 2013
  • 11. KEY TAKEAWAYS • • • • • ← Ensure clear achievable business objectives are defined Make portal useful, relevant, viable Inculcate in work practices Measure impact Appoint a user experience custodian ©→ 2013
  • 12. MORE INFORMATION? We provide innovative IT solutions to business challenges. The new economy demands faster, more agile capabilities, whilst ensuring that every rand spent has a return on its investment. ADDRESS 35 Church Street Stellenbosch, 7600 CONTACT Warren Eiserman tel: 0218139684 WEB www.agile.co.za warrene@agile.co.za ← © 2013