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Hunter Farm Gathering Place Design Unveiling
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Hunter Farm Gathering Place Design Unveiling


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Presentation of the Hunter Farm Gathering Place design, which was developed by the Pomegranate Center with help from NE Seattle community members.

Presentation of the Hunter Farm Gathering Place design, which was developed by the Pomegranate Center with help from NE Seattle community members.

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  • 1. Hunter Gathering Place
    Northeast Seattle
  • 2. Welcome and Introductions
    Steering Group
    Community Members
    Public Space Rangers
    Pomegranate Center
  • 3. Agenda
    Review of process - timeline
    Present design concepts
    Assemble task force
    Next steps
  • 4.
  • 5. Design development
    June 11 community meeting
    June 12 – July 12 internal design workshops
    Site visits
    Initial budgeting and materials selection
    Meetings with property owners and selected community members
    June 28 Steering Group meeting
  • 6. Design Inspirations
    • Iconic red sales booth
    • 7. Flexible, movable furniture
    • 8. Populate the site with posts
    • 9. Continue market use
    • 10. Birds
    • 11. Native Plants
  • Hunter Gathering| Site Plan
    Red Pumice Rings
    Movable Benches
    Street Tree Buffer
    Seats/ Plantings
    New Poles
    Productive Hedge
    Compost Fence
  • 12. Hunter Gathering| Courtyard
    • wildflower meadow
    • 13. movable benches can be arranged for seating options
    • 14. concrete pavers form a patio beside the meadow
    • 15. opportunity for fundraiser: carving names of local donors on pavers
    • 16. red pumice outer ring marks edge of courtyard
  • Courtyard
    Possible seed mix of native wildflowers and grasses:
    Idaho Fescue
    Five Spot
    Siberian Wallflower
    Blue Flax
    Scarlet Flax
    California Poppy
    Lance-leaved Coreopsis
    Baby Blue-Eyes
    Shasta Daisy
    Chinese Houses
    Globe Gilia
    Sweet Alyssum
    Black-Eyed Susan
    Russell Lupine
    Dwarf Godetia
    Tall Evening Primrose
    Fleabane Daisy
    White Yarrow
    Native meadow, Pavers
  • 17. Hunter Gathering| Poles
    • eleven additional wooden poles mark southern edge and courtyard area
    • 18. existing metal pole: stainless steel birds perch on pole from largest to smallest
    • 19. all poles painted in a repeating color palette
    • 20. adopt-a-pole project to decorate new and existing poles
    new poles
    existing metal pole
  • 21. Pole Art
    Bird pole and Adopt-a-poles
    Bird pole
    Stainless steel local birds perch on pole in descending order of size
    New and existing wooden poles are painted and decorated with found materials such as cd’s,
    coffee cards, etc
  • 22. Hunter Gathering| Boulder Planters
    • granite boulders around the base of eight poles
    • 23. boulders provide additional seating
    • 24. boulders form natural walls for planters
    • 25. drought tolerant native plantings
    • 26. the boulders protect these poles from cars and equipment
  • Boulder Planters
    Seats and native plantings
    Tufted Hairgrass
    Red Fescue
    Native sedums
    Sedum oreganum
  • 27. Hunter Gathering| Emergency Hub
    • 5’x8’ shed
    • 28. Coordination and information hub in the event of local emergencies
    • 29. Local leaders will coordinate emergency drills
  • Hunter Gathering| Compost Fence
    • 50’x2’ along southern fence
    • 30. woven rebar fence is both functional and artistic
    • 31. provides community composting for Christmas tree branches or other plant material from the site
  • Compost Fence
    functional and artful
    Material for fencing: woven rebar
    Plant material forms a natural hedge mosaic
  • 32. Hunter Gathering| Red Pumice Rings
    • red pumice gravel rings add color to existing ground surface
    • 33. ring spacing based on the fibonacci sequence, a pattern found in nature
    • 34. rings will spread across the site over time due to yearly re-grading
  • 35. Red Pumice Rings
    patterns and color on the ground
  • 36. Hunter Gathering| Stage
    • wooden spiral platform for performances
    • 37. 24’x18’ (312 square feet)
    • 38. movable, can be stored vertically
  • Stage
    performance and art
    Wooden stage with carved spiral line
    Framing for wooden stage breaks apart into three sections
  • 39. Hunter Gathering| Benches
    • 20 wood benches that seat 3-6 people
    • 40. 8’10” long by 2’ wide
    • 41. Benches can be wheeled into many arrangements based on need
    • 42. Benches can be stored vertically along fence
    • 43. Benches may be carved by the community
  • Benches
    movable and artistic
    Bench: top view
    Bench: side view, carving opportunities
    wheel end view
    stored on end
    carving view
  • 44. Hunter Gathering| Hedge
    • Red osier dogwood and evergreen huckleberry
    • 45. Hedge can be coppiced (pruned to the ground) to harvest red twigs for weaving wreaths.
    • 46. Hedge will add color and native habitat to southern site edge
  • Hedge
    colorful and productive
    Evergreen Huckleberry
    Red-osier Dogwood
  • 47. Assemble Task Force
    Sign Up on Volunteer Sheets for:
    Benches and Stage
    In-kind donations of equipment
    Local source for native meadow-mix seeds
    Leader for paver fundraiser?
    Adopt-a-pole neighbors (pole enhancement ideas)
    Prime pole
    Paint pole per color scheme
    Fibonacci spiral
    Attach materials to pole
  • 48. Next Steps
    Fine-tune design and budget
    Bench and Pole prototype workshop, July 19
    Steering Group, July 26
    Construction, August 18-21