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  1. 1. ThesisStatements
  2. 2. It is typically one sentence; however, sometimes youmay need more than one sentence.It states the main idea or argument of your essay.It lets your reader know what to expect.It is the basis for your entire essay.It is the most important part of your essay.It is awesome (kinda).
  3. 3. What does a thesis statement do?A thesis statement… provides the point you want to prove. Presents your argument in a concise form. gives the structure your essay will follow. can provide the opposite point of view.
  4. 4. Are there different types of thesis statements? Open vs. ClosedAn Open Thesis does not contain the body points. i.e. Everyone should drive a hybrid car.A Closed Thesis includes the body points. i.e. Everyone should drive a hybrid car because theypollute less, they get better mileage, and they help reducegasoline costs.
  5. 5. Your thesis is the foundation of your essay The entire essay attempts to prove that your thesis is correct. Constantly refer back to your thesis to make sure that your essay is staying on track If you used a Closed Thesis, your body paragraphs should cover one of the points mentioned in your thesis. Your body paragraphs should go in the same order asthe points they cover were mentioned in the thesis.
  6. 6. How do I write a thesisstatement?
  7. 7. Just as E = mc²… Subject + Opinion = Thesis
  8. 8. Simple or Complex?A beginning THESIS STATEMENT: A is B. A better THESIS STATEMENT: A is B because of x, y, and z A more complex THESIS STATEMENT: Although C is D, A is B because of x, y, and z.
  9. 9. Thesis FormulaAlthough gasoline-powered cars are popularpeople should ________ , drive hybrid carsbecause cut down on pollution they _,_____________ they save you money on gas,and owners receive special tax breaks hybrid_______________________.
  10. 10. most politicians support ongoing funding for the DEA Although _________________________________________________, counter argument (opposite of your opinion) the war on drugs is a travesty of justice _________________________ + __________________________ Subject Opinion sentencing laws are discriminatory more prisons than colleges are builtbecause _____________________________, _____________________________, reason 1 reason 2and addition is treated as a crime rather than a disease._________________________________________ reason 3
  11. 11. Thesis FormulaAlthough many people remain , ________ the gov’t should fund research on skeptical bigfootbecause _____. compelling evidence suggests it exists
  12. 12. Simple or Complex? Examples:BASIC THESIS (just alright!): Communitycolleges are an important part of California’seducational system.MORE COMPLEX THESIS (much better!):Community colleges are an important part ofCalifornia’s educational system because theyare a more cost-effective way to attain a degree,classes are smaller, and they prepare studentsfor the demands of University life.
  13. 13. Simple or Complex? Examples:VERY COMPLEX THESIS (perfect!!): Althoughmany students want to go straight from highschool to a four-year university, communitycolleges are an important part of California’seducational system because they are a morecost-effective way to attain a degree, classes aresmaller than at most four-year universities, andthey prepare students for the demands ofUniversity life.
  14. 14. A Few ExamplesWEAK The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain in 1876. Some people think that The Adventures of TomWEAK Sawyer is Mark Twain’s best novel.STRONG The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is Mark Twain’s best novel. Although some scholars argue that Huckleberry Finn is Twain’s crowning achievement, the Adventures of TomSTRONGER Sawyer is Mark Twain’s best novel because of its use of satire, imagery, and symbolism.
  15. 15. Once all necessary and relevantbackground knowledge is stated, itis typically then that a thesisstatement can be declared in thelast sentence of theintroduction paragraph.
  16. 16. Try it!
  17. 17. PromptsWhat do you believe are the benefits of daily exercise?Are online courses better than traditional course? Why or whynot?Do you believe that television has more of a negative orpositive impact on society? Why or why not?What age do you think is more appropriate for someone to beable to get their driver’s license, and why?What do you think should be the main priorities for California’sbudget?Should marijuana be legalized in CA?
  18. 18. The Five Paragraph EssayAlthough dangerous martial arts beneficial because they teach discipline, patience,and character.
  19. 19. The Five Paragraph EssayIn defense of the 5 paragraph essayIll Effects of the Five Paragraph theme The length of your essay—the number of paragraphs, the sentences in each paragraph, etc—depends on the audience. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that essays should only be five paragraphs long. Even if you list three points in your thesis, you may need 20 paragraphs to explain those three points.
  20. 20. Strategies for Introductions Controversial statement Rhetorical Question Story or anecdote Startling statistic Statement of popular opinion that is contradicted or shown to be untrue Comparison or analogy Rhetorical Devices: poetic, repetition, anticipation, emphasis
  21. 21. IntroductionsScan some website, news sites, blogs, etc., and lookfor an article with an engaging introduction.What makes it engaging? Why do you want to readit?
  22. 22. Individual WorkExercise:Try it!
  23. 23. Group WorkExercise:Write the first few sentences ofan introduction using rhetoricaldevice(s).Topic: What would you changeabout Valley College?
  24. 24. Where Does the THESIS STATEMENT Go?
  25. 25. Strategies for ConclusionAristotle, in The Rhetoric, tells us a good writershould do this in the conclusion: "make theaudience well-disposed towards ourselves and ill-disposed to our opponent." Go beyond restating and/or summarizing. One way to achieve this is to explain the benefits if the audience accepts our view. Its a good opportunity to make inferences or predictions. Ask the audience to consider what would happen if they don’t accept our point of view. Make a connection to society in general, the bigger picture, the human condition.