Breast Augmentation Mentor & Eurosilicone


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Breast Augmentation Mentor & Eurosilicone

  1. 1. Breast AugmentationHOW WILL THE PROCEDURE BE PERFORMED?The breast implant can be placed either partially under the pectoralismajor muscle (submuscular) or on top of the muscle and under thebreast glands (subglandular), depending on the thickness of yourbreast tissue and its ability to adequately cover the breast implant. Youshould discuss with your surgeon the pros and cons of the implantplacement selected for you. Subglandular Submuscular implantation implantationINCISION SITESIncisions can be placed either in the armpit , around thenipple or areolae, which usually enlarge in proportion tothe increased breast size, or in the lower breast crease.The space is madding exactly in the right place andposition to correspond to the exact type of implant.IMPLANTS SIZEThe surgeon will start by measuring your breast basewidth. Implants come in a variety of widths. You and your surgeon will also want to discusscup size. Implants come in a variety of volumes and, generally, the larger you want your cupsize, the larger the breast implant the surgeon will consider.Your surgeon will also evaluate your existing tissue to determine if you have enough tissueto cover the breast implant. A breast implant that is too large for your tissue can result inexcessive stretching of the skin and result in the need for future corrective surgeries.In addition, the implant edges may be apparent or visible postoperatively. Also, excessivelylarge breast implants may speed up the effects of gravity and result in earlier droop or sag.IMPLANTS SHAPEIn addition to size, you will also be able to determine if you want to re-shape your breast.Some implants give the breast a more rounded appearance, while others create a breastshaped like a teardrop.
  2. 2. TYPE OF IMPLANTSSilicone gel, which have a silicone shell filled with a viscous silicone gel. In the 80countries where silicone implants are available, they are used in approximately 90-95% ofimplant operations. The silicone gel used in breast implants has been shown to bebiocompatible and reliable, making it an appropriate choice for an implantable medicaldevice.The choice of implant filler, implant size, shape and other features will be determined basedon your breast anatomy, body type and your desired increase in size. Your lifestyle, goalsand personal preferences, as well your plastic surgeons recommendations and soundsurgical judgment are also determining factors.As our patients come from all over the world, we give you the possibility to choose the brandand type of implant according to your preference and the implants used in your own country.You will be able to choose:US implants (brands: Mentor and Inamed)French implants (brand: Eurosilicone)From the many options available, you will select with your surgeon the appropriate implantbased upon your goals of surgery and your unique physical characteristics. Thispreoperative planning process is critically important in achieving the best surgical resultbecause it helps you and your surgeon to know exactly which implant size, shape, filler andprofile fits both your goals and body type.Eurosilicone ImplantsCompany summaryThese implants are made in France by a specialist manufacturercalled Eurosilicone who have been making implants since 1987.Implant profiles and typesCrystalline paragel silicone implants are available in the U.K. in sizes ranging from 60cc to300cc.These implants incorporate a low permeability barrier layer within the shell structure in orderto suppress any gel bleeding (please see diagram of the Paragel envelope below).
  3. 3. The micro-texturation of the implants` surface offers excellent biocompatability and reducedcapsular contraction incidence.The silicone-gel is also cohesive enough so that it does not migrate in the case of animplants` rupture.Both anatomically shaped and the more usual round implants in low and high profile like theone pictured above are distributed.Specialist implants can be made to order.Mentor ImplantsCompany SummaryMentor is a leading American global medical device company involved in the manufacture ofa number of products that have applications ranging from the treatment of stressincontinence in women, to erectile dysfuntion in men and facial aesthetic dermal filler andbotulinum toxin products.Mentor are also one of two market leading, global manufacturers of silicone and salinebreast implants and have been manufacturing and distributing them worldwide for over 30years.
  4. 4. Implant Types and SizesImplants are available from Mentor with both smooth and Siltex® textured outer shells and ina variety of different profiles and sizes, as well as in round or anatomical contoured styles.Contoured or ‘tear drop’ implants and round implants are available in a variety of shapesaccording to two differing parameters, known as implant height and implant profile orprojection. The height refers to the size and shape of the implant footprint, i.e. the sectionthat sits against the chest itself once implanted. This choice will vary according to how wideor narrow your chest is. The profile or projection refers to how far outwards the ‘drop’ on thetear comes away from the chest, as a natural breast would or how far forward the roundimplant projects. The actual cup size or volume can then be decided on once the anatomicalshape has been established.Silicone Breast ImplantsAll of Mentor’s silicone gel implants are made from an outer silicone shell andan inner cohesive silicone gel filling (know as their proprietaryMemoryGel™), which means that the gel filler acts as a solid, rather than aliquid, and cannot leak, whilst still retaining a natural feel that is said to betterresemble actual breast tissue. Mentor produces a wide selection of consistencies to itsMemoryGel™ from soft (Cohesive I™) to firm (Cohesive III™).This advancement in silicone technology has yet further increased the safety rating ofsilicone implants, compared to earlier more liquid developments. A Mentor Cohesive Silicone Gel Implant Cut OpenIn America, such cohesive silicone gel implants have been nicknamed ‘gummy bear’implants due to the comparison of the consistency of the implant, if you were to cut one inhalf, with that of the children’s jelly sweets.
  5. 5. Silicone Round Breast ImplantsSmooth Round Ultra High ProfileProvides the narrowest base and highest projection withMentor’s Memory Gel™ cohesive silicone gel (availablein Cohesive I).Smooth Round High Profile Provides a narrow baseand high projection with Mentor’s Memory Gel™ cohesivesilicone gel (available in Cohesive I).Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Provides amoderate base and high profile with Mentor’s MemoryGel™ cohesive silicone gel (available in Cohesive I).Smooth Round Moderate Profile Provides the widestbase and low profile with Mentor’s Memory Gel™cohesive silicone gel (available in Cohesive I).Siltex® Round Ultra High Profile Provides thenarrowest base and highest projection with Mentor’sMemory Gel™ cohesive silicone gel (available inCohesive I) and Siltex® textured surface.Siltex® Round High Profile Provides a narrow baseand high projection with Mentor’s Memory Gel™ cohesivesilicone gel (available in Cohesive I & II) and Siltex®textured surface.Siltex® Round Moderate Plus Profile Provides amoderate base and high profile with Mentor’s MemoryGel™ cohesive silicone gel (available in Cohesive I & II)and Siltex® textured surface.Siltex® Round Moderate Profile Provides the widestbase and low profile with Mentor’s Memory Gel™cohesive silicone gel (available in Cohesive I & II) andSiltex® textured surface.