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Much More to Sydney than the Opera House!
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Much More to Sydney than the Opera House!


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Find out about Singaporeans living in Sydney and a host of attractions Sydney has to offer! First published on 19 Feb in the Today news, Singapore.

Find out about Singaporeans living in Sydney and a host of attractions Sydney has to offer! First published on 19 Feb in the Today news, Singapore.

Published in: Travel
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  • 1. February 19 - 20, 2011a publication oF
  • 2. weekend today February 19 - 20, 2011 t2 t2 weekend today February 19 - 20, 2011 t3Hugh Memories are made of thisand meHow I met Mr Right — Or why I’ll always have a soft spot for Sydney Christopher Toh breakfast. Now, that’s a parade. We also did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb that trip, and our guide decided to turn comedian on us. “Did you know that the Sydney Harbourthat’s Mr Wolverine to you Bridge has two times the number I AM completely guilty of a travel of rivets on the Eiffel Tower?” sheMay Seah crime: When visiting a place I’ve asked. “So it’s twice as riveting!” been to before, I always end up Ba-da-bum! comparing the experience to my And the food! So manyI HAVE to say, I have a pretty cool job. son. (Mel Gibson, previous trip instead of focusing on memories, so many calories: As a features writer, I encounter who?) a new adventure. Sure, it might annoy Fish and chips in Manly, lobsterinteresting and/or famous people every I’m not usually my vacation companions but, hey, you carpaccio (so fresh I swear I sawday. Sometimes, I even get to jet set a groupie. But ask any travel your way and I’ll travel mine. its legs kick) in an Italian restaurantacross the world to meet them. As such, woman — or, for that And so it happened when somewhere along Liverpool Street,my Facebook photos are full of trophy matter, any man — and I returned to Sydney last dinner theatre on a boat where amoments: Lounging brazenly in Sheldon’s they’ll likely tell you that Hugh November. My wife and I were tenor would burst into somethingspot on the set of The Big Bang Theory, Jackman is in a class of his own. Yen Yok recounting our first trip to from Turandot as we sipped our creamhanging with the Deadliest Catch guys in Never mind that he sings, the Australian city together of mushroom soup.Seattle, and perching on the shoulders of a dances, acts and produces. Never more than a decade ago. Which is why I was more than acouple of choice Chippendale dancers. mind that he is Wolverine. Never mind Back then, we weren’t little bummed out when, while in Sydney The photo that has received the most that he has a list of awards longer than married yet, we stayed with the family one time, my auntcomments by far — many in the vein of my arm. His real appeal can be explained out way too late, and suggested that we look for Chinese“How do I apply for your job?” — is the in terms of evolutionary biology: Hugh we did impulsive things food. Mind you, we’d just landed notone of me meeting Mr Right. Jackman is an old-school manly-man. like deciding to fly to an hour ago. (She also insisted on It was everything I thought it would Women want to date him because Melbourne — when we wearing heels when visiting thebe. But don’t tell Hugh Jackman’s wife — I he’s tall, handsome and has proven were supposed to get on Blue Mountains.)don’t think she knows yet. himself desirable by being in a committed a plane back to Singapore. Speaking of the Mind you, we didn’t meet marriage to the same woman for 15 years nice. He had no entourage or assistant, no Now, on this particular Blue Mountains, myserendipitously at a lonely bus stop when and raising two children. Men want to be forced smarmy-charm, and no pretensions. trip, we were travelling son came up to mewe were both holding the same Gabriel him because he’s tall, handsome and has He was the biggest star I’d ever met, but with two kids and a conga the other day and spoutedGarcia Marquez book. The fact of the biceps the size of melons. SHE SAID by far the most personable. line of luggage. It was a little less this gem: “Did you knowmatter was that I had to travel all the way And speaking of melons, Hugh was My interview session with him was impulsive and a tad more stick-to- the Blue Mountains areto Sydney, Australia, in search of Hugh. in fine form that day in Sydney. To play the very last one in a long day of meet- the-itinerary-we-laboured-over- called the Blue MountainsNot that he was aware of it.Yes, it was a Wolverine, a strict regimen of 4am gym the-fans-and-print-online-radio-television- to-suit-their-tastes. because from afar theybit of a one-sided romance but still rather workouts, cold showers and egg white press sessions. And Hugh answered all the Still, I was wondering if look blue?”epic, I’d like to think. shakes had made his shoulders and arms On top of questions affably, making little jokes while Sydney would strike a chord No, I didn’t, I said, Back in April 2009, the movie even more massive than usual. He made all that his eyes twinkled into mine. with the boys as it had with where did you learnX-Men Origins:Wolverine was about to be his grand entrance hanging out of a much-ness, Which brings us back to that Facebook me. It’s the Australian city that?released, and a publicity event was held on chopper and waving to the screaming fans photo. It features the (one-time, but I’ve been to the most, seeing “Uncle MauriceCockatoo Island, in the middle of Sydney below, then landed at the top of the quarry Hugh was who’s counting?) Sexiest Man Alive smiling as most of the family on my told me when we were goingHarbour, because many of the movie’s and ziplined down to solid ground — all also really, charmingly into the camera — and me, mother’s side — and my son’s there,” he replied.scenes had been filmed there, as well as in the while clad in a polo shirt that looked grinning, a whole head-and-a-half shorter. godparents (and really good I know it doesn’t soundother Sydney locales. like it was about to bust its seams (in a really nice. And that is how there came to be friends) — live there, so it’s only like much, but the fact that my The island, accessible by boat, has good way), sexy black leather, matching a moment, immortalised in digital pixels natural that some of my most son remembered some fact likean old quarry and a number of historic stubble, and his trademark easy smile. for all posterity, of me and Hugh Jackman memorable, erm, memories, are set that from two months ago is abuildings including a former shipyard and Whatever it is in the Sydney water with our arms around each other, on a in Sydney. bit of an event. And it made mea prison, which is now a UNESCO World that produces such specimens — it beautiful island in Sydney Harbour. My first trip there presented me smile. (I Googled — he’s right. It’sHeritage site. The venue was also chosen should be bottled and declared a national It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got with the best gift a boy could wish for: got something to do with incomingbecause the movie’s star, 43-year-old treasure. to do it. His first encounter with full frontal ultraviolet radiation being scattered byJackman himself, was born and raised in Here’s the kicker: On top of all that nudity of the female form. And it wasn’t particles within the atmosphere creatingSydney, and is now arguably its favourite much-ness, Hugh was also really, really The writer is a features reporter at Today. in some stuffy museum either. We were Faizal a blue-greyish colour to distant objects.) at the beach (I can’t recall which) and my And even this time we didn’t stay cousin had told me there was something out way too late, or get hammered with cool to be found at the other end. it turns into the happiest place on earth strange Irish men, or see naked women Curious, I followed him and — voila! — after Disneyland. for the first time (it is an event that, we were in the nudist section, where my My wife and I were there to cover unfortunately, cannot be recreated), or eyes feasted on a host of specimens of HE SAID the event and somehow we ended up even spend as much time as we would the human body as nature had intended. standing with an extremely friendly Irish have liked — we were at the Blue Naturally, the first thing I did was contingent, who invited us to share in Mountains for a total of 15 minutes. run and tell my mother (“Mum, mum, their picnic — of beer and Guinness. As my wife said, we did meet up with mum — guess what I saw!”), who in Not wanting to offend them amazing people whom we love, and turn told my uncle, who in turn beat my The food! by refusing their offer, we imbibed. who love our boys. Everyone enjoyed cousin, who in turn beat me. So many Everything after that is a bit of a blur, themselves — and that’s trumps being Many years later, I found myself memories, really. I remember fireworks. I remember beaten up by my cousin any time. at my first Sydney Mardi Gras parade. everybody hugging each other. I Oxford Street is known for its retail so many remember Cher’s voice blasting through The writer is the deputy features scene and bars, but come every February, calories. the speakers. And then it was time for editor at Today.
