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  • 1. FNBE0413 CHEAH TECK WEI 0315215 PSYC0103 17th December 2013 Today's lecture is about "attractiveness and close relationships". The outline of this lecture is what causes attraction, close relationships, love and relationships and ending intimate relationships. Throughout the lecture I have learnt the facts that can bring people together. Firstly, proximity is the key. Proximity is the distance between people such as do they live or work close to each other? There's an experiment that actually proven this, the experiment of domity. The experiment shows that how easy that people from different room get together in the different floor. It is really a quite an interesting experiment. Based on my own experience, people from same school, university tend to get together easier compared to people from different school because they can meet each other often and have more interactions. This also involves the fact "Familiarity". Familiarity is the repeated exposure to an object results in greater attraction to that object, in simple, we tend to be friends with someone which is from the same secondary school as us when we are in the same university although we don't know each other before that. The last fact is the "Similarity". Similarity is the common thing we have in each other. For example, my friend, Jason and I, has a common hobby that brings us together which is playing computer game. The similarity can be hobby, attitude and taught. People who have a similarity in attitude also tend to be together as they think that people that are similar to them will like them too. Three of these facts really gave me a strike on my mind that explains the things which is happening in my daily life such as friends starting a relationship, breaking up and so on. It was a great lesson the learnt and I am sure it will be useful for the future of my life. 1|Page
  • 2. FNBE0413 CHEAH TECK WEI 0315215 PSYC0103 10th December 2013 In social psychology, we learn about things happening around us. Today, we had learnt about conformity and group behaviour. Understanding conformity is easy by carrying out an experiment from Soloman Asch. The experiment is showing a line comparing with three lines with different length and one of it is obviously correct, then the whole class would be told that telling that one of the wrong answer is correct instead of the correct one when someone go out from the class. So the experiment starts, the people comes in and Ms. Pang starts asking which was the correct answer, everyone but that particular person which don’t know the plan answers the wrong one. He started feeling weird and wondering but he still thinks that his answer was right. But then later other classmates tells him that he’s wrong, he started to doubt and finally he chooses the wrong one even he think it’s wrong. Hence, conformity is yielding to others which is when most of the people do something even it was wrong, some individual would follow even they think they’re wrong to join the group, it’s somehow like peer pressure for example when everyone has a phone, you tend to have a phone too. Besides conformity, group behaviour is another main topic in this lecture. As in our course, group assignments were common and we always have to form groups to complete different assignments. In a group of few people, works can be done faster and also slower sometimes because of various reasons. In this topic, I had learnt the behaviour in group that influences the others such as “the Bystander effect”, “group productivity and group size” and “Social loading – reduction of effort”. The Bystander effect was the effect when people are less likely to help when they are in groups than when alone. This behaviour could lead to reduction of efficiency as it took more time for a work to be done. Other than that, group productivity and group size could also lead to reduction in efficiency caused by lack of coordination. Lastly, when there were more people, some people would blend to the crowd and do nothing in ease as well as reducing work effort. All of these problems could actually solved by choosing proper member with good personalities such as hardworking and choosing a right person which has a good leadership. In addition, grouping also has some benefits such as increasing in productivity, solving complicated logic problem faster and also completing work faster. 2|Page
  • 3. FNBE0413 CHEAH TECK WEI 0315215 PSYC0103 In this topic, I had understood the reasons that may reduce the productivity of a group and how to solve it. It was really useful as I may go through many assignment in groups with different peoples. 3|Page