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Webdirections conference - @media

Webdirections conference - @media



This is the presentation that Glenn Cahill and Onkar Matharu attended at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on May 26th - 27th 2011. ...

This is the presentation that Glenn Cahill and Onkar Matharu attended at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on May 26th - 27th 2011.

The conference was for the Web Directions @media conference of Web Design and Web Development.



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    Webdirections conference - @media Webdirections conference - @media Presentation Transcript

    • WEBFUSIONat web directions @media conference
    • AGENDAwhat we gonna talk about?• Glenn & Onkar’s Daily Diary A break down of each days seminars and the lecturers that presented them.• Webfusion @ Webdirections Photo gallery of Webfusion at the Web Directions conference.• Summary & closing comments The conclusion to the event we attended, the good & bad points and where we can take what we learned and apply them to our current work practices.
    • DIARYday to day events
    • ar’s Dai ly DiaryGlenn and Onk ctions Co nference Web Dire 6t h May - 27t h May 2011 2
    • Day 1Mastering CSS3 gradientswith Lea VerouVery experienced front-end engineer from Greece What was discussed? • How using CSS can benefit page load times • CSS Gradients can cut the time taken to make web changes, i.e buttons or CTAs • Linear and radial gradients • Using more than 2 colours to create your perfect gradient
    • Day 1Server-side Javascriptwith Douglas Crockfordself pro-claimed ‘father’ of Javascript What was discussed? • How JavaScript has evolved, and is now in a better state then it ever was • How IE 10 will fix many issues and current drawbacks • JavaScript node will replace PHP as it will be able to run on the server side • Talked about creating test scripts and leaving enough time for Testing
    • Day 16 rules for designing amazing mobile appswith Brian FlingA leading designer in the mobile industry What was discussed? • The history of mobile design • A history lesson about the Greeks and Romans • Designing with interaction in mind • Where mobile design is going in the future
    • Day 1Tools for jQuery application architecturewith Addy OsmaniWeb developer, designer and author What was discussed? • How important it is to have enough time to develop • How essential it is to leave ample time to test using different scenarios, such as browser versions, operating systems, devices etc
    • Day 1Visualising datawith Brian SudaA superb informatician from Reykjavík What was discussed? • Better ways to display data • Using the Actor and Stage concept • Why 3D is misleading when displaying data • The importance of colour in displaying data • Simple is best
    • Day 1Native multimedia with HTML5with Bruce LawsonWorked on web standards for Opera What was discussed? • HTML 5 multimedia, future of embedding video • HTML 5 cheats for cross browser compatibility • Simple multimedia controls created Javascript • Compared and talked about different browsers - all developers facing the same browser issues • Web videos standards - webM going to be the new standard encoding video to the web becuase of its total cross browser compatibility
    • Day 1What people want from mobile contentwith Relly Annett-BakerAn outgoing content strategist and content writer What was discussed? • The importance of strategy when writing copy • The unity and partnership between designers, copywritters and developers. • The more specific the copy, the more the copy will sell... Create with intent • The power of the written word
    • Day 2Sustaining passionate userswith Stephen P AndersonEx-English teacher turned user experience professional. What was discussed? • Getting to first base with users - Trust and Psychological foreplay. • Getting new users and existing customers to fall in love with you... and getting them to stay in love with you • Make things interesting and exciting to keep the customer focused • The application of ‘Games’ to websites to keep the customer entertained and hungry for more
    • Day 2HTML5 offline for fun and performancewith Michael MahemoffChrome developer advocate for Google What was discussed? • Application cache, to make an ap run while it is offline • Client-side web storage
    • Day 2Designing without the browserwith Hannah DonovanA Canadian interaction designer living in London What was discussed? • The detail and love for a project can be shown in its explanation and wireframes. • The absolute MUST for sketching and concept working • The importance of leaving some holes in your concepts for people imagination
    • Day 2Rockstar graphics with HTML5with Dave BalmerSenior Software Engineer with Palm Developer Relations What was discussed? • High-performance and animation using HTML 5, Javascript, CSS3 and Canvas • Canvas was first introduced by Apple, as Dashboard, supporting widgets
    • Day 2Designing - The first 15 minuteswith Daniel BurkaUser interface professional based in San Francisco What was discussed? • The importance of getting customers excited and interested. Find you ‘Ah-Ha!‘ moment. • Introduce the experience in phases... Hold the customers/end users hand all the way through their adventure • The effectiveness of using pop-ups to engage the customer/end user.
    • Day 2Performance of CSS3 and HTML5with Nicole SullivanProduces articles and youtube videos on CSS, Javascript and HTML What was discussed? • Selectors • Transparency • Double Trouble • Rounded corners • Gradient
    • Day 2CSS3 Animations and Transitionswith Stephanie (Sullivan) RewisFront end developer and founder of W3Conversion What was discussed? • Browser compatability - What works where? • Simple effects made using just CSS3 • Creative usability enhancements including CSS and mobile javascript
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • GALLERYwebfusion @ web directions
    • SUMMARY& closing comments
    • SUMMARY& closing comments • The Competition - What did the competition have at the event that we didn’t?
    • SUMMARY& closing comments • The Event - Was the event what we expected? - Was the event informative and useful? - Can we bring what we learned to our current workflow?
    • SUMMARY& closing comments • The Future - From what we learned, what can we apply to our current working practices? - How do we better ourselves and (more importantly) the competition at our next event?
    • THANKSfor listening. any questions?