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Montage weegschaal2011

  1. 1. h"p://  
  2. 2. Weegschaal  2011   80  euro     ProducAon  Ame:  10h  h"p://   Bram  Synaeve  /  Arne  Desmet/Ode"e  Moreno   h"p://  
  3. 3. ASSEMBLY  MANUAL   h"p://  
  4. 4. Weegschaal  2011  BILL  OF  MATERIAL  -­‐  Wooden  frame  -­‐  Plexiglass  front  plate  -­‐  Plexiglass  backplate  -­‐  Aluminium  profile    dim:  20x40x2000  -­‐  2  allen  bolts  -­‐  2  top  hinge  parts  -­‐  2  bo"om  hinge  parts  -­‐  self-­‐callibraAng  scale  with  4  separate  sensors  -­‐  7  black  wood  screws  -­‐  2  black  profile  caps  -­‐  6  rubber  strips  -­‐  Electric  wires  -  Matte black car lacquer spray paint  -­‐      How  many    different  tools  are  needed   12  standard  parts   15  parts  tailor  made  
  5. 5. 2   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   The   internal   frame   of   the   scale   is   made   of   one   piece   of   wood.   Use   a   laser  or  a  milling  machine  to  cut  the  shape  out  of   a  plate  of  mulAplex  with  a  thickness  of  16  mm.   technical  plan  2.0.1   15  minutes   Laser  cu"er  or  milling  machine   MulAplex  plate  thickness  16  mm   0  parts  added   Plate:  2  euro,  laser:  5  euro  
  6. 6. 3   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Use   a   Dremel   or   a   milling   machine   to   mill   the   grooves   for   the   wires   in   the   wooden   frame.   Use   drawing   2.0.2   as   a   guide  for  the  locaAon  of  the  grooves.  The  width   and  depth  of  the  grooves  depends  on  the  type  of   wires  used.   Technical  plan  2.0.2   30  minutes   Dremel  or  milling  machine,  cu"er   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  7. 7. 2   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   The  cover  plates  of  the   scale  are  made  of  plexiglas  with  a  thickness  of  2   mm.   Use   a   laser   cu"er   to   cut   the   front   and   backplate  out  of  the  plate  of  plexiglas.   technical  plan  2.0.2  and  2.0.3   15  minutes   Laser  cu"er   Plexiglass  plate  thickness  2  mm   0  parts  added   Plate:  10  euro,  laser:  5  euro  
  8. 8. 3   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Print   and   cut   a   small   rectangle   out   of   adhesive   paper   and   paste   it   onto   the   front   plate.   See   technical   plans   for   dimensions.   Paint   the   two   plexi   glass   covers   on   one   side.   Use   ma"e   black   car   lacquer   spray   paint.   Paint   two   layers.   Wait   3   minutes   between   each   layer.   The   paint   is   completely   dry   aYer   24h.   Paint   the   wooden  frame  in  the  same  colour.   technical plan 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 10  minutes   Ma"e  black  car  lacquer  spray  paint,  adhesive   paper,  printer,  scissors     Spray  paint   0  parts  added   6  euro  
  9. 9. 3   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Drill   7   holes   in   the   plexiglass   back   plate.   Use   a   drill   with   a   bigger   diameter  to  make  chamfered  edges  at  the  holes.     technical plan 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 10  minutes   Drills  (diameter  5  and  9),  drill  machine     0  parts  added   0  euro  
  10. 10. 4   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Use  the  lathe  to  make   the  hinge  parts  out  of  aluminium.  There  are  two   hinges   on   the   scale.   Each   hinge   consists   of   an   upper   part,   a   lower   part   and   a   bolt.   (see   technical  drawing  3.0.1).    Add  a  thread  inside  the   upper   part.   The   pieces   can   be   finished   with   pollish.   technical  plan  3.0.1     2  x  45  minutes   Lathe,  pollish   Aluminium   0  parts  added   8  euro  
  11. 11. 5   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   The   legs   of   the   scale   consist  of  aluminium  profiles.  Cut  the  profiles  to   the   correct   lenght   with   a   steel   saw.   Create   the   fillets  on  one  side  of  each  profile.  Finish  them  off   with  a  sanding  machine.  Remove  a  rectangle  on   the  side  of  each  profile.   technical  plan  4.0.1  and  4.0.2   2  x    1h  15  minutes   Sanding  machine,  iron  saw   Aluminium  profiles  dimensions:  20x40x2000   0  parts  added   8  euro  
  12. 12. 6   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Drill   3   holes   in   each   profile.  Start  with  a  small  diameter  drill  and  drill   again   with   the   correct   diameter.   See   technical   plan  4.0.1  and  4.0.2  for  the  locaAon  of  the  holes.     technical  plan  4.0.1  en  4.0.2   2  x    30  minutes   Drill  machine,  drills  with  diameter  6  and  20   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  13. 13. 7   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Print   the   drawings   for   the   rubber   parts   on   an   A4   sheet,   scale   1:1.   Cut   the   shapes   with   scissors.   Place   the   cut-­‐outs   onto   a   sheet   of   rubber.   Draw   with   a   marker   the   outlines   of   the   shape   onto   the   rubber.   Cut   the   six  rubber  parts  with  an  exacto  knife.  Cut  along  a   ruler  to  make  straight  cuts.   technical  plan  5.0.1     45  minutes   Exacto  knife,  ruler,  printer,  scissors,  marker   Sheet  of  rubber   0  parts  added   5  euro  
  14. 14. 8   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Buy   a   scale   with   4   sensors   in   seperate   housings.   Remove   the   backcover   and   the   ba"ery.   Remove   the   sensors   from  the  glass  plate  with  a  screwdriver.  Separate   the   two   front   sensors   from   the   rest   of   the   electronics.   Cut   the   electric   wires   that   connect   the  sensors  with  the  electronics.     No  technical  plan   30  minutes   Straight  screwdriver,  Philips  screwdriver,  saw,   pliers   Scale   0  parts  added   26  euro  
