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Mak3 Mak3 Presentation Transcript

  • Make FreeBSD your choice for a server!
  • Demands for high performance servers
    • Near 100% uptime
    • Ease of maintence (virtually or physically)
    • Ability to server all users simultaneously
    • Ability to upgrade/update with minimal downtime
  • Choices for high performance servers
    • FreeBSD – PC, Alpha and Sun
    • Windows NT – PC, MAC and Alapha
    • Solaris – PC and Sun
    • Linux – PC, Alpha, Sun, MAC
    • Novell Netware – PC
    • Mac Server - Mac
  • Why choose FreeBSD?
    • Advantages
      • Powerful (customization)
      • Source code availability
      • Server software availability
    • Disadvantages
      • Arcane and archiac
      • Non intuitive
      • Limited user software availability
  • Where does FreeBSD come from?
    • Derivitive of original Unix code
    • First developed at UC Berkley
    • Split off to make a freely developed operating system
    • Supported by a community of developers
      • Applications
      • Networking
      • File System (kernel)
  • Design of FreeBSD
    • Bounce buffering
    • Merged virtual memory and filesystem buffer cache
    • Compatibility modules
    • Dynamically loadable kernel modules
    • Shared libraries
    • SMP (Symetric MultiProcessing)
  • What is FreeBSD?
    • Based on Unix
    • Developed in a community
    • Mature and dependable
    • Multi-platform support
    • Wide array of server applications
    • Highly configurable
  • Communually developed
    • Anyone can modify the code for their own operating system
    • Ideas and thougts are shared and implimented
    • Other people update operating system (other than vendor)
      • Leads to optimized code
      • Knowledge is shared
  • Mature and dependable
    • Can be up for years without downtime
    • Applications seperated by kernel
    • Used by a number of major internet sites
    • SMP (Symetric MultiProcessing) code is the most mature and stable among other server operating system’s
  • Multi-platform support
    • Will run from 386SX to IA64 class PC's
      • Supports most disk controllers (IDE, ATAPI, SCSI)
      • Supports virtually all network cards
      • Will handle almost all back-up devices
    • Will run from IPX to Ultra systems by Sun
      • Supports most hardware made by Sun Microsystems
      • Supports almost hardware made for Sun systems
    • Runs on DEC Alpha
  • Wide array of server applications
    • Databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Internet/Intranet
      • Share filesystems with NFS
      • Distribute network information with NIS
      • Support remote logins
      • Remote SNMP configuration and management
      • Serve files with FTP and SMB
      • Resolve Internet hostnames with DNS/BIND
      • Routing packets and IP Multicast services
  • Highly configurable
    • Can be customized to suit your needs
      • Optimize applications to reach max. efficency
      • Maintain and configure all applications remotely
      • Update the system without reboots
      • Optimize utilities and kernel for your particular processor and hardware
  • Competive Advantages
    • Inexpensive as compared to others
    • New updates are released every month
    • If something needs to be customized (i.e. kernal), can be done with ease
    • Availability over the web
  • Security
    • Kernel support for IP firewall and proxy
    • Encryption software
      • Kerberos
      • PGP
    • End-to-end encryption
      • Secure Shell
      • Virtual Private Network
  • Personal Thoughts
    • Performance is superior to all others
    • Very secure alternative to other programs
    • Ability to control all internet and intranet services
    • Developed almost two decades
    • Free!
  • Any questions?
    • All questions can be answered by email:
    • [email_address]