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Building Mobile (app) Masterpiece with Distributed Agile
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Building Mobile (app) Masterpiece with Distributed Agile


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Presented at Geeky Base on Oct 22nd, 2013

Presented at Geeky Base on Oct 22nd, 2013

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Building  Mobile  Masterpiece     with  Distributed  Agile   Weerasak  (Wee)  Witthawaskul   October  22,  2013  
  • 2. First,  thanks  to…   !   @weera  for  making  the  meetup  possible   !   Agile66  Facebook  page   !   Geeky  Base  for  location  and  facility   !   And  all  of  you,  curious  smart  minds  
  • 3. Who  am  I?  
  • 4. Who  am  I?  
  • 5. Why  should  you  listen  to  me?   !   You  already  know  agile  and  want  to  know   how  I  adopted  distributed  agile   !   You  want  to  know  why  mobile  development   has  more  challenges  than  web  development   !   How  you  can  apply  agility  to  your  projects  
  • 6. Case  Study  
  • 7. Morningstar  for  iPad   !   Portfolio  management  and   financial  research  app   !   Shipped  in  September  2013   !   Top  10  in  Finance  free  app  in   US  store  as  of  October  2013  
  • 8. Demo  time  
  • 9. Project  History   !   Initiated  in  2011  as  an  incubator  project  to  experiment  and   complement's  user  experience  using   tablets   !   The  company  already  had  smartphone  apps  on  iPhone,   Android,  Blackberry  from  a  China  team   !   I  joined  the  company  in  April  2011  as  the  first  Chicago   developer   !   Zero  professional  experience  with  mobile,  how  to  start?  
  • 10. Initial  Observations   •  Management  buy-­‐in  to  use  Agile  methods   •  Young,  energetic  team   •  Lack  of  process  &  automation   •  UI  Design  work  was  not  in  the  same  sprints   •  Ambitious  cross  platform  architecture   •  Lack  of  OO  Design  &  Clean  Code  discipline  
  • 11. Action  Items   •  Communication,  communication,  communication   •  Architectural  and  Process  Analysis   •  Continuous  Integration  Setup   •  Product,  Design  and  Development  Sprint  Alignment   •  Agile  Practice  Training  &  TDD    
  • 12. Tools   •  JIRAs  for  distributed  team  whiteboards   •  Jenkins  for  automated  build  &  deployment   •  TestFlight  for  iOS  app  internal  distribution  
  • 13. Build  Pipeline  –  iOS  Client   Unit  Test   Build   Main   Build   Client  code  checkins   UI   Automati on  Build   Automated  User   Acceptance  Tests   TestFlight  
  • 14. Build  Pipeline  –  Server   Unit  Test   Build   Server  code  checkins     Manual  deploy   Sanity  Test Builds  with   Main  Build   SoapUI   Auto  deploy   Internal   Dev  Server   Stable  Dev   Server  
  • 15. Continuous  Integration   •  Morningstar  app  for  iPad   –  7,300+  (client)  and  2,600+  (server)  commits   –  4,000+  automated  iPad  builds  &  deployments   –  1,000+  automated  server  builds  &  deployments   –  Code  checkins  à  Test  builds  à  Deploy  builds   10/22/13 Mobile Solutions Development Team 15
  • 16. Past  Internal  Environments   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Dev  Server   Manual  1-­‐click  Deploy   Stable  Dev     Server   OK   iOS  Devices   10/22/13   OK   OK   Mobile  Solutions   Development  Team   16  
  • 17. Current  Environments   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Build  &  Auto     Deploy   Dev  Server   Stable  Dev     Server   QA  Server   Staging     Server   Live   Server   iOS  Devices   Manual  1-­‐click  Deploy  with  approval  
  • 18. Test  Driven  Development   •  Client   –  400+  Classes,  72,000+  LOC,  160+  XIBs   –  600+  Unit  Tests   –  GHUnit  for  testing,  OCMock  for  mocking   –  User  Acceptance  Testing   •  Behavior  Driven  Test  with  Frank  (retired)   •  Apple  UIAutomation  (under  development)   10/22/13 Mobile Solutions Development Team 18
