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MySpace MySpace Presentation Transcript

  • “ MySpace, Your Space, Out of Space!” Exploring Social-Networking Websites, Blogging, and
  • 19-year old Taylor Behl Went missing last year after meeting a man on
  • Social-Networking Websites
  • Today, membership has reached over 78 million, worldwide
    • Started in July of 2003
    • Tom Anderson, founder
    “ If it was a cool thing to do online, you should be able to do it on MySpace.” --Tom Anderson
  • Blogs
    • Online diary or journal
    • “Blogosphere” is the collective term for all the blogs on the Internet
    • Many people use blogs—not just teens
    • Teens, however, make up for more than 50% of the blogs in the blogosphere
  • Teen Blogs
    • A true online diary or journal
    • Self-Publicizing Generation
    • Bloggers get feedback from their friends on what they write
    • Teachers use blogs in the classroom
    • Many teens don’t know what information is okay to post on the Internet.
    • Cyber-bullying (online bullying) is the use of
    • electronic information and communication devices such as
    • e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, mobile phones,
    • pagers and defamatory websites to bully or otherwise
    • harass an individual or group through personal attacks or
    • other means, and it may constitute a computer crime.
  • Independent Internet Watchdog Organization Parry Aftab,
  • The Faces of MySpace Fully committed to MySpace user safety Tom Anderson, left, and Chris DeWolfe, right. Co-Founders of “ If you go to the mall and start talking to strange people, bad things can happen. You’ve got to take the same precautions on the Internet.” MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe
  • MySpace’s Preventative Measures
    • Providing special protections to members who are under 16.
    • Requiring all new members under 18 to review safety tips prior to registration.
    • Deleting profiles of under-age members.
    • Reviewing every image uploaded.
    • Working with hundreds of law enforcement agencies to address potential issues quickly and effectively.
  • Guidelines for MySpace users
    • Do not ever post your full name, or exactly where you live.
    • Do not ever post contact information like your home address, or a phone number (especially cell phone number).
    • Don’t add people you don’t personally know.
  • More Guidelines for MySpace users
    • Don’t chat or IM (Instant Message) people whom you don’t know.
    • Don’t ever arrange to meet someone whom you meet online.
    • Be smart. If you have a bad experience online or get a weird feeling from another user.
  • Viewing Your Teen’s Page
    • Ask if they have a page
    • Ask they why they have a page
    • Tell them you’d like to view it (give them a day to “clean it up”)
    • View their page together
    • Don’t be shocked at what you see
    • Periodically check their page
  • Guidelines for parents of MySpace users
    • Set an example.
    • Place your computer in an open area.
    • Create a family e-mail account or a family MySpace page.
    • Limit computer time.
    • Monitor your child’s online habits.
  • Drastic Measures
    • Put Your Foot Down
    • Internet Monitoring Software: Spector Pro
    • Remember-Your child’s safety is your first priority
  • With all the risks, why MySpace?
    • MySpace brings together all of the most popular forms on communication.
    • It has tapped into three passions of young people:
    • expressing themselves, interacting with friends and consuming popular culture.
  • Social Identity & Digital Publics
    • Where teens hang out has changed.
    • No more sock hops, diners.
    • Malls are banning teens without adult supervision.
    • Finding their social niche online.
  • Effective Blogging in the Classroom
    • Blogging is about literacy.
  • “Blogging can be Good For Your Health!”
    • Commitment and Responsibility
    • Communication
    • Technology
    • General Writing and Publishing Skills
  • Keeping our youth safe is paramount
  • This presentation is provided by the New Communities Project, a collaborative USDA/Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk (CYFAR) project of the University of Hawaii-Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Cooperative Extension Service, and Hawaii’s 4-H Youth Development Program.
  • Contact Information Carol Ikeda: [email_address] Gavin T. Maeda: [email_address] Myla Gumayagay: [email_address] Christine Hanakawa: [email_address]