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We-Haul provides Junk Removal services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Call us for all your Garbage Disposal, Waste Removal and Trash Removal needs. You can contact us (647-444-5865) 7 days a week, at any time. Visit now www.we-haul.ca and E-Mail info@we-haul.ca

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We Haul Guide to Junk Removal Service Toronto

  1. 1. W e - H a u l - 6 4 7 - 4 4 4 - 5 8 6 5 - T o r o n t o , O N E m a i l : i n f o @ w e - h a u l . c a 2013 Ultimate Guide to Junk Removal Service Toronto Efficient, Affordable and Eco-Friendly By- Experts from We-haul.ca We-haul.ca- Junk Removal Toronto, Canada
  2. 2. 10 Awesome Waste Management Tips straight from Junk Removal Toronto Experts Toronto is a beautiful city – no doubt about that. But the consumerism-driven lifestyle ensures that city generates large quantities of waste. And this goes for every major metropolitan city in the world as well. So, how do authorities tackle the ever-increasing menace of rising waste/junk stockpile? Answer – by involving residents! As responsible citizens, residents and commercial establishments should take an active part in helping city authorities manage waste/garbage effectively. Why Residents? Can’t We Hire Garbage Removal Services Waste has to be managed at the source. To put it simply – nip the evil in the bud. When people manage to reduce waste at their end, landfill dumping is decreased. Consumers can use the 3R principle (reduce, reuse and recycle) to decrease the amount of waste leaving their premises. A strong sense of community develops when residents get involved into the garbage management. And did we mention the environmental benefits of waste management. We should strive together for a cleaner, greener environment for our future generations. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to manage waste or junk. 1. Reduce: - Healthy consumerism is good for economy. But excess indulgence in shopping leads to unnecessary junk lying around in your home. So, control the amount of junk you are bringing into your house. For example, check for recyclable packaging. Avoid plastic products and packaging. Purchase one large bottle of cola or detergent instead of smaller ones. 2. Set a Weekly Goal: - Challenge yourself by setting a goal to reduce garbage every week. Measure your monthly waste and seek ways to lower this value. Be innovative and use various things creatively. 3. Don’t throw it Just Yet: - Never throw away items that have some shelf life left in them. Think of innovative ways to use materials/items other than their primary purpose. For example, use bed sheets as cleaning rags, used paper for scratch work and sticky notes, unused containers for storage etc. 4. Garage Sale: - Make some money out of the junk by putting unused items on sale. Or do some charity and donate these items to a local school etc. 5. Container Safety: - Do not install large containers as they encourage more waste disposal. Keep the surroundings around the container clean and sterile. Avoid over-filling and ensure that the lid closes firmly. 6. Recycling: - The non-recyclable waste must be separated from recyclable waste. Use composting pits to recycle bio- degradable waste into manure. Avoid cutting grass in hot summer months to keep grass roots in shade. Do not pick up clippings after lawn mowing. They act as nutrient source and help reduce weed growth. 4 Waste Management Tips for Offices and Commercial Establishments  Save Energy: - Run a staff awareness campaign on waste management. Encourage them to use equipment on power saver mode, switch off hardware when not in use and install energy efficient equipment. Choose hardware up gradation instead of complete system replacement.
  3. 3.  Recycle for a noble cause: - Staff members can come together to collect and donate used office equipment to raise money for a noble cause. Old office furniture, obsolete equipment and unwanted materials can be donated to schools, local charities, city zoo or second-hand stores.  Use less paper: - Discourage the use of paper by using email. Reduce CD usage through pen-drives and emails. Avoid excessive printing. Use both sides of the paper to slash paper use by up to 50%. Opt for erasable and undated wall calendars. Most importantly, set up a central filing system in your office.  Miscellaneous Tips: - Avoid excessive packaging of products. Install hot air hand dryers instead of towel dispensers. Divert organic waste from office towards mulching and compost bin. There are myriad ways to keep garbage landfills empty. Be creative! Junk removal Toronto experts have been guiding residents on effective waste management tips. Follow these tips to make a small yet significant impact on protecting environment. Effective Waste Disposal Toronto Techniques: a guide to Residents and Industries Efficient waste management is one of the cornerstones of a progressive city. A city has numerous industrial, units, residences, commercial places that generate a lot of waste. Waste disposal Toronto works on a perfectly setup network of waste management technologies and efficient management practices. The health of a city is directly related to the effective waste management methods in practice. Here is a guide that aims to guide residents and industrial units to manage waste/junk the right way. The Three R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle This concept is at the core of any waste management program. It is important that all the waste generated should be passed through this cycle. This lowers burden on the subsequent waste management stages. When you begin to reduce your garbage by proper analysis, you lower the amount of garbage leaving your premises. Some items have some shelf life left in them and can be used for more time. Just imagine the amount of money saved and landfills emptied by reducing the garbage. Reuse also works on the same lines. Recycling takes some research and creativity. Usually people throw some items as junk. For example, the glass table not matching with the new decor is considered junk. You can recycle the glass table by putting it to some other use. Recycling materials takes a creative approach. Sometimes, it may not be cheap either. Efforts should be made to segregate garbage on the basis of recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Recycling also has monetary benefits. You can generate revenue by selling recycled materials. Moreover, when less garbage leaves your home, you save landfill space and consume full shelf life of the products. Do not use expensive treatments and processes to recycle a product to be displayed ornately. This defeats the very purpose of the recycling.