  • 3. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T4 weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T5Tetsuya talking I’ve met incredible people who helped me to get to where I am today. In some ways, Waku Ghin is similar to how it was when I first started Tetsuya’s in 1989 when it only sat about 36 people. is always a serious issue. I’d like more staff and, more importantly, people with passion. Skills can be taught. “Once things are more settled here, I’d like to send some staff in Waku Ghin to the culture. It will be good for them to experience it. “I’m not looking to expand. I just want to focus on Waku Ghin so that it can operate smoothly even if my eyes are “Hospitality is an important and worthy profession. I want people to be proud to work in this industry. The restaurant business is a people’s business — you have to enjoy beingTetsuya’s made him a accuracy of that old truism:You can tell a “Agreeing to come to Singapore to Tetsuya’s to work, and some of the closed. I could consider (expanding) if my with people. I don’t think it’s right forculinary rock star in lot about a chef by the food he cooks. wasn’t a difficult decision. Until Marina Sydney guys here. It’ll be like an exchange team wants to. Right now, I want my staff you if you don’t.Sydney.The opening of It was my second meeting with the Bay Sands came along, I never planned programme. There’s so much which can be to learn and grow. I keep in touch with all “It’s a special business — it’s hardWaku Ghin at MBS brought Sydney-based Tetsuya. Perhaps it’s the to open a second restaurant. I couldn’t learnt from each other — from ways of my ex-staff. I make it a point to visit them. to explain. I know I’ll be doing this untilhim to our shores. Now, innate Japanese manners that make him believe how lucky I was to be asked. cooking to running the actual restaurants They’re like my children. I die.”in his own words, chef such a polite enigma to interview. This is a And I feel I’m luckier than some of theTetsuya Wakuda ponders his man who’s never been less than thoughtful other chefs who’re here as I’d alreadyjourney here and forward in his answers; whose flashes of humour been visiting Singapore very frequently. are as fleeting as they are sincerely It’s like my second home — I love the amusing to him. For one, who knew that food here and I’ve many friends here the reserved chef has famous “boyfriends” like Justin (Quek) and Ignatius (Chan) of He Said in Singapore? Iggy’s. They’re my so-called ‘boyfriends’, as Even when the topic turned tricky my staff like to joke, because I spend so SereNe LiM when we addressed the unthinkable fact much time with them. that Tetsuya’s in Sydney recently lost one “There are many differences I went to of its much-vaunted three Chef’s Hats between Tetsuya’s and Waku Ghin; AustraliaSEVEN of the biggest names in the — the top honours — in The Sydney adjustments have had to be made. Thereculinary world gathered in Marina Bay Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2011, are 130 seats there compared to 25 in 1982Sands to present their restaurants he remained preternaturally affable about here. We use different ingredients and it’s and arrivedtogether on a united front on Wednesday. the whole thing. a totally different way of cooking. ThereSome revelled in swagger and thigh- Yup, when the world’s on a first-name- isn’t much local produce here, but you in Sydneyslapping quips. (Mario Batali, here’s basis with you, you can afford to lose your can import almost everything compared with nolooking at you). Others took pains to hat but not your cool. to how it’s done in Sydney, where there’sexpress themselves. And then there was plenty of local produce and you can’t language,Tetsuya Wakuda: Quietly earnest; exacting Part 1:The start of Waku Ghin import much. no skillsyet elegant; cosmopolitan with deeply “I went to Australia in 1982 and arrived in “The distribution network here is also and onlytraditional soul. Sydney with no language, no skills and only very efficient — it’s faster to get produce And that’s when you realise the A$3,000 (S$3,840 today) in my pockets. to Singapore than to Sydney even though A$3,000 in they may be sent from South Australia.” my pockets. Part ii:The present situation I’ve met “It’s been six months since Waku Ghin incredible Chef Tetsuya Wakuda opened. I’m very grateful for how things people who have turned out so far. I didn’t expect the response would be so good. I’d (initially) helped me thought that I’d only get 10 people eating to get to at my restaurant. The success makes me more nervous. I have to keep up — I don’t where I am want to disappoint guests. But it’s good today. pressure. I can’t complain. “It hasn’t been more difficult on me Tetsuya now that I have Waku Ghin. Tetsuya’s in Wakuda Sydney has been around for 22 years. I have staff working for me since day one. I have 70 full-time staff. I think if they can’t function without me, it means something is very wrong. I speak to my staff at Tetsuya’s every day, too. “For those who say my attention is divided — it’s not true. Tetsuya’s has been awarded three Hats in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide since Marinated Botan Shrimp 1992. Losing a Hat from three to two this with Sea Urchin and Caviar year doesn’t bother me. To be honest, two or three Hats, I’m not worried — I don’t care. Such things are very subjective. You go to the restaurant and ask the guests about the food instead. You try reserving to see if you can get a table easily. “Our team is very strong and very professional. I’m not going to change the way I do things just because of this.” Part iii: Looking to the future “There are many things I’d like to improve in Waku Ghin — cooking methods, better Saute Bamboo Clam with Garlic Cream ingredients and staff training. Staffing Waku Ghin
  • 4. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T6 weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T7Sydney in Singapore casually dubbed the mosaic of top of Ion Orchard opened first restaurant, opening in 1999. modern Australian cooking. “This in partnership with Japanese He now also owns and operates is my food, 30-odd years in the restaurant group PJ Partners, just the Glass Brasserie at the Hilton making,” he said. in time for Christmas last year. Sydney and Palace by Luke Mangan Mangan, arguably Australia’s The minimalist 6,000-sq-ft in South Melbourne.A taste of the city’s feted IN THE eternal rivalry between two great in Melbourne is still burning hot like an most celebrated chef, is the most space set against the backdrop of How’s that for a closecuisine right here at home Australian cities over, well, just about irresistibly warm fire on a cold winter night. recent addition to the influx of the city’s prized skyline celebrates encounter of the culinary kind? everything, it seems we might just have a But Sydney has certainly caught up fast, like Australian top toques to make the chef’s adaptation of the “Mod Not to mention another fineDon Mendoza winner.When it comes to dining out, at least. a bush fire in the height of summer. their mark here in Singapore. Oz” dining concept. example of why there’s much Yes, the undeniable allure of dining In fact, out of a total of 503 restaurants His Salt Grill & Sky Bar at the Salt, Sydney was Mangan’s love about Sydney. Chef Webster (left) reopened his previously defunct Michelin- starred Osia restaurant in London, in Resorts World Sentosa. Chef Mangan (right), one of Australia’s most famous chefs, opened around Australia that were awarded with Salt Grill & Sky Bar in partnership with PJ Partners, last December. Australian Good Food And Travel Guide’s (AGFG) coveted Chefs Hats Awards this year, Sydney had 77 awarded restaurants over Melbourne’s 72. Its success is due to a combination of world-class outposts like Japanese contemporary dining Nobu, plus a long YUM list of feted local establishments, including FACTOR Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurant;Vue de Monde by Shannon Bennett, AGFG’s 2007 Chef Of The Year; and, of course, 22-year- old Tetsuya’s from Chef Tetsuya Wakuda. Out of a Sydney also has two of the highest total of 503 achievers in the judges’ eyes: Chef Tetsuya and Quay Restaurant’s Peter Gilmore. restaurants We may be about 3,410 nautical around miles away from the state capital of New South Wales, but we can still have Australia mouth-watering Sydney fare, right here in that were perennially sunny (okay, sometimes rainy) Singapore. And, sometimes, high above it. awarded Lending his own Down Under the coveted perspective to dining 35,000 feet in the air Chefs Hats is renowned Sydney-based chef Matthew Moran, joining London’s Gordon Ramsay, Award Singapore’s Sam Leong and New York’s Alfred this year, Portale on Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel as a consulting chef. a total of The youngest chef to receive a presti- 77 Sydney gious Chef’s Hat, Chef Moran went on to restaurants co-own the award-winning Morans Restau- rant And Cafe and the famed Aria in Sydney. made the Down on the ground, Waku Ghin at list. Marina Bay Sands, Chef Tetsuya’s first es- tablishment outside of Australia, heads the local Sydney connection with only 25 seats up for grabs — and a 3,000-bottle wine list to peruse once you snag a reservation. Two Melbourne chefs who have made their mark in Sydney and are now satiating Singapore appetites include Scott Webster and Luke Mangan. Chef Webster chose Singapore as the location for the rebirth of his previously defunct Michelin-starred Osia restaurant in London. The cuisine at Osia at Resorts World Sentosa, Webster told Today, isn’t just another piece in what has been
  • 5. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T8 weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T9 Blog #1: XssAt Sydney’S Founder: XIAOHAN SHEN, 25 describe sydney’s fashion scene. and beach lifestyles and we have to be dress in lots of layers. Eclectic, laidback and a little bohemian. versatile enough for both. The climate also plays a big part in the way we dress Who are your favourite What do you think sets sydney — the hot summers require us to dress sydney-based designers? got styLe style apart? sparingly, while the warm winter days Josh Goot, Sara Phillips and Sydney has a great combination of urban and cold winter nights require us to Dion Lee. Xiaohan Shen gwen Stefani’s kids have got nothing on this little rock ’n’ m the ground up rolla. In this Aussie city, trends start fro Blog #2: sydney street styLe Founder: LUkE RAILINGS, 16 Lynette Koh What are your thoughts on sydney’s street style? is clearly on the rise.FASHION Down Under ely associated Sydney has such a diverse range of Once practically exclusiv styles and fashions. This allows h as Quiksilver andwith surfwear brands suc everyone to draw inspiration from n has come into itsBillabong, Australian fashio — and Sydney each other. I feel like Sydney fashion own over the past few years lbourne, as one is just growing and growing, and I feel has emerged, alongside Me ots. How do we — and hope — that in the not- tsp of the country’s major ho too-distant future, the Sydney fash- know? ever-growing ion scene will reach the level of the It’s not just because of the slew of Sydney-base d designers and labels current fashion capitals of the world: es among lovers of New York, Milan and Paris. becoming covetable nam (including Singapore fashion around the world 0). Neither is it just — see story on page T1 What are your favourite to several key Aussie because Sydney is home sydney labels? biannual fashion fashion events, including I like Sass & Bide and Romance Was gust each year. weeks, held in May and Au eastern Born, but my favorite Sydney design- For proof that the south- er is Josh Goot. I love all his collec- me a hotbed of style, Australian city has beco k much further than tions — the tailoring and silhouettes one does not need to loo are just in a league of their own. its streets. mian — Edgy, sophisticated, bohe whatever fashion tribes they have ny Sydneysiders pledged allegiance to, ma parts chic, boast a look that’s equal luke railings cool, and ver y comfy. le to be With such a surplus of sty Sydney, it’s no had on the sidewalks of street-style surprise that a number of city in blogs have popped up in the recent years. Describing what makes out, Luke Sydneysider style stand Railings, the founder of Sydney Street t the styles Style, said: “I would say tha of Sydney de pend on what area of city centre, the city you go to. In the the styles are very mo dern and chic A bold scarf to reflect — they constantly change totally transforms a white tee and runway trends. k blue jeans — “But in the more laidbac parakeet optional. suburbs like Glebe, Ne wtown, Surry style is Hills and Paddington, the more altern ative. That said, all areas erse range in Sydney have such a div Black shirt of styles, which is wh at makes Brown is with sheer sleeves, anything but cut-off shorts with Sydney so unique.” fashion Paired boring when applique — interesting Here, four Sydney-based with a white paired with details make all the the ir bloggers share some of shirt accesso- difference. complemen- could rised with a choker, fav ourite images. Maybe we even ripped jeans tary shades take a couple of notes. can look put- of rusts and beiges. together. Photos: Xssat ey Street Sty le >> Continued on t10 Photos: Sydn
  • 6. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 12they make Australian aesthetic, which she describes as “classic yet fashionable, and influencedthe outfit by a relaxed attitude to luxury”. Pick up any Oroton bag and it is obvious what she means. There is thenew Sydney-based luxury buttery-soft leather from which theaccessory brand oroton brand’s bags are made, typically in pair- Emeril satchel, $785arrives on our shores with-anything colours such as tan, black and off-white. Then, there are theirLynette Koh stylishly slouchy forms, which are inspired by classic shapes such as the satchel and the hobo, but feature justWITH playful, well-made designs which enough embellishment — a burnishedfeature just a touch of quirkiness, Aussie Emeril silk clasp here, a panel of shimmery metal scarf, $165accessory brands such as Mimco and mesh there — for a 2011 update.Witchery have been steadily finding their Escobar’s pick for the season? Theway into our closets since arriving on our brand’s Alba mesh tote, which features ashores last year. metal mesh inlay and “soft and luxurious” Now, fans of accessories designed vegetable-tanned leather.Down Under have even more choices: Inizio chain link Said Escobar: “It’s the perfect piece necklace, $265Last month, Sydney-based luxury to take you from a day at the office to anaccessory retailer Oroton opened its first Alba mesh evening out with friends.”Singapore store at Ion Orchard. tote, $1,045 Besides appealing to a “broad audience Featuring plenty of polish and shine spanning different ages, demographics— thanks to floor-to-ceiling mirrors and and locations”, Oroton’s easy chic hasgold metallic fixtures — the new 65sqm Maille hobo bag, $920 also garnered itself a celebrity followingstore houses about 90 per cent of the full including Kim Kardashian and fashionOroton collection. This includes jewellery, consultant Yasmin Sewell.knitwear, shoes, scarves, lingerie and, of A second Singapore store will open atcourse, the brand’s signature leather goods. Marina Bay Sands next month, and it will What sets Oroton apart from the house the full Oroton collection.competition, according to its creativedirector Ana Maria Escobar, is its uniquely Oroton is located at #03-10 Ion Orchard. 5 questions with Jason Chan HE FIRST made an impression with roles in Channel 5’s Parental Guidance and theatre productions such as SRT’s Much Ado About Nothing. These days, Jason Chan is more likely to be found behind the camera as the founder of creative video company BananaMana (www.bananamana. com), which has its own YouTube channel. Chan, who studied his craft at Sydney’s prestigious National Institute Of Dramatic Art (Cate Blanchett and Toni Collette are Where are your favourite former students), tells Today about his love places to shop? for “anything electronic” and shopping for I love shopping online. DD Electronics is used furniture in Sydney. Lynette Koh great for camera gear, and Tago Tech is a local site great for photography equipment you spent eight years in Sydney — and studio gear. The Book Depository is a found any great shopping spots there? great one for books: They deliver for free I didn’t do a lot of shopping in Sydney from the United Kingdom to anywhere in because I was a poor acting student then. the world — at great prices. My most frequently visited shops were St Vincent De Paul stores (charity shops) for What are your biggest shopping their second-hand clothing and furniture. weaknesses? My house in Sydney was mostly furnished Anything electronic. I have four computers with second-hand furniture before I — all Macs — an Apple TV, iPhones, DSLR “upgraded” to Ikea! (Laughs) cameras, video cameras. Those are my toys; and I use them in my line of work, so Do you still visit Sydney frequently? I can buy them without guilt! I still return to Sydney from time to time because it’s too beautiful to ignore. What’s your most recent purchase? Geographically, it’s my favourite place in A Christmas present for my dad. I bought a Australia. It has a beautiful mix of cliffs, Nespresso machine at Myer (an Australian ocean, harbour, rivers, beaches, greenery department store chain) for A$350 and great weather — better than (S$449). During Christmas, everyone was Melbourne’s weather, anyway. drinking four coffees from it each day.
  • 7. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 10 weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 11Sydney’s got style down Under Moss & Spy style on the MoSS & SPy>> Continued from T9 inspired by sophisticated Parisian style, A shirt with baby-blue prints Blog #3: We up and up this label by designer lia Tsimos features ultra-feminine and retro-style silhouettes: lightens up this euro- Think lace-trimmed, over-the-knee silk fashionista get-up — and the boater hat makes it oh-so The PeoPle The look of Sydney — and how to get it Bec & Bridge dresses. Where to find: Cate ( Aussie. Founder: Jessie Bush, 22 Jessie Bush WheN the flawless Cate Blanchett Price range: From $200 Ksubi denim — who, mind you, has ready access for a blouse. how would you describe What makes the city’s style unique? to couture from giorgio armani to Sydney style? sydney style is heavily influenced by alexander McQueen — named us young KSUbi Polished, sexy and a bit beachy. Women two things — local designers and beach sydney-based label Romance Was Born as launched in 2000 by surfers george here like to celebrate their beauty — any culture. australian designers have a vision a label to watch last year, we knew it was gorrow and Dan single, Ksubi has made a occasion is reason to be well-dressed. that’s entirely their own:Vibrant, modern time to take sydney style seriously. name for itself with its slouchy yet skinny and innovative. australians don’t shy away and if the racks at local multi- jeans, psychedelically colourful clothing from colour, and they don’t mind being a brand boutiques are anything to go by, designs, statement eyewear, and now, bit sexy. it’s all about having a bit of fun. singaporeans have been developing quite footwear. Beachy waves, leopard-print a taste for aussie fashion labels, partly Where to find: The Denim store by shorts, and black wedges sum up laidback Sydney style. favourite Sydney labels? because their clothes are designed for a Queen’s Couture (#03-09/10/11 Josh goot for amazing silhouettes and climate similar to ours. Mandarin gallery) prints, and Dion lee for impeccable tailor- One popular early adopter is holland Price range: From $129 for a tee. ing and fabrics. i also can’t go past Bassike Village boutique antipodean, which was for luxurious basics and Chronicles Of opened in 2004 with a focus on designers beC & bridge Never for cool eyewear. from Oz. “local shoppers now prefer to Classics with a twist — and often, a seek out more individualistic styles,” said very sexy one. launched in 2003, antipodean owner Cynthia liang. “aussie Bec & Bridge specialises in body-Photos: We The People labels are very distinct, and they have a conscious designs with a creative very different style from american or and modern edge. european labels.” Where to find: antipodean echoing these sentiments, sharon (27a lorong Mambong,Blog #4: onThe siew, founder of online boutique Cate, which stocks seven sydney-based clothing holland Village) Price range: From $100STreeTS of Sydney labels, said, “Their fashion stands out because they reflect their designers’ zest for a top. Founder: hayley hughes, 26 for life and love for the beach, and their JaySon brUnSdon love for dressing up for social events like One of the few australian Hayley Hugheshow did on the Streets of Sydney changing architecture. dining out and having drinks with friends. labels to have a standalonecome about? it’s the people who make the city. so, it covers the entire spectrum, really.” boutique here, Jaysoni moved from Melbourne to sydney last heres where to get a taste of a few Brunsdon offers luxuriouslyaugust. i worked for a popular street-style how would you describe of our favourite sydney-based designers flowy separates thatwebsite for many years in Melbourne. and Sydney street style? We like how right here in singapore. lyneTTe Koh comfortably transition from this young womanwhen i arrived in sydney, i noticed that Colourful and confident. People plays with propor- boardroom to bar, as wellthe city lackedn a dedicated street-style like to experiment with trends, tions when it comes dion lee as simple and sophisticatedweb presence, and i wanted to rectify but make them their own in to her clothes and Dion lee was the most frequently name- cocktail and evening dresses her hair.this. Documenting a city’s street style sydney’s unique carefree and checked designer among the sydney-based for formal as important as documenting a city’s beachy way. fashion bloggers we interviewed. and Where to find: Photos: on The Streets of Sydney it’s not just them: lee is also the current Jayson Brunsdon darling of the mainstream australian (#02-47/47a Wisma atria) fashion press, who cannot get enough of Price range: From $200 his architectural approach to fashion and for a top. his innovative pleating techniques. Where to find: inhabit (#02-16 Mandarin gallery) Price range: From $600 for a blouse. Jayson Brunsdon dion lee
  • 8. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 14Spectacular spins of SydneyWhere to go for a wheel The Rocks The Rocksgood time in and around The Rocks is Sydney’s counterpart toAustralia’s biggest city Boat Quay. Once a key docking area, it was rampant with all sorts of scumDerryn Wong and villainy, even the bubonic plague, since its beginnings in the early 1800s. Redeveloped in the 1970s, many of theALL Sydneysiders will testify that driving a original sandstone buildings and facadescar is the best way to get around Sydney still remain. It has since become a tourist— not just in the city centre itself but in favourite thanks to the historical pubs andits suburbs too. numerous arts and crafts stores it houses. And if you want to take a jaunt to the How to get there: It’s impossible to missbeaches or inland to the Blue Mountains, The Rocks as it lurks in the south-easternyou just need to strap in, turn the engine shadow of the Harbour Bridge. Georgeon and you’re good to go. Just make sure Street runs the length of the avoid the rush hour — getting stuck What to do: Roam the street market,in a jam isn’t the best way to enjoy Sydney. cobblestoned streets and old-style Here are some driving destinations buildings, and hang out in the public houses.both in and out of Sydney that you might Sydney’s oldest pub, The Fortune Of War,want to check out. has been in business since 1801. Another stalwart is Pancakes On The Rocks, which serves excellent Australian fare — besides Watsons Bay The foothills of the mountains begin only its signature flapjacks, of course. At the far end of Sydney Harbour is 50km out of the city. Driver’s Tips: Having a car helps in Watsons Bay, one of the eastern suburbs What to do: The Blue Mountains’ main storing all the stuff you’ve bought and of the city. It features, in typical Sydney town is Katoomba, where the exciting drivers can find some enjoyment cruising style, urban housing, beautiful beaches and Scenic Railway is located. The ride descends the streets under the bridge, like Hickson spectacular cliff views from The Gap. more than 400m at a gradient of up to 50 Road. However, The Rocks has scant How to get there: You have to thread degrees. Other major attractions include parking; and as it is within the central your way through Sydney’s suburb streets. The Three Sisters sandstone formation and business district, expect to spend at least Head east from the city centre, and once the Jenolan Caves. S$20 for two hours. you hit Old South Head Road you’re in Driver’s Tips: Mountain roads are a lotDoyles restaurant at Watsons Bay. the right vicinity. of fun, but look out for wildlife crossing What to do: Soak up sights of the Pacific the road. There are several small towns or the city centre from The Gap. Doyles with eateries should you feel hungry along BeST of restaurant serves up great contemporary the way. All the highways have toll booths, BoTH seafood from its green-and-white so make sure you have a pass card or WoRlDS beachfront veranda. enough change to pay the toll. Driver’s Tips: Take a slow drive along New South Head Road and explore the Hunter Valley various coves and bays (like Shark and Wine buffs will immediately recognise Take a Parsley Bay) on the way to Watsons. the name. Australia’s answer to America’s jaunt to the Napa Valley, it is a prime grape-growing The Blue Mountains region and strikingly beautiful too. beaches or One of Australia’s most popular tourist How to get there: The valley begins inland to attractions, the Blue Mountains is a some 120km or so north of Sydney. the Blue spectacular mountain range famous for Follow the Pacific Highway to Wahroonga its awesome views, numerous national and onto the Newcastle Expressway, then Mountains. parks and natural attractions, as well as its on to Cessnock. characteristic blue haze. What to do: Wineries and homestead How to get there: Drive through the restaurants dot the area, so do some suburb of Parramatta, then head onto research and go on a wine-tasting tour to the M4 motorway, through Lapstone. sample the superb produce of the valley. Driver’s Tips: Obviously, find someone The Three Sisters sandstone formation. who doesn’t like wine to be the designated driver for the day. And, er, that’s it. Hunter Valley Photos: Tourism Australia
  • 9. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 16the Sydney driver’s survival guide motorways linked to expressways, freeways and other main roads. All the motorways are owned and operated byDRIVING in Sydney can be difficult The Warringah private operators (except for the Sydneyat times — the rush-hour traffic, for Freeway during rush Harbour Bridge) and a toll is charged forexample, is something you don’t want to hour in Sydney. their use. While some accept cash, theencounter — but the gamut of gorgeous newer motorways are fully electronicdestinations only minutes from the city — which means you need an electroniccentre make it worth the perils. Here’s tag or pass.You can find out more abouthow to get by with your sanity intact. Sydney toll roads and motorways on the RTA website ( belts are mandatory foreveryone in the vehicle Watch out for two-wheelersThe police won’t hesitate to pull you over Singapore’s CBD does not have manyif they see anyone in the car without a cyclists, but in Sydney’s city centre you cansafety belt on. Saying that you’re from find bicycle messengers, so keep an eyeout of town will not stop a fine, which is out for them. And they’re fun to watch:issued on the spot. They will wave frantically and curse if you get too close, and, once provoked, like toA child seat is mandatory shout all manner of truisms, such as “I amIf you’re travelling with children, you human and I’m on a bike”.need to get child seats for them. (Eventaxis won’t ferry children if they’re not Don’t speed Bloombergequipped with child seats.) Just ask the This might be an obvious tip, but whilerental agency. If all else fails, ask! Sydneysiders are usually for two hours isn’t unheard of. Of course, Australia might seem very laid-back, it a gregarious and helpful lot. that is provided you can find a parking doesn’t mean the cops are too. AustralianHave a map or GPS — and don’t be spot:They are few and far between. And traffic police take a very firm line onafraid to ask for directions Have plenty of change if you are if you’re thinking of parking illegally, don’t speeding, even on the highways, so alwaysStreet signs in and around the city are like going to park on the street — the parking police have been known to be mindful of the speed limits, speedthose in any other big city — sometimes You might rejoice at cheap petrol and car magically appear from the shadows. cameras and