Leader's Guide to Motivate People at Work


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Motivation leads to higher performance, morale and productivity. Nevertheless, 30% of executives say that motivating their employees is their toughest job. We are here to help you out by giving answers to the following subjects:
- Why motivation matters?
- Cost of disengaged employees
- What really motivates people? Science and data
- Practical 6 step guide to motivate people at work

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  • This is a great article and I agree with it. However, the biggest factor for me is the enjoyment. We all spend about 9-10 hours a day either at work or in the car going to and from work. The one thing I don't see in most studies is any factor related to enjoyment. We each need our own level of enjoyment and satisfaction. If you don't enjoy what you do or more importantly the people you work with there isn't much that will motivate you. Here's my best analogy. I am a GS Troop leader. Learning does not have to be so dry you choke on it. I start almost all activities reminding the girls to have fun. I have 3 rules, RULE 1: Have Fun, RULE 2: DON'T BREAK RULE NUMBER ONE. RULE 3: If you break Rule number 1, there will be consequences. I know this is simple and aimed at the young ladies in my troops, but it works. And it will work at any level. If you are not having fun, why? If this is not something you can overcome, then maybe it's time for a change. Most Leaders need to consider this as a Major Factor in the success or failure of their efforts. If you have someone on your team who is struggling, it is your job to find out why. - Really dig deep and either help them or find them a better fit. Your team should want to make you look good. If they don't it's because they are not getting anything for their effort. If that is the case, then maybe you should be looking in the mirror. EVERYONE IS A MEMBER OF THE TEAM, EVEN YOU.
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Leader's Guide to Motivate People at Work

  1. 1. to Motivate People at Le ader'sGui de Work
  2. 2. higher morale performance and productivity. 30% of executives say that motivating their employees is their toughest job Why Motivation Matters?
  3. 3. COST The average employee wastes 2 hours of a workday Disengaged workers cost the economy $300 billion per year
  4. 4. Carrot and Stick Approach Most managers use it to induce a desired behaviour by blending rewards with punishment. Problem: It only works for simple, straightforward tasks. If a task requires any creative thinking, this approach doesn't work.
  5. 5. Money 89% of employers assume employees leave for more money, but only 12% of employees actually earn more from their next company. Money is a motivator, but if you pay enough, other incentives come into play
  6. 6. Mastery /ˈmɑː.stər.i/ the urge to direct our own lives the urge to get better Purpose /ˈpɜː.pəs/ Autonomy /ɔːˈtɒn.ə.mi/ be a part of something meaningful What Motivates People?
  7. 7. Survey Says... % of workers who claim the following factors are very effective motivators: cash bonuses pay raise stock options 60% 52% 35% praise from managers attention from leaders more responsibility 67% 63% 62%
  8. 8. Guide, Step 1. More praise Use Weekdone to know employee's current status and tasks Be specific with your feedback Use discerning or analytical tone when giving praise “Your timeliness always helps me do my job better. Thanks.”
  9. 9. Step 2. More attention Only 40% of employees are well informed of their company’s goals, strategy, and tactics Take time for 1:1 meetings Give people purpose by explaining the bigger picture Use Hierarchical Objectives and Key Results to help people understand how company goals align with theirs
  10. 10. Give more demanding tasks Give the freedom to decide for themselves Offer opportunities for their suggestions Step 3. More responsibility Study found: The harder a project is, the prouder we feel of it
  11. 11. Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44% Make sure it stands out from regular pay Rewarded goal has to be realistic and at the same time challenging Make sure the reward system is reviewed and changed if needed Step 4. Better bonuses
  12. 12. Step 5. Pay raise Should be in correlation with the results and the development of an employee Discuss the amount and terms with the employee before hand Raise should be around 10% to make an impact
  13. 13. Use a performance management tool like Weekdone Know the status of your employees Give transparent feedback Set company, department, team and personal goals Step 6. Use Weekdone
  14. 14. Step 6. Use Weekdone Time Management Guide How to Set SMART Goals BY WEEKDONE WEEKLY STATUS REPORTS 12 BEST TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES HOW TO SET S M A R T GOALS 7 Lifehacks: How to Succeed in Productivity Without Really Trying BE MORE PRODUCTIVE NOW 7 LIFEHACKS BY WEEKDONE (that can be absorbed during a coffee break) Related content