  4. 4. Composting It refers to the process of decomposition of organic matter in controlled conditions. This can be done on a large as well as small scale. Every industry and residence produces organic waste that consists of bio-degradable materials. These can be decomposed in earthen pots or small pits to convert them naturally into nutrient-rich fertilisers. This can be sold in the market or used for garden in your home. Composting is a full-fledged industry where you can reap benefits. It helps reduce the pathogen menace in and around your home. You just need some space in the backyard and spare time for strict monitoring of the compost pit. Incineration This practice should require knowledge and safe conditions. It involves combustion of waste undertaken under controlled environment. Do not attempt to recycle hazardous waste as it can have unintended consequences. It is not recommended for residential waste. Incineration is done where large an amount of industrial waste has to be reduced in volume. Pollution and residue formation are some of the downsides of the incineration process. Garbage removal Toronto involves complex waste management techniques. People having years of experience in garbage disposal Toronto employ high-tech methods to protect the beautiful natural environment of the city. It is recommended that residents and industries take eco-friendly steps and help reduce the garbage leaving their homes. How to Choose the Best Junk Removal Toronto Company Junk removal and garbage disposal can become quite a chore if you do not have the right junk removal Toronto Company. People remain stuck with traditional junk removal services since they do not know what new the market has to offer. Back in the days, all you needed was a hauling truck at your front door that would take away the garbage bag. But these days you have different types of garbage. So, naturally, you need a service that encompasses all spheres of garbage disposal. Choosing the Best Junk Removal Toronto Company Today, the types of garbage can vary from simple organic waste in the kitchen to electronic waste. As a homeowner, you have to classify the garbage as per the suitable category. Moreover, junk lying around your house has to be managed effectively. Many of the items occupy space in your premises without serving any purpose. So, the right junk removal Toronto Company can help you in this situation. The first consideration while choosing a junk removal firm should be the type of services on offer. Ask whether the company provides specific junk removal services. Some of the services you should inquire about are:  Appliance removal  Electronic waste removal  Furniture removal
  5. 5.  Garbage removal Most of the garbage disposal companies in Toronto offer these services to their customers. The best company will also offer advice on junk/garbage. Experts in waste management methods can guide you on how to effectively manage waste and classify junk. What you consider junk might be valuable to someone else. The right professionals know how to remove your junk and put it to best use. Advice from Junk Removal Professionals Junk removal involves recycling and reusing. When you contact the professionals, ask them how your junk will end up. The right people will most likely reduce your junk right there in your premises. They will also tell you how they dispose off the junk in an environment friendly manner. You have the right to know whether your junk is creating potential ecological disaster. Do question them about the waste removal techniques they employ to manage junk. Professionals from junk removal Toronto will guide you on efficient space management as well. They can squeeze out every last inch of space that was previous occupied by junk materials. Also, they will clean the area after hauling away the junk/garbage. Getting a Good Deal on Junk Removal Junk removal is a huge business. Your junk can fetch you good money provided you choose the right junk removal Toronto Company. Ask about the prices of the junk removal services. Compare the services with other companies before selecting a firm. Your weekly garbage removal company might offer you a good deal on junk removal. If you are looking for junk removal, you should look into the local garbage collection company. They will be more than happy to send over a different vehicle suitable for junk removal. Or better still, inquire on the phone, how much will junk removal services cost. If you have some recyclable junk lying around, you are sure to get a good deal on your junk. Waste Management Techniques for Garbage Removal Toronto Waste management is a science. There is an enormous amount of waste produced by the metropolitan centres across the world. So, it requires proper management of waste generated at such a large scale. Commercial waste management companies Toronto employ staff and train them in efficient handling of waste and junk. Waste management requires a coordinated effort by the residents, governments and businesses. These methods should be adopted in the greater interest of the public welfare. Waste, if allowed to spread, can have adverse effects on the society. Management of waste at a large scale can be expensive and involve a lot of equipment. Often, there are unintended consequences to wrong garbage disposal Toronto. If residents effectively reuse, reduce and recycle waste, the amount of waste can be drastically reduced. Whether it is construction waste, hospital waste or residential waste, the effective and efficient waste management has a lot of positive effects. Junk hauling companies in Toronto have a moral conscience that allows us to serve residents with latest
