Social media guide : Managing time on social media for higher/further education fe colleges


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Social media time management tips for higher/further education colleges & training providers on managing time on social networks. Social media time commitment explained.

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Social media guide : Managing time on social media for higher/further education fe colleges

  1. 1. Social media guide for higher education colleges & trainingproviders on using social media effectively.Implementing an effective social media strategytakes a commitment of time and resources. Howmuch of a time commitment is it?It’s easy to get started on Social Media but keepingyour networks up to date, updating blogs, engagingon Twitter does takes time. Put aside a short periodof time every day to spend on your chosen socialmedia sites.As well as updating content, you’ll also need time torespond to comments, and engage with users withinyour networks. Be realistic - start with one or twosites, measure results and find time to engage & interact with new audiences. Hereare some strategies to maximize the efficiency of your time in social media.Think about why you want to use social media….Are you using social media for marketing , leads or network? What reason fits yourgoals and objectives? • Build a community if your aim is networking. Connect on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as following influencers on Twitter. • If you want to use social media for leads & marketing, focus on brand awareness. Create quality content, videos, blogging and engaging customers on social networking sites. • If research is your goal find blogs, news sites that provide quality information and subscribe to their RSS feeds like Google Reader.Plan your time wisely • Block out time to tweet, use social networking sites, blog or create content • Focus your activities where they’ll have the most impact. Go where your customers go. Most people focus on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but there may be networking sites or forums that focus on your industry. • Share the workload - Social media tools can be managed by several people so it’s easy to allocate the workload between several members of your team. • Create a blog calendar (a Google calendar is ideal) to plan social media content across all your social networks • Use Tools to Maximize Your Productivity - Download a social media posting schedule here.web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  2. 2. • Use natural keywords in tweets and other social media content to capitalise on traffic. Theme your content around top keywords for your events/industry /topics and key calendar dates. Use Google Keyword tool to find keywords • With Tubemogul you can upload a video to many social media platforms • Social media management dashboard like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or Twhirl are great to manage, schedule and syndicate content across different social media sites. • When you come across someone interested in topics related to your blog, ask them to do a guest blog post and do a complementary post on your blog pointing followers to it. • Use answers you’ve created for Yahoo Answers, Quora or LinkedIn Q&A or other discussion groups as starters for blog posts. • Listen to what people are talking about on Facebook, Twitter as inspiration for social media content. • Use blog aggregators like Google Reader, Bloglines or Alltop etc. to see what’s trending online in specific topics • Use RSS Feeds to share lots of information in least amount of time. Find tools like or Twitterfeed to spread your reach without eating up your time. • Blog using a flexible tool like WordPress that has a range of plugins to make your life simple. The WordPress Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog. Search the WordPress plugin directory for more golden nuggets. • Use Google Analytics to track the condition of your website or blog. It’s a completely free management and web tracking plugin. Spend your time on sites that are bringing referrals or converting clicks into sales. Assigning discrete blocks of time to a particular task. • Study time management techniques like the Pomodoro technique to assign discrete blocks of time to a particular social media task • Schedule time in the day for creativity, be a human being and not a human doing. Your body and mind will thank you for it. • You can also download Hubspot’s useful how to social media in 10 minutes a day.Check Social media sites in 10 minutes aday… 3 minutes Check for Twitter chatter about your company and its competitors. 2 minutes Scan Google News and Blogs Alerts for important articles. 3 minutes Filter and flag relevant industry- related LinkedIn and Quora questions. 2 minutes Log in to Facebook to scan your wall and comments.web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  3. 3. Resources • How To Manage Your Social Media Marketing In 10 Minutes Daily • Social media time management • How To Boost Your Social Media Productivity – A Guide For Busy People • Social Media Productivity – 13 Tips to Maximize Your Time • Time Management Tips for Non-profit Social Media Professionals • Todd Schnick’s strategy for allocating your time • Guiding principles for social media time managementAny Questions?Ready to improve your online marketing? Start now contact free to get in touch! We offer in-house training & consultancy for social mediaprojects.www: @webyogifacebook: WebyogidigitalmarketingSupported by :-web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :