Popularity and scope of e commerce websites


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Popularity and scope of e commerce websites

  1. 1. E-commerce Website
  2. 2. Popularity and scope of E-commerce websites• E-commerce is all about onlinepurchasing and selling of differentproducts and services. Now, peopleprefer to buy everything from onlineshopping portals including electronicgadgets, books, lifestyleaccessories, home décor and furnishingitems, cosmetic products and more.With the increasing popularity of onlineshopping, companies keep introducingtheir new products and services ontheir business websites throughout theyears.
  3. 3. E-commerce WebsiteAccording to a report of Internetand Mobile Association of India(IAMAI) published on IndianE-commerce sector, the rapidlyexpanding e-commerce market isexpected to achieve a growth rateof around 50 percent in theupcoming 5 years.
  4. 4. The online travel business is the foremost reasonbehind the constant growth of e-commercemarket. It has boosted-up the growth rate of e-commerce market nearly by 76 percent, which isjust outstanding. Besides the travel industry, the e-tailing and digital downloads have majorcontribution in increased online purchasing ofelectronic gadgets, home and kitchenappliances, grocery products and personal items. Itis expected to register a decent growth hike by endof this year.
  5. 5. The simple and reliable payment methods like debit andcredit cards, cash on delivery and free shipping servicesare additional advantages that amplifying the sales ofonline stores. There are various other factors facilitatingthis new trend of online shopping such asEasy access to internetImproving domain registrationsIncreasing number of internet usersEasy and convenient processVarietyBetter pricesComparison of pricesSometimes no taxesTime saving
  6. 6. Sometime free delivery even to the third partyreceiverBest products and price due to toughcompetition among the sellers24×7 shopping facilitySimple merchandise return or cancellationBuying old or unused stuff at low pricesSometime tracking of shipping servicesDiscreet purchases
  7. 7. Certain aspects are very important to be considered while designing e-commerce website. In this competitive online market, it is essential tofollow SEO principles that improve the search engine ranking of websiteand increase its online traffic. The website should have rich and originalcontent with basic search keywords. The website data should be indexedappropriately so that users don’t get distract. The website pages should beattractive with easy navigation and user interface. There should be multiplepayment options. It should have strong database that keep a check ofbackup of data and orders.
  8. 8. It is important to outsource the E-commerce website hosting to arecognized and trustworthy web hosting services providing company. Awell designed e-commerce website with excellent functionality, featuresand highly appealing design that mark remarkable online presence. Thecustomized e-commerce solutions provide immense ability to access theonline market and offer the best services to target customers. The e-commerce websites dramatically increases the business popularity andsales. It helps in retaining the existing customers and attracting newpotential customers. The global approach of E-commerce websites bringsunlimited growth opportunities for businesses.
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