Wego Whitelabel - What to Expect

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This presentation shows affiliates what they can expect in the new whitelabel version for Wego affiliate program

This presentation shows affiliates what they can expect in the new whitelabel version for Wego affiliate program

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  • 1. Whitelabel Solution v1.0 10 Apr 2010 Wego Affiliates Update on Whitelabel Program Offering
  • 2. Overview
    • * Product Feature Announcement , the product isn’t ready for use yet, but development time has already been queued for production. For the past few months through feedbacks from our affiliates and numerous internal testing, we would like to announce updates on what to expect for the white-label product offering moving forward with version 1.0
    • Discontinue flights and deals tabs for white-label for the time being
    • Remove all distractions like adunits, breadcrumbs, adsense from search results
    • Allow users to create their own search boxes to fit website
    • Allow preset cities search, for affiliates who only want to search selected cities for hotels
    • Allow method for affiliates to place header and footer on Wego.com search results
    In the following slides, you will be able to see illustrations on how the new white-label version would work when deployed. * Do note – features are still in development, we wanted to share what you can expect to see in future as many affiliates have been asking about our white-label program.
  • 3. How Does it Work?
    • Create your own search box
    • Send your city query to our white-label search results
      • Add your header and footer within our search results via iframe
      • No 3 rd party ads for maximum earning
      • Fixed height for standardize results presentation
    • Straight to conversion when user clicks on price
    • Hotels details for more details (Popup), with ability to convert on the page
    Search Box by You White-label Live Search Lead to Supplier Site Hotel Details (Popup)
  • 4. Step 1 – Your own search box
    • Create your own search box
    • Use your own search box to fix to your site’s layout
    • It will pass the query to a page on your site with your header and footer
    • How To Link
    • http ://whitelabel.wego.com/hotels/search/create?search[query ]=Sydney , Australia&search[check_in]=26/01/2012&search[check_out]=28/01/2012&search[rooms]=1&search[guests]=2&text_filter= Radisson (Optional) &ts_code=3aa09&aff_aid=[Affiliate ID]
    • Some notes:
    • search[query] = City Name, Country Name
    • search[check_in] and search[check_out] = dd/mm/yyyy format
    • text_filter = Name of Hotel to filter
  • 5. Step 2 – Landing on Hotels Results
    • Your own search results
    • This page is embedded on your site, www.abc.com/hotels
    • It includes a header and footer from your site with our results in the middle.
    • No tabs or other distractions on search results, page is focus on generating the hotel clicks
    • The width and height are fixed for a more predicable experience without using scroll bars
    Your Site Header Your Site Footer
  • 6. Step 3 – Hotel Details Your Site Header Your Site Footer
    • Hotel details
    • Popup a window to provide hotels details without any branding
    • Able to convert users on the overview page where visitors can click our to suppliers
    • No ads to distract users
  • 7. Step 4 – Hotel Details Your Site Header Your Site Footer
    • Lead to Supplier
    • Popup a window to supplier website
    • This is where you will earn a commission
    • Commission can be generated from Step 2 or Step 3
  • 8. Implementation
    • Where can I get the required files
    • In Development
  • 9. Contact Information
    • Website
    • http://www.wego.com
    • http://affiliates.wego.com
    • Email
    • Support: affiliates.support@wego.com
    • Program Manager: ryan@wego.com
    • Mailing Address
    • 230 Victoria Street #04-01 Bugis Junction Towers Singapore 188024
    • Tel: +65 6438-8242
    • Fax: +65 6438-8245