  • 19. Test  Driven  Development   •  Server   –  230+  classes,  20K+  LOC   –  180+  test  classes,  20K+  LOC   –  86%  line  coverage   –  65%  conditionals  coverage   –  JUnit  for  testing   –  JMockIt  for  mocking   10/22/13 Mobile Solutions Development Team 19
  • 20. Full  Stack  Mobile  Development   •  Concurrent  client  (iPad)  and  server  (Java)   development   •  Multi-­‐version  support   •  Client  or  server  logic   •  Skillsets  
  • 21. Evolving  Architectures   Request/ Response   Client-­‐side   Publish/ Subscribe   Async  Server-­‐ side  Publish/ Subscribe   Past   Present   Future  
  • 22. Gateway  Architecture   Apple  iTunes     In  App  Purchase   Login   Morningstar   iPad  app   REST/JSON  over  HTTPS   Morningstar Mobile   Server   Portfolio   API   Others   UIWebView  over  HTTPS   HTML  pages  
  • 23. Reusable  Components   Popover  with   bottom  fade   effect   Securities  labels   with  ratings   Security  Charts  
  • 24. Publish/Subscribe  Architecture   Based  on  Event  subscription/notification  from  NSNotificationCenter   User  taps  to  see  mini-­‐quote   Each  row  subscribes  to  its  security  object   When  the  app  receives  updates  to  a  security   object,  all  subscribers  get  latest  data  and   update  views  
  • 25. Internal  Features   •  Feature  Toggles   •  Internal  Server  Connection   •  “Shake”  Feedback   •  Logging  &  Performance  Monitoring  
  • 26. Feature  Toggles   •  Allow  us  to  experiment  with  new  features   •  Can  be  used  to  enable/disable  features  based  on   context   Mobile Solutions Development 10/22/13 Team
  • 27. RESTful  APIs   •  Since  we  cannot  control  published  app   customer  upgrades*,  we  have  to  make  sure   the  server  supports  multiple  client  app   versions,  different  locales,  multiple  products.   –  REST  with  JSON  over  HTTPS   –  Cacheability,  CDN  friendly  (Akamai/Varnish)  
  • 28. RESTful  API  Examples   •  HTTPS  GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/OPTIONS   •  Endpoint  convention   –  Format:  https://{dns}/{ServicePrefix}/{resources}   –  ServicePrefix   •  /service/1.0/locales/en-­‐US/products/RT/   –  REST  resources   •  /securities/USA:MORN/news   •  /securities/USA:MORN/quotes   •  /securities/USA:MORN/info   •  Example     –  GET­‐US/products/ RT/securities/USA:MORN/news  
  • 29. Standard  Data  Formats   •  “Glue”  between  client/server   •  Standard  formats  for  Security,   Holding,  Portfolio,  News  etc.   •  Reusable  parsers   •  JSON  data  types   •  DateTime  in  UTC  (ISO8601)   •  Regardless  of  data  formats  from   different  data  sources,  mobile   server  and  app  share  one   common  format  
  • 30. Async  I/O     Promise<HttpResponse>,  WS.getAsync  and  Promise.waitAll   Server   Chained  of     HTTP     response     Promises     waitAll     Thread    yield     transform  &   serialize   results   Security  Data   Portfolio  API   Async  calls   CMS  
  • 31. Launch  Results   •  Public  launched  on  Sep  16,  2013   •  5,000  app  downloads  in  1  week   •  1M  web  service  calls  in  1  week;  4M  calls  in  3   weeks   •  Average  web  service  response  time  is  ~712ms  
  • 32. Rome  was  not  built  in  a  day   •  Agile  is  more  a  guideline.  Mix  &  match  for  your  team   •  Focus  on  working  software   •  Iterate,  iterate  and  iterate   •  Internal  feedback  is  good;  external  feedback  is  great   •  Deadline  vs  Feature  dilemma   •  Continual  improvements  and  releases  are  key  to   improve  user  engagement  &  satisfaction  
  • 33. First  release  is  just  the  beginning   Creating  masterpiece  is  the  end  goal   Thanks  &  Questions?   @_wee_