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Teck wei content Teck wei content Presentation Transcript

  • INTRODUCTION This is a coffee table booklet created by an architecture student from Taylors University Lakeside Campus. The aim of creating this project is to learn about the history of development of eastern and western culture through literature researches on a certain theme or place in interest thus producing a final coffee table booklet recording the learning outcomes. The main topic of this particular booklet is about the modern coffee culture in Malaysia where you will find out different styles of modern coffee culture grown in Malaysia. The caffeine attack! i
  • Moder n Coffee Culture in Malaysia Malaysia’s coffee culture can be traced back to 1800s where locals have a sip of ‚kopi-o‛ while having some toasts and half-boiled eggs in a kopitiam. While the culture of kopitiam is still firmly rooted in Malaysia, the coffee culture here had already taken a big step forward in past 15 years. Now, people don’t only enjoy their coffee in the kopitiam whereas in some modernized and westernized coffee shops. The booming of home-grown franchises and gourmet outlets serving everything from ‘Italian-style’ coffee to intriguing specialty coffees, brewed with beans from every corner of the world had truly became a trend. People would spend ten or more bucks just to enjoy these freshly brewed beans, having a pleasure noon tea-break time. A wise Italian man once said, coffee should never be drunk alone. While there’s caffeine attack! pride to be gained The great personal ii in making a great ‘cuppa’, coffee houses are still the epitome View slide
  • 1. Th e TABLE OF CONTENT Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 2. Coffee Chemistry. 3. 4. Coffea Coffee. Cosans Coffee. The caffeine attack! iii View slide
  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Type-The corporate type/ franchise Location-ss15, Subang Jaya Coffee, Tea, or ME? 1 The caffeine attack!
  • Seats for some Dine in customers. The Counter. The space of the first floor. The caffeine attack! 2
  • 3 The space of second floor. The caffeine attack!
  • Artwork on the wall to create uniqueness Coffee themed pictures Decorations on the wall as a design. The caffeine attack! 4
  • Pancake, scrambled eggs and sausages. 5 Scrambled eggs, toast, sausages and salads. English breakfasts are also available in the menu. The caffeine attack!
  • A combination of breakfast with a cuppa freshly brewed black coffee makes a great The caffeine a day. start forattack! 6
  • Custom cups and hot flask Special dutch choco & vanilla coffee cups & cold flask Different products from themselves brings your taste bud back to them. 7 The caffeine attack!
  • Acrylic Capsule Display Kaldi The caffeine attack! 8
  • Coffee Chemistry signature Type-The cafe type Location-First Subang SS15, Subang Jaya What comes after the mixture of carbon, oxygen, fluorine and iron? 9 The caffeine attack!
  • The design of ceiling with hanging decorations. The design of ceiling with hanging decorations. Separation of certain area’s giving customers a more personal moment. Dreamy lighting creates a more comfortable environment. The Spaces of the café. The caffeine attack! 10
  • Magazines, newspapers and a variety of puzzles and games for some quality time. 11 Personal space designed for even more relaxing activities. The caffeine attack!
  • Grilled Salmon, you don’t have to taste to tell its delicious. A coffee is not as simple as you thought, its alive! What about a Seafood Spaghetti carbonara as a delightful lunch? Skilled, both barista and the chef. The caffeine attack! 12
  • Coffea Coffee Type-The Homegrown franchise type Location-ss15, Subang Jaya We make Real Coffee, You enjoy Real Coffee. Cup of Excellence. 13 The caffeine attack!
  • The Space And Design The caffeine attack! 14
  • The wall and the lightings. 15 The caffeine attack!
  • Too much coffee? Why not having some green tea & Mango Yogurt? Cup of Excellence. The caffeine attack! Specially made coffee cup with their Logo. 16
  • Cosans Coffee Type-The old house type Location-ss15, Subang Jaya Believe in Great coffee! 17 The caffeine attack!
  • An old styled design attracts people who seeks for memorial throwback. There’s never a A country style side problem finding us in yard which drags the middle of attention of nowhere. The caffeine attack! passanger. 18
  • Simple wood furniture creates an old and unique environment for a sip of coffee. 19 The caffeine attack!
  • A sip of freshly brewed coffee while working. A special spot at the corner makes a great spot for dreamers. The caffeine attack! Making orders at the counter. 20
  • Having clear water after coffee refreshes your mind. 21 Kept in tide, and clearly listed. The caffeine attack! Cosans own packaged coffee beans.
  • The end
  • ‚Coffee is a language in itself‛ – Jackie Chan Design/produced by:Cheah Teck Wei 0315215 FNBE