Marketing to Baby Boomers Through Meaningful Online Engagement


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This was presented by David Weigelt, partner and marketing strategist for Immersion Active, to members of the International Mature Marketing Network. In this webinar, Weigelt explores the title concept of the book, meaningful online engagement, which is a new, proprietary definition of online engagement specific to boomer consumers.

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  • Marketing to Baby Boomers Through Meaningful Online Engagement

    1. 1. Marketing to Baby Boomers through Meaningful Online Engagement Presented by David Weigelt Chief Marketing Strategist and Partner of Immersion Active
    2. 2. It’s about programs— not ads.
    3. 3. Healing is about helping customers process their lives . The 21 st Century Paradigm: Marketers as Healers
    4. 4. Two Historic Events Changing Society’s Zeitgeist <ul><ul><li>For the first time in history, the majority of the population is over 40. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>The Internet has changed society in the same way the Gutenberg printer changed society, except it did it 10 times faster. </li></ul></ul>
    5. 5. The Crisis in Mass Marketing Recent Trends in Productivity Costs
    6. 6. “ Not all that can be counted counts and not all that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein The beauty and the bane of online marketing
    7. 7. Problem: We’re focusing on the wrong thing.
    8. 8. The Seasons of Life Spring Initial Personal Development 0 - 22 + Play (Learning) Fantasy mode : Dei ex machina – everything will generally work out in my favor Summer Social/ Vocational Development 18+ - 40+ Work (Becoming Somebody) Romantic mode : Heroic – the world is my oyster; I can make anything work my way Fall Inner Self/ Spiritual Development 38+ - 60+ Life Balance (Search for Meaning) Reality mode: Disappointment – not as good as I thought; who am I? What’s my life purpose? Winter Becoming One with All 58+ ? Reconciliation (Making Sense of Life) Ironic mode : Acceptance – there’s some good in every bad, some bad in every good – c’est la vie!
    9. 9. Making an Emotional Connection
    10. 10. Gaining “Landing Rights”
    11. 11. Beyond media plans People Places Things Intensity of exchange Topic Need Engagement cluster
    12. 12. Relationship Motivate behavior that seeks social, organizational and spiritual connections Adaptation Motivate behavior that promotes progress in knowledge and skill development Energy Motivate behavior that promotes health, well-being and functionality Identity Motivate self-preservation behavior (physiological, psychological and social) Purpose Motivate behavior that validates and gives meaning to life Wolfe’s Core Needs
    13. 13. Engagement Scorecard Measure your MOE at: What makes for meaningful online engagement with Boomers? How can I get a sense for how successful my campaign might be with boomers?
    14. 14. Inspire influence Contact: David Weigelt [email_address] Immersion Active 301-631-9277