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Google Analytics 101 Webinar Google Analytics 101 Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • Google Analytics 101
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  • Google Analytics 101
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  • Google Analytics 101
  • Goals
    Learn the basics of web analytics
    Learn how to set up an account in Google Analytics
    Learn the basic reporting capabilities in Google Analytics
  • Agenda
    Web metrics vs. web analytics
    What web analytics can do for your business
    How Google Analytics works
    Key features and capabilities
    Setting up an account
    Activating Google Analytics tracking
    Navigating the reports interface
    Using the dashboard
    Exporting data
    Analyzing reports
    Sneak peek at new Google Analytics
  • Web Metrics
    Web Metrics are measurable parameters which reflect different activities occurring on your website. Some examples:
    The number of pages served.
    The number of unique IP addresses that have accessed the site.
    The amount of time a visitor stayed on a particular page.
    The number of times a particular file was accessed.
  • Web Analytics
    Bruce Clay, an SEO specialist, attributes this definition of Web Analytics to the Web Analytics Association (WAA):
    Web Analytics is the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of quantitative web metrics data to optimize websites and web marketing initiatives.
  • Web Analytics
    Just after the birth of the Internet, IT technicians started maintaining server logs. The server log files store information about parameters such as:
    The IP address of the visitor
    The browser identifier.
    The operating system identifier.
    The referrer (website from which the request originated).
    People began developing scripts to extract relevant data from the server log files in order to compile useful information. In this way, web analytics came to life.
  • Why Analytics?
    Web Analytics provides insight into the online behavior of your visitors. The visitor data can be used to optimize your website to best meet the requirements of your audience.
    Web Analytics can provide business intelligence in the context of:
    Customer segmentation.
    Trend identification.
    Product development.
    Targeted marketing.
    Web Analytics can be used to track a wide variety of metrics to measure the overall success of your website.
  • Fundamentals
  • What can analytics do for you?
    Analytics is an art and a science. Here is a structured approach for incorporating web analytics into your business:
    Identify the objective(s) of your website. Why do you have this website?
    Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to align measurable web metrics with your business objectives.
    Generate relevant reports.
    Understand the What, Why and How. This is called Trinity Analysis.
    Optimize. Find the opportunities for improvement.
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Setting up an account
  • Setting up tracking
    In order to effectively track the visitors behavior it is recommended that you tag every page on the website with the Google Analytics tracking code.
    urchin.js: This version of the code was inherited from an acquisition of the orginal company called Urchin. This code is dipricated and Google offically does not support the urchin.js code.
    ga.js: This version of code is still supported by Google, however Google is encouraging people to migrate to a newer code which is discussed in the following section. Google will eventually discontinue this code.
    Asynch Code (ga.js with gaq)
  • Example
  • Example
  • Example
    Go to
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Questions?
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