QR Connections: QR Codes in Libraries
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QR Connections: QR Codes in Libraries



The slides from the Georgia Library Association Carterette Webinar series.

The slides from the Georgia Library Association Carterette Webinar series.



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  • \n
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  • Denso wave 1994\nubiquitous in japan \nnot augmented reality\nmost common is matrix type\n
  • \n
  • only 58% have downloaded apps\n
  • - start with examples in the wild from the crowd\n- show own qr code business cards\nJumpScan - online profile in one place via qr code(email, phone, bio, social feeds, website)\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • UK group Stupid creating cards with mix tapes\nfr. Incredible Things\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Posters - Miami University\n
  • University California Berkeley\n
  • - instructional videos at point of need (Jason Fleming)\n- Ryerson - audio tours\n
  • - links to subject guides in the stacks\n
  • layfette college - where in the library is carmen sandiago - interactive mystery\n
  • - ask what they are doing\n- library success wiki has lots of examples\n- also visit blog qrinlibs.blogspot.com\n- Sacramento PL - use qrcode to launch text service\n
  • \n
  • lots out there - just google\nwolfram alpha now creates qr codes\n
  • \n
  • - possible in google analytics, is use campaign builder (unique urls, source, etc)\n- only good for codes in your own domain though\n
  • shorter links generally look better use bit.ly or goo.gl\n- scan doesn’t = great use. nothing more than a hit.\n
  • High Capacity Colour Barcode\n- matrix less prone to error\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • - Alison Hicks and Caroline Sinkinson study of qr codes at University of Colorado at Boulder (lit search)\n- positioning of codes can be problematic\n- smaller screens hard to read \n- autism and dyslexia may have problems as codes often don’t have meaning or signpost the outcome of the activity when you look at it\n- smartphones seem to be a little more accessible...\n
  • \n\n
  • - heading over 6 billion subscriptions for cell phones\n- 1.2 billion active mobile- broadband penetration (http://bit.ly/AoAfZM)\n- Pew - 2011, 88% adults have cell phone (http://bit.ly/JgTARF); Nielsen 50.4% have smartphones\n
  • Lee Raine ,Director, Pew Internet Project\n18-34: 66% with smart phones, 53% of 35-46, 35% 47-56, 22% 57-65, 20% 66-74\nNeilsen - now 50.4% have smartphones\n\n
  • UC Irvine (Danielle Kane and Jeff Schneidewind)\n- issues with VPN - if already signed into wifi, no problem but if linked to subscription eresource and scanned first, need to sign in. \n- Android didn’t work with VPN, so have to use data plan\n
  • cyberthugs replacing qrcodes with own stickers to lead to nefarious sites (UK)\n\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • -Mobio Naked Facts Q3 2011 report\n- don’t know how many that actually is though\n- one study, 14 million mobile users (6.2%) scanned a QR code or a barcode. Some 58% of those users scanned a QR or bar code from their home, while 39% scanned from retail stores (http://bit.ly/xKThQF)\n
  • \n
  • study done in fall 2010, 25-54 year olds (Austin and Williams)\n41% m, 58% f\n
  • study done in fall 2010, 25-54 year olds (Austin and Williams)\n41% m, 58% f\n
  • - study of over 500 students at 24 US colleges (across US but predominantly east) - youth marketing agency , late fall 2011\n- 81% students had smartphone\n- 80% had seen a qr code\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • - still not huge uptake\n- be prepared to educate users or provide links for those who don’t want to use them\n\n
  • Emily Casper notes importance of getting outside libraries\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • - placement within resources (amount of white space, etc)\n- point of need\n
  • \n
  • - url shorteners good to keep code readable. more info = more dense code\n
  • pink poster - what’s on these computers? not adding value. easier to click a link\nlinking to texting service makes more sense\n
  • \n
  • \n
  • - qr code readers in phones\n- cost of dataplans/smartphones\n- connectivity\n- more mobile sites\n
  • - qr codes have potential:\n- to bridge physical and virtual worlds\n- information at point of need\n- aid in assessment\n- have you had success?\n
  • \n

QR Connections: QR Codes in Libraries QR Connections: QR Codes in Libraries Presentation Transcript

