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Journey of a Grain of Sand
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Journey of a Grain of Sand


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story about the rock cycle

story about the rock cycle

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  • 1. Journey of a Grain of Sand By Edy Sand And Ethan Guthrie
  • 2. Part 1: The Opening
  • 3. Part 1: The TextHi, Im Edy. Today, Ill tell you the story of how I came to be. Its a very long story. So sit back, relax, and sip on your coffee, because were going back.... way, way back!
  • 4. Part 2: The Opening `
  • 5. Part 2: The TextA long time ago, I was in the mountains. I was a granite, young, on the cliff. As I was sitting there, some dumb plant started growing inside me. I started to crack... and break... until I was broken so much, I was a pair of cheap earbuds. Slowly, the wind took me to the river. I then went into the river. I had made my entrance.
  • 6. Part 3: The Opening
  • 7. Part 3: The TextI started to move. I started to think,” Does anyone have a radar gun? Im going really fast!” But as I was saying, I was as small as an ant! I was tired as I rounded the floodplain. I was going crazy as I went by the oxbow lake.Then slowly, I went into the Delta, and then it happened. I got stuck on none other than................... a sandbar.
  • 8. Part 4: The Opening
  • 9. Part 4: The TextYeah, the sandbar is a usual suspect of trapping people like me. The sandbar was just starting to develop, luckily. So I was just sitting there, then rush!, some guy sat on me! Crush! Someone else sat on me! Crush! Its my buddy Joe! Crush! Im starting to get used to this. It was like this for a long time, so I got comfy. We were crushed like pieces of paper in a shredder!
  • 10. Part 5: The Opening
  • 11. Part 5: The TextYes, we can fast forward over the next million Crushes. So we were sitting there when Woo! I felt a jolt.Woo! We moved!And thats why Im Edy Sand today!
  • 12. Part 6
  • 13. Part 6Well, thanks for reading my story!
  • 14. Copyright