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    SecondLifePresentation2007 SecondLifePresentation2007 Presentation Transcript

    • Library Services in a Virtual World April 19, 2007 Kitty Pope, Executive Director Alliance Library System 600 High Point Lane East Peoria, Illinois 61611
    • The Launch Graphic in SL
    • What is Second Life?
      • A 3-D, interactive virtual world
      • SL is a complete community with culture/programs, businesses, recreation, buildings, and services
      • Not a game; no score, no conclusion
      • SL is being used to facilitate meetings, dialogue and distance education, i.e. ALA Washington office, Alzheimer’s Association…
      • SL is populated by over 5.5 million avatars
      • ALS has 2 virtual projects: adult Second Life and Teen Second Life (for ages 13-17) which provide a full array of services
      • Over 5,000 avatars visit Info-island per day
      • Over 50 libraries in the ALS Info-island Archipelago
    • Avatars
      • An “avatar” is a digital character that represents you
      • Avatars can walk, talk, fly, swim, anything you can do
      • Each participant gets to create their own avatar – tall, short, male, female, buffed or not!
    • An avatar can be an elf, look like a movie star, or be a nerd!
    • The Birth of an Avatar
    • The Transformation of Puglet Dancer basic “skin” all “blinged” out
    • Commerce in Second Life
      • Second Life has its own currency – “lindens”
      • $1 USD = 350 lindens
      • Can be used to purchase clothing, hair, houses, land …
      • Can run your own business
    • Let’s take a tour! Alliance World Headquarters
    • The Main Library on Info Island I
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy Portal
    • The Pantheon Performance Center
    • Open Air Auditorium in Cybrary City
    • Medical Library on HealthInfo Island
    • Rachelville
    • Vendorville
    • Renaissance Island
    • Teaching & Learning Space Teen Island Teaching and Learning Space
    • Buildings are not always necessary; the weather is always nice in SL
    • What types of services are we providing?
      • Reference – in avatar, virtual, and by email
      • Collections grouped by topic – web resources and Second Life formatted books
      • Book discussions and author visits
      • Training – how to use library resources and how to do things in Second Life
      • Programs – weekly programs on an array of topics; i.e. meeting author Vachel Lindsay
      • Exhibits – where the library and museum intersect; i.e. Marie Antoinette, Alzheimer’s Disease,
    • How It All Started
      • April 2006 – First rented building, first small plot of land
      • Alliance Library System and Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Library partner
      • May 2006 – First island – Info Island I
      • August 2006 – Info Island II donated
      • October 2006 – Grand opening of Info Island I
      • October 2006 – Eye4YouAlliance opens on Teen Second Life
      • December 2006 – Eduisland built as rental for educators who wanted to work together and to be close to library
      • December 2006 – HealthInfo Island built with NLM GMR grant
      • December 2006 – Cybrary City built for participating librarians donated by Talis
      • January 2007 – Sirsi/Dynix sponsors Info Island I and Eye4YouAlliance Island February 2007 - Built Rachelville and Vendorville
      • February 2007 – Commissioned ALS World Headquarters
      • February 2007 – Put up new opera building, ALA building, and machinima school
      • March 2007 – Built Renaissance Island
      • April 2007 – Received ALA/Info Today, Inc. 2007 Library of the Future Award
    • Why are Librarians in Second Life?
      • This is the new frontier!
      • It’s where many of our users and non-users are!
      • To attract new users and investigate library services in virtual worlds
      • To provide library services 24/7
      • To meet librarians from around the world
    • What Have We Learned
      • The speed with which this is unfolding is unbelievable!
      • Virtual world residents do want a library – we built it and they are coming in droves!
      • People still ask for books in a virtual world
      • Collaboration is the key and partnerships are essential
      • Exhibits and author readings are very popular
      • SL is fun – it’s this fun factor that is encouraging such amazing growth.
      • To work in the virtual world requires a whole new set of learning skills
    • Challenges
      • Funding and Sustainability are key issues
      • Supporting a large project using volunteer staffing is always challenging
      • It’s a steep learning curve unless you’re 9 years old!
      • Not everyone understands when you are in SL you are working – you might be having fun too; sometimes convincing bosses of this is challenging
      • Requires a high-end computer with broadband connection
      • No integrated audio or internet in SL – yet!
      • It is highly addictive and takes a lot of time
    • What’s next?
      • Secure funding to hire virtual staff working out of the ALS World Headquarters!
      • Make more “traditional” info resources available ie audiobooks
      • Pioneer “meeting technologies” to facilitate virtual meetings i.e. adding audio to meeting protocols
      • Integrate Info Island into ALS daily operations so all staff are SL functional
      • Explore the skills necessary to work in the virtual world
      • Improve transportation/search functions around the islands re: people mover, better teleporting and finding locations
      • Create an Info Island for kids
      • Kitty Pope, Kitty Phillip at ALS- [email_address]
      • Barbara Galik, Puglet Dancer, Bradley University – [email_address]
      • Lori Bell, Lorelei Junot at ALS – [email_address]
      • “ Abbey Zenith,” Director of Island I at – [email_address]
      • Tom Peters, Maxito Ricardo at [email_address]
      How can you get involved ?
    • Second Life/Info Island blogs
      • Info Island – http://www.infoisland.org
      • YouthTech Eye4YouAlliance blog – http://eye4youalliance.youthtech.info/