  6. 6. waste management methods. Creativity and technological knowledge can have an effect on the waste management. Here are some ways you can reduce the burden on civic authorities and junk hauling companies as well. Eliminating Waste Waste can be eliminated at the generation stage itself. When you eliminate or discard waste at the generation, you save waste processing and management costs. For example, the building/construction waste contains modular durable metal forms. These are used in the concrete construction companies. These can be readily eliminated at the construction site itself by the builders. But they do not pay attention. Also, wood waste can be used at the construction site for various other small tasks. This can eliminate significant waste at the generation terminal. So, the waste passed onto the next processing stage is reduced dramatically. Minimizing Waste It is often noticed that some waste is generated due to excess consumption. For example, the construction products are often packed with excessive packaging material. This material leads to more waste than normal. The selection of packaging material along with recycling can have a huge impact on minimizing waste. Junk removal Toronto has to be managed effectively using effective waste management. Reusing Materials Most of the waste can be reused. It is a strange fact but true to a large extent. For example, the windows and doors from a dismantled building can be put to use in some other place. They may be in a good condition and can be sold again. Or else, they can be donated to the needy. Waste Management Waste that cannot be recycled or reused should be properly disposed off. Junk hauling companies in Toronto are known to employ the latest techniques in handling the garbage. We do not prefer incineration until absolutely necessary. In many areas of the country, the cost for junk hauling is very high. This prompts the residents to take care of the junk at their own level. This is productive but often causes damage to the environment. People do not know how to dispose of junk in the right manner. It takes systematic approach to garbage removal Toronto. It is recommended to trust the professionals. 7 Tips from Top Junk Removal Toronto Experts Junk removal Toronto is an integral part of the city of Toronto. Safe and healthy surroundings are something that Toronto residents can boast of proudly. But it takes combined effort by the residents as well as junk removal Toronto Company. But busy schedules ensure that the people entrust garbage disposal task to professionals. Improper garbage disposal has the power to topple societal balance. Waste management should not be taken lightly. Here are top tips from the garbage disposal experts. With years of experience in waste management, these tips can help residents and commercial institutions alike.
  7. 7. 1. It is important that you know the source of waste generation. When you know the reason for waste production, you sure can take effective steps in handling it. Waste may be produced from a household or a business, but the source can be same. By having an understanding of your waste producing activities, you can minimize the garbage. This can in turn lower the waste production and ultimately decrease the waste management costs. 2. Purchasing power should be limited. Blind consumerism is leading to a lot of waste being produced. Know what you really need before you want something. It may be hard to ignore the latest gadget, but in the end it will be part of the waste. Every day we find ourselves in a condition that forces us to be part of the consumer circle. So, purchase carefully. 3. Timely sale or auction of the stuff prevents it from turning into garbage. Know the shelf life on a product. When you are close to the end of this time, you should consider selling it. Many things just sit around the house occupying space. You can sell these things for a handsome profit. 4. Repair broken Stuff: Many times, people just throw the broken appliances or gadgets. Avoid throwing everything away. Always heck whether the articles can be repaired or not. If you can get it going for some money, then opt for repairs. Buying a new product will definitely cost more. 5. Recycling will always is the best tip from junk removal Toronto experts. Check the junk and you will be surprised at how many things can be recycled. Be creative and use things for other strange purposes. Surprise guests with a new creation made from recycled stuff. You must know how to segregate stuff in order to successfully recycle. Once you are done with sorting the trash, you can consider may other options for trash disposal and recycling. For bio-degradable waste, you can also dig a pit and create manure. 6. Use green measures. Know what materials are used in making the products you use. When eco friendly products are employed, you can rest assured that you are not harming the environment. Commercial institutions must pay attention to this carefully since they generate waste on a large scale. 7. Community cooperation is vital to the junk removal Toronto. People should collaborate with each other to recycle and reuse the materials. Communities must take the initiative to support the environment. Materials can be recognized and then distributed among communities in order to achieve better junk removal efficiency. Credit to owners--- Visit us for more info: www.we-haul.ca