  15. 15. 9   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   A"ach   the   top   plexi   plate   to   the   wooden   frame.   Use   strong   double   sided  tape  or  glue  to  do  this.     No  technical  plan,  see  exploded  view   10  minutes   Glue/double  sided  tape   1  part  added   0  euro  
  16. 16. 10   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Remove   the   rectangle   on   the   painted   side.   The   place   where   this   rectangle   used   to   be   is   now   a   translucent   rectangle.   Apply   glue   or   strong   double   sided   tape   onto   the   border   around   the   translucent   rectangle.   Now   paste   the   electronics   onto   the   plexiglass.   No  technical  plan     10  minutes   Exacto  knife   Glue/double  sided  tape   1  part  added   0  euro  
  17. 17. 11   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Cut   two   pieces   of   telephone   wire   to   put   between   the   back   sensors   and   the   electronics.   Strip   the   isolators   away   on   the   ends   of   the   wires.   Use   a   solder   iron   and   solder   wire   to   solder   the   front   sensors   to   the   electronics.   Solder   the   pieces   of   telephone   wire   to  the  connecAng  wires  for  the  back  sensors.     No  technical  plan   30  minutes   Solder  iron,  solder  wire   Which  parts  are  standard  and  bought   2  pieces  telephone  wire   0  euro  
  18. 18. 12   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Put   the   wires   into   the   grooves   and   apply   hotmelt   glue   onto   the   wirse   to  keep  them  in  place.   No  technical  plan   10  minutes   Hotmelt  pistol   Hotmelt   No  parts  added   1  euro  
  19. 19. 13   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Put   the   wires   thru   the   holes   in   the   profiles.   Solder   the   back   sensors   to   the   telephone   wires.   Put   the   ba"ery   in   the   system  and  check  if  the  sensors  work  correctly.       No  technical  plan   10  minutes   Soldering  iron,  soldering  An   2  parts  added   0  euro  
  20. 20. 14   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Wrap   a   piece   of   tape   around   every   solder   point.   This   is   to   prevent   a   short  circuit.   No  technical  plan   10  minutes   Tape   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  21. 21. 15   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   A"ach   the   back   sensors   onto   the   profiles   with   strong   double   sided   tape.   A"ach   the   front   sensors   to   the   wooden  frame  with  double  sided  tape.   No  technical  plan   10  minutes   Strong  double  sided  tape   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  22. 22. 16   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Put   the   profile   caps   onto  the  ends  of  each  profile.  Use  a  hamer  when   the   caps   are   too   Aght   to   press   them   into   the   profiles.   No  technical  plan   1  minute   hamer   Profile  caps   2  parts  added   2  euro  
  23. 23. 17   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Slide  each  profile  onto   the   wooden   frame.   Put   the   two   parts   of   the   hinge   in   the   hole.   Tighten   the   two   parts   onto   each  other  with  an  allen  bolt.   No  technical  plan   2  minutes   Allen  wrench   2  allen  bolts   6  parts  added   1  euro  
  24. 24. 18   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Paste  the  rubber  parts   onto   the   plexiglass   front   plate   and   the   profiles.   Use  strong  double  sided  tape  or  glue.   technical  plan  5.0.2   10  minutes   Glue/double  sided  tape   4  parts  added   0  euro  
  25. 25. 19   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Cut   two   strips   of   rubber.   The   width   of   the   strips   is   the   height   of   the  back  sensors.    A"ach  the  ends  of  the  rubber   strips   onto   each   other   with   super   glue.   The   rubber   strips   will   be   strapped   around   the   back   sensors.   Make   sure   the   diameter   op   the   rubber   ring   is   slightly   smaller   than   the   diameter   of   the   sensors.   No  technical  plan   2  minutes   Super  glue   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  26. 26. 20   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Strap   the   rubber   rings   around  the  back  sensors.   No  technical  plan   1  minute   No  tools   2  parts  added   0  euro  
  27. 27. 21   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Screw   the   back   plate   onto  the  wooden  frame  with  black  screws.   No  technical  plan   5  minute   Philips  screwdriver   8  parts  added   0  euro  
  28. 28. 22   WEEGSCHAAL  2011   DESCRIPTION   Congrats,   you   finished   the  scale!  Place  a  chair  onto  the  scale  and  check   your  weight.   No  technical  plan   1  minute   A  chair,  yourself   0  parts  added   0  euro  
  29. 29. TECHNICAL    ADDENDUM     h"p://  
  30. 30. EXPLODED  VIEW  
  31. 31. Drawing  2.0.1  
  32. 32. Drawing  2.0.2  
  33. 33. Drawing  2.0.2  
  34. 34. Drawing  2.0.3  
  35. 35. Drawing  3.0.1  
  36. 36. Drawing  4.0.1  
  37. 37. Drawing  4.0.2  
  38. 38. Drawing  5.0.1  
  39. 39. Drawing  5.0.2  
  40. 40. TEAM  CONTACTS     h"p://  
  41. 41.   TEL  +32  497  23  64  07   TEL  +32  474  87  31  26   ode"   TEL  +32  471  74  07  09   h"p://