  • QR Connections:QR Codes in Libraries Krista Godfrey Memorial University of Newfoundland kgodfrey@mun.ca
  • What to expect• What’s it all about?• What’s being done?• How can I do it?• Issues & Advantages• Best Practices http://bit.ly/xtUX9c
  • http://bit.ly/IO6aNeQR CODES:Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?
  • QR codes2D Barcode “Open Source” Cheap Text Easy New hyperlinks URLS Phone numbers
  • How it works
  • http://bit.ly/x02j0rQR Code readers * QuickMark * Paperlinks * BeeTag * NeoReader
  • http://bit.ly/xR5B8GQR Codes in thewild
  • http://bit.ly/y2RKcw
  • http://bit.ly/wnHdsN
  • http://bit.ly/zuYRRG
  • http://bit.ly/yxRLX7QR codes inlibraries
  • Poll: Is your library using QR Codes?http://bit.ly/IO6DPy
  • http://bit.ly/wfTaUC
  • http://bit.ly/wlU3LJ
  • http://bit.ly/zDPZix http://bit.ly/zDPZix
  • http://bit.ly/xgwEd5
  • http://bit.ly/yJfJ2z
  • CHAT TIME What are you doing with QR Codes?http://bit.ly/L7L7qI
  • http://bit.ly/wovHTUCreating QR codes GENERATORS: * Kaywa * Delivr * GoQR * Kerem Erkam
  • QR Generators Kaywa goo.gl GoQR Delivr
  • http://bit.ly/wuZj9jStatistics * bit.ly * goo.gl
  • QR Alternatives SnapTag Microsoft Tag
  • QR Alternatives SnapTag Microsoft Tag
  • http://bit.ly/wYxh9nIssues andadvantages
  • http://bit.ly/xdKLXRACCESSIBILITY Visually and mobility impaired
  • Digital divide Smartphones, data plans, appshttp://bit.ly/xmIhOL
  • http://bit.ly/KFPuDFMobile
  • http://slidesha.re/L6UZAY
  • connectivity * Data costs money * Does wifi require authentication?http://bit.ly/yLATsb
  • Securityhttp://bit.ly/yVrNsG
  • Who’s your audience? Are they using QR codes?http://bit.ly/Aedq37
  • POLL TIME Have you successfully Scanned a QR Code?http://bit.ly/IO6DPy
  • http://bit.ly/wwbC1l
  • http://bit.ly/Jhf0Oz
  • http://bit.ly/ycH4Z4
  • http://bit.ly/ycH4Z4
  • http://bit.ly/xIzWCg
  • http://bit.ly/xIzWCg
  • Some Guiding principleshttp://bit.ly/yZl7sZ
  • http://bit.ly/xCc3pmget outside thelibrary
  • http://bit.ly/Jhfa8w
  • Link to Mobile siteshttp://bit.ly/xycXFF
  • Provide Alternativeshttp://bit.ly/JogNHU
  • Size mattershttp://bit.ly/Aj3rVd
  • http://bit.ly/zJZSGElocation, location,location
  • http://bit.ly/zeXI5zDon’t over do it
  • http://bit.ly/L7vxvcKeep it Short
  • http://bit.ly/ziOhiKAdd Value
  • http://bit.ly/x4A909Save Time
  • Avoid ending uphere
  • The Future: Uncertainhttp://bit.ly/L6P52I
  • Questions? kgodfrey@mun.ca twitter: weelibrarian about.me/weelibrarianhttp://bit.ly/wBRLuK
  • Selected BibliographyAguirre, Don. (2011). QR Codes Go to College. http://www.archrival.com/ideas/13/qr-codes-go-to-collegeBrenner, Joanna (2012). Pew Internet: Mobile. http://bit.ly/L7CKLOClasper, Emily.(2011). Libraries and QR Codes: You’re doing it wrong. http://bit.ly/JhhjkGDempsey, Mega. (2011). “QR Codes: Fun Fad or Valuable Tool for Libraries”. Journal of ElectronicResources Librarianship. 23.3, 294-297.Hicks, Alison and Caroline Sinkinson. (2011). “Situated Questions and Answers: Responding toLibrary Users with QR Codes”. Reference & User Services Quarterly 51.1, 60-69.Kane, Danielle and Jeff Schneidewind. (2011). “QR Codes as Finding Aides: Linking Electronic andPrint Library Resources”. Public Services Quarterly. 2011. 7:111-124.King, Nathan. QR Code Awareness (2010). http://www.austin-williams.com/blog/post.cfm/qr-code-infographicmobiThinking. (2012). Global mobile statistics 2012: all quality mobile marketing research, mobileWeb stats, subscribers, ad revenue, usage, trends... http://bit.ly/JhiQHeNedell, Veselin. (2012). QR Code stats for 2011. http://www.youscan.me/blog/statistics/qr-code-stats-for-2011/Nielsen. (2012). America’s New Mobile Majority: a Look at Smartphone Owners in the U.S. http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/?p=31688Purcell, Kristen. (2011). Half of adult cell phone owners have apps on their phones. http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Apps-update.aspxRainie, Lee (2012). The State of Mobile America http://slidesha.re/L6UZAY http://bit.ly/L7IDIVWalsh, Andrew (2011).. “Blurring the boundaries between our physical and electronic libraries”. TheElectronic Library.9.4, 429-437.