speed traps. If the localschaotic, sometimes inconsistent, or simply rentals, but it is the parking that is expensive seem to slow down for no good reason,non-existent! Plan your route before you in the city. Even streetside parking stations Have your toll pass handy you should follow their example. Better topull out onto the street and use your GPS. charge exorbitant fees — A$24 (S$31) Sydney’s network is made up of 10 be safe than sorry. WeStley WonG Walk on the wild side Inject some fun into your Sydney jaunt by going the two-wheeled route THERE’S a huge difference between exploring a new place on two wheels and Eastern Creek Raceway on four, and Australia is by and large quite a motorcycle-friendly country. You can consider doing a track day There are many motorcycle rental at Eastern Creek Raceway, New South companies in and around Sydney, so you Wales’ main race track, just 40km out can hire decent two-wheeled transport of Sydney. Eastern Creek has hosted for as little as A$100 (S$129) a day. Some Australian V8 Supercar races as well as rentals also offer guided and pre-planned A1GP rounds, and it is famous for its fast, motorcycle tours. flowing layout. Track day charges begin at We suggest only experienced S$219, and riders can rent protective gear motorcyclists hire and ride overseas, at the track itself. and bring your own riding gear — a For more information on motorcycle foreign country isn’t the place to test rental and tours, visit out equipment you’ve never used before. au. More information on Eastern Creek Once you’re all set, be prepared to see, can be found at www.easterncreekridedays. hear and smell even more of Australia. Derryn WonG Photos: Eastern Creek Raceway
  • 10. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 24 weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 25 might get you an even better deal. Portugal, Laos, Turkey, Korea, Chile and In Newtown, hop down to Cream On Burma, to name a few,” said Yee, who King and Living Room. These boutiques also writes for the 2011 Foodies’ Guide groan with the weight with retro garb and To Sydney. “We tend to have a very unusual statement accessories where style clean approach to food, allowing quality meisters can spend hours in. products to shine and be appreciated. Last September, Newtown held its “Provenance is also a key feature on first Changing Lanes Music Festival where many menus — customers value knowing Museum Of Contemporary Art Tomislav local rock bands Cabin, Tame Impala and where their fish was caught, where the DJs Purple Sneakers rocked the crowd. It beef was reared, or where the potatoes may be organised six years later than the were grown. Good food starts with good St Jerome’s Laneway Festival which first ingredients and Sydney restaurants have started in 2004, but judging by the turnout incredible access to fresh and local fruit, on Eliza Street, it’s safe to say this is one vegetables, meat and seafood.” party to watch. This is why her favourite place to Spa Esprit’s creative designer, Jerry de bring tourist friends isn’t a restaurant, but Souza, is another Sydney fan who makes the Sydney Fish Market. “You can watch it a point to visit the city almost every oysters being freshly shucked, check out year to recharge creatively. He singled out the lobsters in the fish tanks and then Sappho Books And Cafe Harry’s Cafe De Wheels Taj Hotel Blue, Conde Nast Traveler 2007 enjoy a picnic of prawns, sashimi and fish Gold List award-winner, as his “favourite and chips sitting outside on the wharf hotel that never fails to inspire me with its with the giant pelicans,” she said. stunning designs”. De Souza’s inspirations And when you do want to sit down also run the gamut from the hip boutique for a proper meal, you don’t have to hotel Kirketon to the Roslyn Garden in splurge to have a good time.Yee swears Elizabeth Bay for its Art Deco influences. by small yet superb eateries. Among those Welcome to the other side “Don’t forget Pocket Bar in which made her list are District Dining Darlinghurst and Longrain restaurant in in Surry Hills, a modern bistro with a Surry Hills. These are places I love for sharing plate concept; Luxe Bakery Cafe their fantastic interiors and vibe,” he said. in Newtown for great coffee, delicious Sydney Fish Market pastries and heavy loaves of fresh Pocket Bar outdoor dining area For the hungry food lover sourdough bread; Tomislav in Darlinghurst Sydney’s food scene is a massive success whose chef has worked with HestonMore than just a plastic it credit for. Its bronzed, stunning face there’s currently a fantastic energy behind have great contemporary art spaces. kept happy. Neighbourhoods near the jewellery and art work,” said Janice Yong, story. Restaurants Tetsuya’s, Marque, Blumenthal; and Harry’s Cafe de Wheels inpostcard-perfect city, hides a soulful edge as the city constantly establishing interesting new bars and If you’re into something more specific, University Of Sydney, Newtown and brand marketing manager of Swiss Butchery Quay and Rockpool hobnob with world’s Woolloomooloo for a taste of traditionalSydney’s real appeal lies evolves and redefines itself through its restaurants, and people are increasingly Chippendale’s White Rabbit Gallery has a Glebe are boho enclaves that continue to and an alumnus of the University Of best. Helen Yee, freelance writer and Aussie pie served straight from a trailer congeries of neighbourhoods. And there’s supporting smaller, independent theatre stunning private collection of contemporary maintain a stubborn independent streak Sydney. She recently went back to the city popular food blogger of Grab Your Fork and eaten on the its lively insider scene a carefree energetic buzz that keeps and visual arts ventures,” said Alex Chinese art that is worth looking into. with quirky book stores, used record shops last year to get her fill of fashion and fun. ( explained the “I also love exploring the suburbs people coming back for more. Vitlin, editor of the city’s cultural bible “For a small price, you can grab and vintage finds such as Sappho Books, Once a resident of Broadway, which city is a hot-bed for dining because of its of Sydney, areas filled with new migrants Mark Twain once quipped about TwoThousand ( a bowl of laksa and a play at the Old Gould’s Book Arcade and Egg Records. is just off Glebe,Yong recommends the excellent produce and diversity of cuisines. who have brought all the colour, smells Sydney: “It is beautiful — of course it’s The five-year-old website has done a Fitzroy Hotel in Woolloomooloo. Places “Glebe Market, which happens every treasure chest that is Broadway Betty, “We have a fantastic base of Italian, and flavours of the cuisine from home. beautiful, the harbour — but that’s only great job of culling and compiling some of like GoodGod in the Spanish Quarter Saturday, is one of the best ways to pick a second-hand store stocking flapper Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, but half of it.” For the other half, we engaged the coolest and most remarkable cultural and Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst out interesting pre-loved items, vintage dresses from the ‘20s to kitschy ‘80s you’ll also find specialists in food from >> Continued on T26 Serene LiM the help of insiders who live, work or events and happenings. Cinema Alley, for concentrate on getting unique, interesting clothes and some really cool handmade fashion. It only accepts cash so bargaining play there to clue us in on where to go example — an outdoor film event in the local and international bands, and the according the scene you’re into. heart of Chinatown. Or Jurassic Lounge, Annandale Hotel has hosted rock ‘n’ roll Mackenzies Point TamaramaYOU already know the flashy sights: The where the cafe in the Australian Museum acts since seemingly forever,” he added.Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge For culture vultures and arty farts turns into “after-hours sessions featuring As for film buffs,Vitlin advocated smallerand Bondi Beach. Once you’re done Sydney’s cultural scene doesn’t start art, live music, drinks + new ideas” every movie theatres like Govindas and Chauvel He SAiDwith those, you’ve got Sydney Aquarium, and end with Oscar winners Cate Tuesday night. which screen cult and contemporary films.Darling Harbour and The Rocks where Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush, both Vitlin recommends checking out thefresh-off-the-plane gawking tourists can alumni of Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre Museum Of Contemporary Art at West For the see-and-be-seenusually be found. (Blanchett’s also the co-artistic director of Circular Quay for its exhibitions before creative hipsters Is that all there is to Australia’s biggest the Sydney Theatre Company). it closes for redevelopment in June this While Sydney’s not quite the indie darling It iscity? Hardly. “For a long while, Sydney appealed year, and mentioned neighbourhoods that Melbourne is, there’s more than beautiful Sydney’s a lot more multi-dimensional to people on its more famous merits like Redfern, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, enough going to ensure young-at-heart — ofand diverse than many travellers give — its harbour and its beaches — but Paddington, Enmore and Waterloo, which rebels and trend-spotting hipsters are course it’s beautiful, Your one-day Sydney itinerary sorted the harbour The editor of TwoThousand, suburbs, Bronte or Tamarama to swim off — but Sydney’s hippest insider the meal. that’s only guide, shares his perfect “Evening drinks can be had at a relaxed joint half of it. like Corridor in Newtown or Love Tilly Devine Sydney day ALEX Vitlin: “Breakfast and coffee at in Darlinghurst, then a concert somewhere. Have dinner at one of the later-closers like Mark Twain either at a local cafe like The Shortlist in Duke Bistro also in Darlinghurst, Guillaume at Darlington or Bill’s in Darlinghurst. Then Bennelong, or Golden Century in Chinatown. a Bridge Climb over the Harbour Bridge. “For a quiet finish, digestifs at After which, I’d lunch at a good pub like the Darlinghurst’s Tastevin or Eau De Vie. Norfolk on Cleveland Street, or the roof of Otherwise it’s partying all night at The the Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks, followed Flinders, Gaslight Inn or one of the myriad by an afternoon trip out to beachside bars in Kings Cross.” Photos: Tourism of New South Wales
  • 11. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 27Eating and glittering chandelier.While some recommend it as a place for pre-dinner drinks, note that with sips starting at A$55Sydney (S$71) a flute, you’ll want to make sure your credit rating is in top shape before stepping in.You’ll need it to pick up that A$3,760 tab for a jeroboam of the 1995 vintage.Dining in Sydney is more Gustothan just slapping another (2A Heeley Street, Paddington, NSW 2021;shrimp on the barbie Tel: (+61) 2 9361 5640)June Wan This place has been hailed by locals as institution.You get quick service and the deli-style meals comprise anything fromNEVER let it be said that Sydney is bereft ham and salad rolls to homemade lasagne.of variety when it comes to eating out. A must-try is the chocolate — actually,Whether you’re sampling fine Japanese anything chocolate — but prices might bedining at Tetsuya’s or stuffing your steeper than most delis.face with fish and chips, Sydney offersinteresting options to feast upon. Souvlaki Bar @ Brighton-le-sands (78 The Grand Parade, Brighton-le-sands,Nick’s Bondi Beach Pavilion NSW 2216; Tel: (+61) 2 9567 7988)(Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach, NSW2026; Tel: (+61) 3 0098 9989) It comes highly recommended by Justin Hemmes, CEO of the Merivale Group andThere are several branches of Nick’s but the “Sydney bar tsar”, so you can’t really goone on Bondi Beach is The Go-To for those wrong. The all-day to late-night openingin the know. Here you can satiate yourself hours make this the ideal souvlaki pit stop.with succulent seafood while feasting your According to online reviews, must-tryeyes on the droolworthy parade of buff items include gyros, souvlaki and salad inbodies on the beach. If neither whets your toasted Greek pitta as well as the tzatziki.appetite, the architectural charms of thiseating establishment, “set in the beautifully Ginger & Spice Singapore Restaurantrestored 1928 Bondi Pavilion with expansive (240 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089;views” over the internationally renowned Tel: (+61) 2 9908 2552)beachfront, will do the trick.The menu Locals love this place, which has deli- style meals comprising anything fromoffers hot and cold seafood platters, as well ham to salad rolls to homemade lasagne. If you miss food from home (that quick,as chargrilled meats and seafood, of course. really?), head to this little joint in North The Dom Perignon Lounge is designed Sydney. Fans of the restaurant recommendRed Lantern by fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. its nasi goreng, belachan kangkong, beef Yummy seafood from Nick’s and the sight of(545 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010; hot bods on the beach — what’s not to like? rendang and chilli crab. Renowned SydneyTel: (+61) 2 9698 4355) chef and restaurateur Justin North says it has “the best Hainanese chicken in town”. Don’tAward-winning Vietnamese cuisine plus expect hawker centre prices — be prepareda dedication to ethical eating make this to spend about A$100 for four people.a place to soothe both stomach andconscience. Since the owners vow to leave Spice Templeas light an environmental footprint as (10 Bligh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000;possible, you enjoy dishes made from the Tel: (+61) 2 8078 1888)“freshest in local sustainable and organicproduce”. Firm favourites include the Muc Opened by celebrity chef Neil Perry, criticsRang Muoi, lightly battered chilli salted have hailed this restaurant as the place tosquid, and the Bo Luc Lac, cubed pasture- go for spicy Asian food (Sichuan, Hunan).fed Black Angus sirloin tossed in a flaming The Sydney Morning Herald even called itwok with garlic, sesame and black pepper. the “modern Chinese place of worship”. Try the fragrant leatherjacket chunks inDom Perignon Lounge a broth strewn with chillies and Sichuanby Collette Dinnigan peppercorns or the chilli-spiced diced quail.(4/F, Establishment Hotel, 252 George Street, (Below) SpiceSydney, NSW 2000; Tel: (+61) 2 9240 3000) Temple’s Cabbage Pilu and Radish Pickle (Moore Rd, Harbord, NSW 2096;Find champagne-lovers and snazzy Tel: (+61) 2 9938 3331)dressers air-kissing at the Hemmespherebar’s Dom Perignon Lounge, designed by Located at Freshwater beach, it servesAussie fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. authentic Sardinian fare in a very AussieSydney is the fourth city in the world to beach-house setting. A must-try is theboast a Perignon Lounge and Dinnigan suckling pig, which has been called ajoins Marc Newson and Karl Lagerfeld as “legend”. If you don’t fancy an entire animal,the third person to have designed one. Spice a great alternative is to grab a suckling pig In true Dinnigan style, the place is Temple’s panino from the adjacent Pilu kiosk.You candecked out in ladylike lilac, grey and silvery Steamed also wander down to the beach to check Blue Eyetones, complete with a sunken oval bar out the birthplace of surfing in Australia. Pictures: Tourism NSW; Christopher Toh
  • 12. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 26 The highly condensed Paul Carr Aussie-to-English dictionary Everyone knows ‘g’day So it turns out many of the Aussie mate’ — but what’s a expressions we checked with you ‘chokkie on a beaut arvo’? aren’t commonly used anymore. Don’t spit the dummy. Why is that? Read on to find out Like Singapore, not everyone in Australian cities uses the colloquial. It’s more likely THEY are speaking English ... Well, at to be “heartland” language and “inner least it vaguely sounds like it. Australians city” language. Many of the expressions have a famously unusual vocabulary of also belong to my father’s generation. their own — and it’s not your fault you Sadly, Sydney, too, has been saturated don’t have a clue as to what they’ve just with Californian culture and all its crass said to you. To be totally at home in language. My hope is that the word Sydney — and to understand what these “drongo” stays alive — it means someoneCoffee at Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills Sydneysiders are saying — we got media who behaves in a way that is completely management coach, MediaCorp Radio unacceptable and socially unreasonable.The other sides Gold 90.5FM presenter and proud Sydney Australian slang to knowof the sights boy Paul Carr to be our Aussie-To-English interpreter and explain what the heck is Arvo: Afternoon going on. SEREnE Lim Beaut: Great; fantastic Bludger: Lazy person; somebody who>> Continued from T25 always relies on other people to do things Why do Australians have such an Chewie: Chewing gumCabramatta is often known as Little unusual vocabulary? Chokkie: Chocolate Oxford Art FactoryVietnam. The shops selling pho noodle Paul Carr: It dates back to the European Hooroo: Goodbyesoup and street snacks are worth the invasion of Australia and its convict past. Rock up: To arrive50-minute train trip from the city. Prisoners developed their own colloquial Ropeable: Very angry “Auburn is like stepping into Istanbul, expressions to describe the people, places Spit the dummy: Get very upsetan adventure of char-grilled meats, sweet and events around them. To speak “proper at somethingbaklava pastries and a stretchy ice cream English” would have been judged by fellow Sunbake: Sunbathecalled dondurma that you can eat with a prisoners to be too much like the British Australian slang no longer in useknife and fork. Closer to town, feast on gaolers and seen as too “establishment”. (but entertaining, nonetheless)Portuguese chicken and custard tarts in Developing a non-conformist language Apples, she’ll be: It’ll be all rightPetersham, soup dumplings in Ashfield, and was and still is a way of belonging and Fair suck of the sav!: Exclamation ofwood-fired pizza and gelato in Haberfield. sometimes being subversive. wonder, awe, disbelief. (“Former prime “Caffeine addicts should head to minister Kevin Rudd used it in an interviewSurry Hills which is filled with quirky Are there any expressions unique and people laughed at him for days becausecoffee shops and lots of hip and happening to Sydney? it sounds so stupid coming from ‘therestaurants.” “Crook as Rookwood” (which is to be establishment’,” said Carr) Plenty of reason not to stop at just really ill — Rookwood is Sydney’s biggest Got up somebody: To rebuke somebodythe super sights that frame the city. Delve cemetery).You can use it like, “Oh, mate, mystery bag: Sausage Porky: Liedeeper to get to know Sydney a whole I’m as crook as Rookwood, doctor says. I Annandale Hotel Wowser: Spoilsport; prudelot better. need a few days off.” where he’ll be representing Singapore gladly spent with my friends in Sydney. at the Venice Biennale in June, and to Tokyo for his solo exhibition at Mori Art Did you guys go to anywhere Museum in November. interesting in Sydney? A friend drove me around the mountains How did you get involved in the and the beaches. I cant remember the Sydney Festival 2011? names of the places but whats burnt I was going to have a solo exhibition at deeply in my mind was our encounter Artspace in Sydney. One thing led to with a perfect rainbow that stretched another, and it got tied together with from one end of the horizon to another. the Sydney Festival. I was showing three That made our day. videos there, namely Earth, Newton and Jetsetting with ... Zarathustra ... What thrilled me the most was having the master musician How do you get the most out of a citys cultural offerings when youre there? HoTzu nyen Oren Ambarchi play "live" to my video, Earth. For me, this is the best kind of My needs are often quite specific — namely art and live music — so it is usually experience — having an exhibition which not difficult figuring out where to go to. As I can experience as an audience. all my travels are related to work, I seldom have the opportunity to do any research.SINGAPORE multi-disciplinary artist and the Directors Fortnight at the Cannes Did you manage to see other art My wife, who sometimes travels with me,film-maker Ho Tzu Nyen is no stranger to Film Festival two years ago. Ho recently works at the festival? will usually help in this department.travelling for his art. His first solo project showcased three videos at the Sydney Im afraid I was unable to see any art inUtama — Every Name In History Is I was Festival 2011, Australias largest cultural Sydney. I brought along a gigantic hard You never leave for another countryexhibited at the Sao Paulo Biennale and event. The 34-year-old takes a quick disk containing my next feature film called without packing ....the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennal, while breather to chat with us before preparing Endless Day. I was editing it in Sydney, for At least three books. Flights sometimeshis first feature film Here was part of to hit the road again — this time to Venice up to 18 hours a day. Any time left was offer the best time for reading.
  • 13. weekend Today February 19 - 20, 2011 T 28 Sydney is always ready for a party. Join in the festivities and celebrations at the Sydney Mardi Gras street parade on 5 March. Sydney dazzles in winter when Vivid Sydney (27 May to 13 June) lights up the city with its spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails, ground-breaking light walk and live music series.Today is published by MediaCorp Press Ltd, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Annex Building, Level 1, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939 Tel: 6333 3888. Printed by KHL Printing Co Pte Ltd, 57, Loyang Drive, Singapore 508968. Tel: 65432222